"Just A Little Walk In the Woods"

Shared by GERALD GARCIA on April 16, 2014

   1848H (YD583013 - 4 KM SE of FB Veghel): While enroute to a LZ where Co A.
had contact on April 13, Co. D received RPG rounds and small arms fire from an unknown size enemy force in a tunnel complex 300m south of their position. The
element returned organic weapons fire and then received heavy small arms fire, RPG rounds, and 60mm mortar rounds from an estimated reinforced NVA company surrounding their position.  Artillery, ARA, a Nighthawk, flareships, a Shadow, FAC and a Basketball  were employed to assist Delta Company. 

Official Radio transmissions,LogRecords and After Action Reports documented during the battle near Nam Hoa

Shared by Gerald Garcia on April 16, 2014

The follwing information was taken from official radio transmissions, log records and after action reports documented during the battle near Nam Hoa.

     April 11,1971 - 1200H The 2-501 became OPCON to 2nd BDE.

    April 14, 1971 - 1600H (YD582025 - 4.5 KM E of FB Blaze)  Co D discovered 
 a 3 foot wide trail oriented north-south. There were indications of enemy activity
 within the last 48 hours. 
     April 15, 1971 - 1305H (YD582020 - Nam Hoa): 2/D and 3/D observed enemy
movements at YD5SDD18, 250m from their position.  Arty was employed on the
enemy position.  At 1325H an OH-6A received l RPG round from the same
element resulting in negative hit or casualties.  Additional artillery fire and an airstrike were employed and a visual reconnaissance of the area had negative results.  

"Just A Little Walk In The Woods"

Shared by Gerald Garcia on April 16, 2014

********(Extracted from - http:/www.blackied2501.com/nam_hoa.htm 2/17/2012)
        This page is dedicated to the following Delta Raiders who were
         Killed in Action, during the battle near Nam Hoa in April of 1971.

         Ronald Eugene Bates 4/15/71             Jerry Sheldon Stearns 4/15/71

         Terry Willard Greene 4/15/71               William James Ward 4/15/71

          Robert Charles Hein 4/15/71               Rex Martin Daniels 4/16/71

          Paul McKenzie 4/15/71                   Charles Dennis Mcginnes 4/16/71  
                              These U.S. Soldiers, should never be forgotten

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