Let the memory of Robert (Bob) be with us forever
  • 63 years old
  • Born on September 23, 1949 .
  • Passed away on May 16, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Robert (Bob) Stockburger, 63, born on September 23, 1949 and passed away on May 16, 2013. We will remember him forever. 

We invite you to light a candle and share a memory or many memories.  
We also invite family members and those who've known Bob over the years to help us add to the tab "His Life", working together to combine our memories of him to create a story that reflects a timeline and honors the span of his life here on earth. 

Thank you. Peace and God bless. 

Posted by Jennifer Merritt on 23rd September 2018
Today Todd, the kids, and I went to Mt. Lemmon and walked The Butterfly Trail - which we walked with you. It was a beautiful day. After the hike we got pizza together. For dinner we grilled bbq chicken, made some fries in granny’s cast iron, and had some Dale’s. Think about you everyday and miss you so much. Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you...
Posted by James Stockburger on 23rd September 2018
Today would be your birthday. I miss you every day, wish I could get just one more hug. Love you!
Posted by Jackie Warriner on 23rd September 2018
Like this Forever candle your memories will forever be with us. Your smile, your laughter, your love for Jennifer and James. We know you are with us every day but miss you all the same. You just left us too soon but we know God must have needed you more.
Posted by Jennifer Merritt on 23rd September 2017
Happy Birthday, Dad. Think about you every day. But you know that; Todd and I bring up your name frequently. We'll be toasting you with a couple of glasses of Dale's Pale Ale later today. Right now I'm drinking a cup of strong black coffee out of your mug- one of two mugs- (James has the other one) James and I decided to grab out of your dishwasher when we were leaving your home after your funeral- figuring you had recently chosen those mugs so that was good enough for us. Time does not make it easier. The only thing that helps is feeling that you are still right here in our lives, quietly cheering us on. I also make a daily effort to treat people with the kindness I saw from you- smile at a stranger, thank a cashier by name, be patient with the elderly, try not to sweat the small stuff... Realizing that every day is a gift. Understanding the importance of showing love to my family daily and cherishing our time together "These are the moments we will remember forever" I remember I had that sign hanging on our wall in our dining room in our old home- the one you knew- and we were all sitting together at the dinner table and I was feeling a little frazzled with the kids and you read that sign aloud and said, "They sure are". Every day is a gift, every moment is precious. Life is fleeting. One of my favorite authors says, "The days are long but the years are short". So my birthday gift for you today, I will be present in each moment, with each person, and be thankful. My tribute to your life, to try to live like this everyday. Happy Birthday, Dad, love you so much. Jesus, please pour him a cold one. Love, Jenn
Posted by Jennifer Merritt on 17th May 2017
4 years. It feels like yesterday. I miss you so much Dad. Time has not changed anything. It's not easier. There is a void in my life that will never be filled. I remember our talks and times shared like they just happened. I know you are with us everyday. Jack has your cruise picture on his dresser in a frame with your watch sitting next to it. We love you and we will never forget you. We think about you and talk about you all the time. Love, Jenn
Posted by Tom Parker on 4th May 2017
Jennifer, James & Jackie It was more than a year & half after Bob's passing that I found out that he had passed. No one from the old neighbor hood let me know. I was contacted by our old high school about a reunion and went to the reunion website and found the sad news. I was shocked. The last time I saw him I had gone by the house about 3 months before his passing and we talked for a few minutes he was getting ready to go to work..Bob was a wonderful friend. We would not talk for months but when we got tighter it was always like we were just continuing our life long conversation. He was always willing to listen to my jokes and rants and never was judgemental just a great guy. We had a lot of great times , a lot of and lot into a lot of trouble together. I am sorry it took me so long to find your site and send my condolences.
Posted by Jackie Warriner on 23rd September 2016
Thinking of you on this special day and sending comforting prayers to our children as they honor your birthday with a lifetime of memories! You are forever in our hearts.
Posted by Jackie Warriner on 18th May 2016
Your spirit and love forever lives within your children. Three years and the pain lessens but the is void is always there.
Posted by Gary Case on 16th May 2016
