Missing You Dad....

Shared by Pascale Reck on 3rd April 2017

HI Dad thinking of you everyday. Miss you so much I still wish you were here for us. Please watch over Brandon and help him make smart decisions. Mom and Peter are doing alright even though your grandson pushes them to far alot of the time. I hope your at peace and one day we will all be together again. Love you so much Dad talk to you soon.

Shared by Pascale Reck on 6th February 2017

Hi Dad just adding another photo to share with everyone. I have a bunch more to add but having issues with my scanner. I miss you everyday and I Love you more than words could say. Mom's doing great she is my inspiration in life. If I could only be as great as she is. Thank you for being my parents Eric and I are the luckiest people in the world to have had you. I will be back soon and as always please watch over Brandon he misses you so much. Love you Dad forever.....

Already 3 Years Gone By

Shared by Pascale Reck on 19th June 2014

Hi Dad,
Well it has been 3 years now since you had to leave us. We all miss you so much it still hurts every day. Sunday was Brandon's 22nd Birthday as well as Father's Day. As you already know this was not a good day for him and all we thought of was you. Brandon hasn't accepted the fact that your gone, and he misses you sooooooooooo much it hurts. I am constantly thinking of you every day and so does mom. I don't think it will get any easier for me not having home with all of us. Brandon's staying at our house tonight because he wants to grieve with me. He also doesn't want to go out drinking and possibly do something stupid which I am sure he would end up doing.
I need to end this for right now I will be back later today and continue talking with you but right now it is way to hard for me to do.

LOVE & MISS you Dad wish you were still here,

Love Pascale       

My Birthday Today

Shared by Pascale Reck on 1st May 2014

Hi Dad well it's another year going by and I am another year older. I wish you were here to celebrate it with me but I know your at least watching over me. I still can't believe it is going on 3 years since we lost you and NOT one day goes by that I don't think of you. Something great happened at work today, I received a call from a new client and he wants me to write him up a quote for 40 Crypts including all cemetery fees. I almost fainted, talk about Awesome sale this will be the greatest sales for ever so far. I think you are looking out for your little girl, Thanks Dad. One last thing the girls from work and I are going to dinner after work and have a cocktail. (I'll have one for you Dad ok)
I have just been missing you and wanted to have a little talk, thanks for listening I Miss yo with all my Heart Dad your the best. I will be back to chat again sometime soon.   LOVE YOU FOREVER & ALWAYS  

Restaurant Days

Shared by Pascale Reck on 1st February 2014

This picture was taken at the old Le Bouc Restaurant in Alameda. Not sure what year but it was in the kitchen where we use to cut the bread. Don't they look AMAZING I just love this picture. Miss you Dad so much and Every Day.

Missing You Everyday

Shared by Pascale Reck on 16th March 2013

Hi Dad sorry I haven't written you in awhile but been a little busy. Well we had dinner at your house for Mom's birthday Wednesday the 13th of this month and it still not the same without you there. I think about you everyday and MooBee also. I hope your taking good care of my girl up there since your the only person I trust with her other than myself. lol lol lol

You know that Mom and Peter have done such a beautiful job on the house it is amazing. It has almost been 2 years since we lost you and I am never going to accept your gone. Your my Daddy and I want you back I miss you so much.

You would be proud of Brandon he is growing up to be a great young man. I am proud of my boy and he is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. My son is a man and he grew up so fast, he is going to be 21 years old this year and it has gone by so fast.

Well I promise to write you again real soon. I Love you Dad and Miss you Everyday........

Love you forever,

Dad MooBee is with you now

Shared by Pascale Reck on 30th December 2012

Hi Dad well MooBee died Thurs. Dec. 27,2012 and she is up there with you. Please take good care of my girl till I join you up there. It is very hard letting her go but she was in pain and I didn't want her hurting. These past few years have really been hard losing so many that I Love. Missing you everyday and still crying off and on.

I really don't have to much to say except for Happy New Year 2013 but it isn't very happy.

Love you and miss you both.


Just Checking In Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 9th December 2012

Hi Dad just checking in with you. Been thinking alot about you these past few weeks and  had my share of crying. Your birthdays on the 14th and you would have been 79 yrs. old. Can you believe that Eric's going to be 49 yrs. old on the 11th. lol lol lol

Brandon has been working with Rick Mattei and learning a lot. You would be so proud of him Dad he really is growing up to be a great man. My baby boy is becoming a Man but he will always be my Baby.

