Happy birthday Bobby

this pic was your last suprise party I had or we ALL had for you I miss you so much Bobby ... not a day goes by that I don't miss you or shoulda coulda woulda you US ... I wish I coulda did more i love you 


Hey you we are here again another year. Another year without you kids are well babies are getting big ... jess is growing up blown away only 2 more yrs an im free lol last of my tribe remember how we used to laugh I'm so sorry that I don't come on here much anymore  ... just life happens and trying to live  ..... so I have a unk Wayne but a brown one lol hes awesome an amazing brother just like unk Wayne was 2 me I dig him he helps me 2 my appts youd love him true blue I miss you and I know you see all this crazy ass shit around here and I know you've been getting ALL our friends too ur work isn't done either is it ? NOPE !! I know everyone misses you sweets know that not a day goes by that your not talked about or a laugh isn't shared forever in our hearts ❤❤

A new life without you

I have tried to move on Bobby with my very 1st love it know you wold love him but things just don't WORK out EVER!!  Timmy I love him so much but he's not in love with me member you used to tell me Reb''s you confused love with sex ....lol NO I DON'T just wanted you to know that cuz I went forever w/of love or anything and again after a year I'm alone Jesse's is struggling with school wish you where here to help him God you were so attentive and awesome with him ... everything I'm not STILL idk What to do about timmy he says he's in love with me but I just don't know what to do wish you where here Bobby I miss you and I always will cory had a baby really changed his life around you'd be proud of him.  Forrest is 21 now they both work for there dad jess is 13 it's been 5 freakin years at midnight I'll shoot you a pic of Gemma Mea she's beautiful her mama is made at me right now cuz of my dumb PTSD that slammed me when you died so I freak out a lot. .. boy you not in this life Bobby has been really hard for me. Every day is a struggle I'm hurting again a year after you left .. nice huh everything was easy with you now EVERYTHING IS SOOOO HARD . You will always be in my heart Bobby....send me a sign of what to do do I keep trying with Tim and keep fighting for love ? Or no ? Idk what to do I hate to be able to talk to you when things are so hard . I can't rap my head around the fact that it's been 5 years now and my life is worse than ever I thought by know I'd be be gone then tim came back into my life this injury uhg well Bobby know we all miss you and will never forget you I love you always you were my bestest friend. .. I think your here is have goosebumps I think your telling me that everything is going to be OK not to doubt my heart or my love . You said the 3 things to me about ur family my sister and my heart all 3 have come true:( but I'm not as strong as the reb''s you knew way back when I'm sure you see that flowie is getting ready to go see you get her when she is on her way ok I think I maybe right behind her .... I will NEVER recover from losing her . Well maybe ...life goes on right so many people are up there with you now ...send me a sign about what to do about Timmy I love him so much and am in love with him he just doesn't believe me ...can't force someone to lover you Imay so ass out need a roomy and maybe we'll just sell my house and leave soon work comp kicked me off again no savings ... trying to save my flowie Buddha and Thomas and the new addition Bella wiped me out in am going to be OK Bobby everything will be OK I have to believe in that I love you forever and miss you to the moon <3

the best friend

I've ever had....i was just tell Sheldon and Brig what camping was really like with you ..lol sure do miss you honey still can't believe that you are gone....i would give anything for just one more of your loud bright camping trips...any day would be a great day if you were just here..

campin without you

so bobby jess and i went campin without you...well jess said you were right next to me ...YOU would've loved it ! all the genererators lol all the camp trailers we laughed about that that was the only way you'd camp.it was beautiful the water was so clear and warm i could'nt get in the water cuz of my surgery ...that was a drag...it almost didn't feel right without you there i miss you so much bobby today is 5 months since you've been gone and i still can't believe it.how so very lonely it is around here without you i miss you sooooo very much my heart is so broken...i know i have the boys and all it's just not the same the loneliness is different i can't explain it it's just a different kind ! jess and i were laying in the tent and i was telling him how much you would've loved this and jess said he does mom he's right there ..right next to you and he's smiling he does love it here ! jess never for once thought of you gone i tell him all the time to tell you how much i miss you and love you and he always says mom why do you always tell me to tell bobby for you he can hear you lol so that gives comfort were comfort is needed i just want you back i wish this was all a huge alwful dream and at any moment i will wake up and we'll be having coffee and laughing at 'cory' member that man that was funny !!!! always missin you my love


bestest friend ever

my sweetest love ....bobby was my best friend my love my husband....he would do anything for anyone he can never be replaced ever i miss him so much and 4 months now that he has been gone still seems unreal to me ...i hope people use this place to tell their own stories about my bubby !!! i will write more later too....one more thing Bobby was BIGGER then life !!!