Can't believe it has already been 3 years. Thank you Lord for bringing Bob into our lives. Thank you for the love he gave us and the influence he had. We are much better for the experiences we had with him. Amen
Posted by Jennifer Merritt on 16th May 2016
3 years. It still feels so raw. I think about you every day. I miss our talks, our texts and emails. I miss your visits. It didn't matter if we went hiking, shopping at Costco, out for beers at BJs, or just relaxing at home and grilling- you were happy just to be with us. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories- it's the memories that keep your love alive and they remind me how blessed I was to have the relationship with you and the time with you that I did. We were all blessed to have you in our lives; you taught us so much. Especially, to love each other, give people the benefit of the doubt, trust God, and be kind. Love you and miss you, Dad.
Posted by James Stockburger on 16th May 2016
Always thinking of you. Missing your voice and those big hugs. I know your spirit is still alive.
Posted by Jennifer Merritt on 2nd February 2016
Miss you Dad
Posted by Gary Case on 23rd September 2015
I sure miss the good times and laughs we had. Just isn't the same without you.
Posted by Jackie Warriner on 16th May 2015
The sorrow in our hearts will never go away but memories along with God's love guides us through the day.
Posted by Gary Stockburger on 16th May 2015
Miss you big brother. Praying that you have found peace. I know someday we will be together again.
Posted by Jennifer Merritt on 16th May 2015
It's been 2 years since we last heard your voice, saw your smile, had a chat, shared a laugh...You are missed so much Dad. I think about you every single day and sometimes several times a day. I miss you all the time...I take comfort in knowing you have peace and feeling that you are still with us, quietly watching us move through our days, sharing in our happy times and shining light on us in our difficult times. I think about how you treated others with kindness and I think about how quickly you were taken from us and it reminds me to be kind, smile, treat others with respect and to recognize each day as a gift and to live it enjoying and appreciating the things we might take for granted: sunshine, a friendly face, nature, a good meal, each other. I love you so much Dad. Never goodbye only bye for now.
Posted by James Stockburger on 14th May 2015
Missing him always.
Posted by Gary Stockburger on 16th May 2014
Sure miss you brother. Been a year, but my love for you still burns in my heart.
Posted by Jackie Warriner on 16th May 2014
Even though you are missed every day by those who knew you and loved you, your legacy lives on in your beautiful daughter, Jennifer, and loving son, James.
Posted by Jennifer Merritt on 10th March 2014
Missing you Dad, so much. I miss our long Sunday evening talks. I miss the smile in your voice when I called and you said "Hey Jenn!" Love you so much and think about you every single day.
Posted by Tony Cheema on 17th January 2014
Bob and I worked together before I bought my First car from him and ended up renting from him at Primrose Ave for 12 awesome years. He was a good friend and great guy. He introduced me to Scuba diving and we shared a passion for ridiculously expensive Hi-Fi. Bob you will be missed and always remembered. Thank you for your friendship.
Posted by Todd Merritt on 31st May 2013
Bob was one of the nicest and most selfless people that I have ever met. I'll miss the camera talk, the trips up mount Lemmon, and the meals big enough to feed an army every time you visited.
Posted by Gary Case on 31st May 2013
Bob I have so many memories of good times together I don't know how I'm going to keep them straight without you to help me. Every time I light up a cigar I know you'll be right there with me.
Posted by Courtney Stockburger on 31st May 2013
Uncle Robert was the nicest unselfish person I knew. I honestly got told a lot about him and all about how he would generously help a person less fortunate. He will be dearly missed and he is in a far better place with his father and Heavenly Father.
Posted by Shannon Nowak on 31st May 2013
Hello Uncle Bob, I just want to say I miss you and I am glad we talked 2 months ago. Tim and I will always treasure the wedding photos you took of us since we couldn't do a photographer. They are the best! The things I remember most are all the trips we took to Virginia and all of you to us in CT. You were so fun and always very loving and kind. Have fun dancing with Jesus!
Posted by Jennifer Merritt on 31st May 2013
Dad, I love and miss you so much. James and I just finished watching a video you made of us just being kids, eating cake, and laughing. You had a way of capturing the small everyday life events and showing us how precious they were. I'll always try to treasure moments with family and friends as you always told me to do. Love each other, that was always your departing message. We will Dad.

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