Oh by the way Mom has really done a beautiful job on the house as well as Peter. They are a pretty good team and when it comes to cleaning up the "Crap", boy do they do it.

Really going to miss you again this Christmas it is just not same without you here.  

Well that is all for now but I will be back soon, Love you and Miss you sooooooooo much Dad.

Your Daughter Pascale      

Missing You

Shared by Pascale Reck on 18th November 2012

Hi Dad sorry it has been so long since I have written you. It is already the end of November and Christmas is just around the corner. I have been thinking alot about you as always and I miss you so much.

Brandon is growing up so fast as you could see for yourself. He is a great kid I am so very blessed to have him for my son and also proud of him. He is working really hard with Ricky Matei and learning alot in that trade.

Mom and Brandon me and Bob think about you all the time and wish we still had you with us. Bob visits this site quite bit I think he hasn't really told me yet. Well that is all for now be back sooner then the last visit.

Love you Dad     

Hi Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 24th August 2012

Hey been really thinking alot about you the past few days. I miss you so much that it hurts. I miss watching TV with you on the couch sitting right beside you with my head on your shoulder and holding your arm. It seems like almost yesturday you were here.

Bob's dad passed away on July 23rd from a Heart Attack. He chose not to have the surgery on a bad heart valve and said when it is his time that's it. Maybe you'll run in to him up there. lol lol

Well got to go for now talk to you soon,
I Love You Dad      

Missing You

Shared by Pascale Reck on 20th July 2012

Hi Dad just wanted to say hi your on my mind.
Thinking about you and missing you. Will be 
back soon to write to you some more, just not
in a chatty mood tonight.

Love You So Much Dad, 
Pascale your daughter         

July 2012

Shared by Pascale Reck on 8th July 2012

Hi Dad just checking in with you. Thinking alot about you and still wishing you were still here. Brandon working with Rick Mattei and is learning alot about Construction. He is growing up so fast it is hard for me to believe he is already 20 years old.

Mom still trying to keep herself busy but it is still not the same without you. Eric's boys the twins just turned 13 years old this last June. Teenagers already can you believe it!

Peter still keeping busy with his work. Mom and Peter have a great garden in backyard and it is really nice. They have plenty of Fig Trees planted to keep both of them happy. lol  lol  lol

Well bye for now,
Love you and Miss you so very much.


Happy St. Patricks Day Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 18th March 2012

Happy St. Pattys Day Dad. Mom and Brandon came with me and Bob to his Aunt Betty's for lunch/dinner yesterday. Got Mom out of the house for a change of scenery. Wasn't the same without you being with us but we managed.

It is coming up on a year already that you left us and I deal with the loss by writing you these little notes. It really has been easier for me by doing this I call it my therapy. For anyone that reads these I hope you don't think I am losing it or have lost it, because I really haven't. It is my way of letting my Dad go at my own pace, I am not aware of a time limit on grieving the loss of someone you Loved. 

Well bye for now Dad I Love You,


Mom's Birthday

Shared by Pascale Reck on 13th March 2012

Hi Dad it is Mom's Birthday and don't worry I took care for your gift for you like I always have. It won't be the same without you here to celebrate it, but you are in all of our thoughts. This is going to be a short note this time but I will be back soon to talk to you.

Before I forget Brandon got another tattoo it is a portrait of you and Mom like the one I posted up top of this site. The guy did a great job it truly looks like you. Bye for now and I Love You with all my heart Dad.

P.S. Bob sends his love to you also....

Love Pascale   

Just saying hi Dad!

Shared by Pascale Reck on 10th March 2012

Hi Dad just dropping a little note and saying hi. Been thinking about you a lot as usual. Your grandson Brandon always has you on his mind and thinks of you often. Bob and I talk about you also but it gets to hard for me and I get real emotional. Mom is always lighting a candle for you and has beautiful fresh flowers next to you on the dresser. She is always thinking of you too. I miss you and love you with all my heart Dad and I will be writting you again real soon, ok....

P.S. I have been taking care of your gifts to Mom for you, I buy her Red Roses for the necessary dates, her Birthday, Mothers Day, Anniversay, Valentines, Christmas etc...... Your never out of my thoughts got you covered Dad........

Love your daughter  

Just Thinking of You Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 26th February 2012

Hi Dad just thinking of you as always. I just added a few pictures from Mom's 75th Birthday in March of 2009. 

It was a real bad day for me the begining of this last week and I could not get you off my mind. I cried most of the whole day off and on just thinking about you. I hope your at peace and we miss you more than ever. I Love you with all my heart Dad and we will be together again someday in the far future. I will talk to you later, and please give Roger a kiss from me and to your parents as well.

Love Always your daughter Pascale   

Just Checking In Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 11th February 2012

Hi dad just felt like talking to you. Well 9 years ago on 02/09/12 is when Bob and I met and started dating. Man does time fly and we are all getting older. We all miss you so much and I didn't realize how much till you were gone that I really need you in my life. I Love you and miss you and please keep an eye out on us down here, ok..... Thanks !!!!

Bye for now Dad 

Still Missing You Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 29th January 2012

Hey there Dad it has been a hard week for me again. Been thinking abiout you a lot and can't help but to start crying. Eric showed up as a surprise last week and boy was Mom surprised. It was good to see him and I know Mom loved it. I hope he visits her more often it is good for both of them. I sure do miss having my brother around to talk to and just tio shoot the breeze with. I realize that I don't really know much about what he is doing and would love to be more apart of his life. I only know what Mom tells me and that isn't much. lol lol

Well going to update your page with another photo talk to you soon Dad.

Love you forever and always your daughter...........

Just Thinking of You Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 21st January 2012

Hi Dad been thinking of you alot and I just can't let you go. I know that sounds childish but I want you here with me. Whenever I go to the house I always say hi to you and kiss your box on the dresser and wish it was you I was giving a kiss. Mom keeps fresh flowers and candles with you and all the pictures of the ones she has lost. Brandon talks and kisses you everyday and is always thinking of you as well. Mom is still trying to adjust but it is difficult for her. She misses you Dad and we just want to remind you that we Love You and please watch over us....

Love Forever your daughter.......

New Year 2012

Shared by Pascale Reck on 1st January 2012

Well Dad it wasn't the same not having you here to celebrate the New Year. It has been really hard for me the last few days. I cannot stop thinking of you and I miss you so much. I cried myself to sleep last night because all I kept thinking about was you. We had dinner with Mom and Peter New Years Eve and we brought the dogs with us. You probably already know that but I thought I would still mention it. Brandon is with Eric in LA camping in the desert and having a great time. We all wish you were here with us but we know that is not going to happen. I can't think of what to say so for now I am going to cut it short.

Love and Miss you Dad Happy New Year..........

Pascale and Bob

Half a year gone

Shared by Pascale Reck on 19th December 2011

Well Dad it is 6 months today that you had to leave us. I called mom to tell her that someone has left a new tribute for you and we both started crying realizing that it has already been 6 months. We love you dad and your grandson Brandon thinks of you everday as well as me and mom. It is still hard for me but I am trying to accept your gone.

Dad you were the greatest and you knew how to have fun. I am alot like you in so many ways and I notice that with different things I do in my everyday life. You were so full of life when you were younger and you and mom had a lot of fun. You life will always be remembered and I will treasure and charish the time we had for the rest of my life. Thank you Dad and Mom for my life.

Forever Loving You Your Daughter Pascale

Happy Birthday Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 14th December 2011

Happy Birthday Dad..... 

Tomorrow would have been my dads 78th birthday. I wish he was here to share it with all of us. I have been crying alot lately thinking of him and wanting him back here with me. I know that is not possible but I still wish for it anyways.

I am thinking about you Dad and hope your happy where you are. I am sure you would rather be home with your family but instead you will have to celebrate your birthday up there with all your friends. I Love You so much and I hope your in good spirits and we are always thinking of you.

Your grandson thinks of you all the time and he hopes your proud of him finally graduating from school. He misses you so very much as all of us do.

That's all for now Dad I will write to you again soon.

With All Our Love Happy Birthday Daddy....

Pascale, Bob, Mom, Peter and Brandon

Shared by BLANC TAILLEUR GERARD on 17th November 2011

Robert et Gérard au Lac Bleu (au-dessus de courchevel) en promenade scolaire.

Holidays Approaching

Shared by Pascale Reck on 17th November 2011

Hi all well Thanksgiving is already next week and 2011 has come to an end. I remember we always worked on Thanksgiving and we would make all the fixings. I was surprised how many people would go out for dinner especially during the holidays. We as a family were not really big on the turkey and stuffing stuff and would eat whatever we wanted.

Now it is almost Christmas and New Years, can you believe it. I wish my Dad was here to be a part of it but I know he is from above. Dads birthday is on December 14th and he would have been 78 this year. On that day it is also one of my dogs birthday Roxie the puppy we found in front of our house on July 10th and she will be 1 years old. Bob and I think Dad sent her to us so she could watch over all of us, she also has a grey goatee believe it or not. (lol lol lol)

Well I am going to cut it short tonight so till next time good night and thank you for reading my stories with regards to my Dad and my memories.

Love you Mom, Brandon, Peter and Bob my wonderful husband.

Good Night Pascale

Almost Made it 52 Years Together

Shared by Pascale Reck on 23rd October 2011

Well on October 19, 2011 it would have been 52 years my parents were married and exactly 4 months since dad pasted away. I hope mom was alright since Brandon spent the whole day with her and they watched movies together. My son is amazing sometimes it makes me so very proud that he is watching out for his grandmother. If Peter and Brandon weren't there with her I would be so worried about her. I know she is the strongest person I know but you can only be so strong for so long.

 I have been so blessed to have the family that I have and so very grateful for them. 

Mom you are my HERO and I Love you with all my heart. Thank you for being who you are and for all the kindness, generosity and forgiveness you show to all of us. I am so honored to be your daughter and for you to be Brandon's grandmother.

You are one of a kind and thank you Lord for giving her to us......

Love You Forever and Always,


Already 4 months passed

Shared by Pascale Reck on 17th October 2011

Hi it is me just releaving so thoughts again. Today has been an emotionl day for me. First thing this morning I looked over at my dad picture and just started crying. I miss him so much and I want him back with us sharing in our daily rituals. I know I can't have him here physically but I know he is watching over us.

There has been 870 visits to this site so far and I didn't think we get that many but I am so happy at the turn out. My dad is probably surprised to see how many people and lives he has touched. He was a special man who worked very hard with my mom to give us a great life. I think of him often and I know he is at peace now and we will honor that with our memories and love for him.

I will check in sometime later on when I need to talk about him and share my feelings with all of you.

Love you dad and think about you all the time, Thank you for all you are and for making it a part of me........

Just Checking In

Shared by Pascale Reck on 21st September 2011

Hi to all who actually reads my stories on here. Just checking in and updating Dads site with new cover photo and background. I always will change the main photo and background as long as I am able. I hope people still visit this site every once in awhile remember my dad or just thinking of him. That is why I keep this place updated and refreshed so you never know what to expect. (lol) 

I always think of my dad and so does Brandon. He just got the most Awesome Tattoo in honor of his grandpa on his back. A Chefs Hat with the Le Bouc goat and the writting underneith saying " RIP Robert Jean Chevreux " with his birth date and his passing date. It Looks Fantastic and he is very proud of it as well as I am of him. Great thing to do for your grandpa and my dad. I Love you Son....

OK that's all for now till next time. Good Night..............

Remembering some good times.....

Shared by Pascale Reck on 12th September 2011

Hi all still trying to keep this site updated as much as possible. It is already the 12th of September and last night I was watching a movie with my husband Bob, and a song on there just made me start crying and thinking of my dad. I was balling like a baby and couldn't stop. Thank goodness I had my husband there to hold me. My dad truly loved my husband and was so happy when he asked him for his blessing to marry me. My dad said "please take her she is yours", and he was smiling from ear to ear. I am so happy that my parents approved of him and they fell in love with him as well.

Well dad we are always thinking of you and we miss you so much. I hope all is good with you up there and I am sure you and Roger are having a great time. Best friends reunited at last....

Love you forever and always dad,

Pascale and Bob


Approaching 3 Months Gone

Shared by Pascale Reck on 3rd September 2011

Well it is almost 3 months since my Dad left us. For his Memorial we had a total of 112 to 115 people showed up (including family) to pay their respects.  I am sure my dad was happy of the turn out and to see how Loved he was by so many. I was beside myself with the turn out and so happy to see all the wonderful people. There were a lot of familiar faces from our old customers, friends of my parents as well as a lot of Brandon's friends. It was a great day to say goodbye to Dad.

Thank You to all of you for your wonderful cards and blessings and for sharing your memories of the times you spent with my dad and mom. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

To you Mom, thank you for being the strongest and Greatest Mom and Grandma in the whole World. I Love you so much and I am Always Here for you if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or just need to talk to someone regarding dad or anything you want.

To Uncle Peter, thank you for being here to support mom and being there for her as well as for me and Brandon. Your a man of wisdom and your always there for us if we need you. I Love you so much and wanted you to know how truly special you are to me.

Till next time all thanks for "listening" to me ramble on again. It really helps me to write these feelings I have on here. 

Bye for now, Pascale 

Dad Gone 2 Months

Shared by Pascale Reck on 20th August 2011

It has been 2 months ( 8 weeks) since we lost my dad. Time seems to go at a pace of it's own, not fast, not slow, just moving forward. I miss him so much and wish he could still be here so I can tell him how much I Love Him and give him the biggest Hug I can. Unfortunately that time has passed and all I can hope for is that he hears me and knows how I much he meant to me.

I am so proud of my mom on how strong she is and how well she is doing without him here. It is hard for her some days but she handles it and goes on with her day. Her and I sometimes talk about him together and we both just break down and cry it out. I think it helps us both get stronger and accept the fact that he is gone and in a better place.

I LOVE YOU DAD AND MOM your the greatest parents anyone could have ever wished for, and thank you for having me.

Bye for now,

Love Your Daughter Pascale

Post Memorial Service

Shared by Pascale Reck on 7th August 2011

I am finally accepting the fact that my dad is no longer with us here but he is watching over us from Heaven above. I am so thankful for all the people who attended his Memorial it was more than I even expected. I feel that other than the Memorial that the collages I made will help me get some closure. I was told by so many people that I did a great job with the photos as well as bringing the Home Videos DVD to play was a great idea. I myself was not sure if I should have brought the DVD's but I am glad I did. 

I want to Thank my mom for being such a Wonderful mom and such a Strong person whom I truly look up to and Appreciate more then anyone could ever know. I LOVE YOU MOM and THANK YOU for everything.

Love with all my heart your daughter  

Time Draws Near

Shared by Pascale Reck on 29th July 2011

Already just 8 days away for dads Memorial and the gathering of family, friends, former customers and the people who cared enough to come and say their goodbyes and pay their respects.Talking and sharing their memories and storys of times spent with my dad.

It is going to be a nice day saying goodbye to my dad formally with all the people who cared for him. For me I hope it will help me find a little straighth to say goodbye to him again.

I am sorry if I am just rambling on and on about silly stuff on here, but it helps me feel a little better sharing my thoughts in writting and sharing it with everyone who reads it. I might end up deleting this last entry in a couple of days because it may sound like a lot of blah blah blah!!! Well we will have see in a couple of days. Thanks for "listening" all.

Pascale Chevreux-Reck

Memorial Approaching

Shared by Pascale Reck on 21st July 2011

As we get closer to my dads memorial service it is still difficult for me. As I prepare the collages of pictures we have to share with  everyone it seems like a bad dream and I am going to wake up and find my dad still here. When is it truly enough time to stop the crying and accept that it has really happened and I won't be able to  hug or kiss my dad again? Is there a time limit or am I just to emotional about the loss of my dad? I don't care what anyone may say about it accept that not one day will go by that I don't cry for him. I Love You Dad..........

Missing My Dad

Shared by Pascale Reck on 5th July 2011

Just wanted to share that NOT one day goes by that I don't cry because I miss my dad so much. I know it will take some time for me to adjust to him being gone but I just want him back with us. I know he is better off where he is and out of pain, but I wasn't ready to let him go.

I miss you so much dad but I hope your happy now with your parents and friends up there. Your always in my thoughts and my heart. I love you so much and will always share with others how great you were. Please look out for us we know you are there.

Love your little girl........

Remembering my Childhood with Dad and Mom

Shared by Pascale Reck on 26th June 2011

This is dedicated to my father who I truly Loved and will miss so very much. I was his little girl until I gave him his first grandson Brandon, then I became #2 instead of #1. ( lol )

My dad was such a giving man and he was full of life back in the day. He had a funny and goofy way with people that everyone just loved. He would give you the shirt off his back and never expect anything in return.

I use to love going to the Russian River when my brother and I were younger to visit Uncle Vincent. It was a time for gathering up all the French friends and just hang out and drink and eat. (And they ate really good). All of us kids would just run around play, swim and we all loved going to Jays Amusement Park to ride the go carts. The weather was always really hot and just a great time of my life I will always treasure.

When ever they would gather the group of Frenchies it was always a party. Never a dull moment with them.

My dad was also a great lover of animals especially dogs. His first dog when I was born was Tracy, after her came Ginger, then Magic. My dog MooBee ended up being his as well, at least I let him think that. All of them were German Shepards except for my dog.

Will add more stories as time goes on, but for now this is it....


Grandpa and Brandon

Shared by Pascale Reck on 23rd June 2011

This is the last photo taken with his grandson Brandon at home June 2011.

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