Skiing for the first time

Shared by Deanna Botelho on August 17, 2011

omg Tommy do you remember this, so we all decided to go skiing, god we were probably 19-20 years old I cant remember. Karen, Amy, Me, Bobby, Tommy, Theresa forgive me if I leave anyone out. So Bobby and I had never got on ski's, he and I get to the top of this mountain, look at each other and say okay we can do this....little by little he and I made our way down the mountain so we thought, we didn't get that far. This little 5ish year old decides he is going to show us up and spray us with needless to say it was so funny, we decided to take off our ski's walk down the mountain and call it a day...good times. miss you Bobby

Shared by Joanne Flaherty on August 21, 2010

one year later and there is no comfort my heart is broken and always will be.  michelle and I miss you so much . your phone calls"  just checking in JJ. you would say i  always worried about you ! you just never had time to slow down ,like a shooting star in the sky we all held on soo  t ightly to you we all wanted so much and you tried so hard to please always  i love you Bobby  such a hole without you we all felt it  at jennifers baby christening   As your Uncle Rick said  " He was certainly loved by all of us . I am so proud of all your friends you meant so much to them They are all grieving for you missing you............. Love MOM


Shared by Bill McDade on August 26, 2009

"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." - MOTHER TERESA.  Bob certainly knew that the shortest distance between two people is a smile. You are forever in our thoughts and prayers.  Love, Pat and Bill McDade

nova scotia

Shared by Stacy Boudreau on August 24, 2009

What I loved most about Bobby was the fact that he could insult you, tell you he loved you and make you feel like a million dollars all in one sentence!

I feel blessed to have loved you!  I know you are in heaven and you will forever be in my heart!



Great Carpenter

Shared by Susan Vaiarella on August 23, 2009

Bobby, was recommend to us by my brother to do some work in my house.The minute I meet him I liked and trusted him.Many days I left him alone in my house with no worries.We went shopping together at Home Depot and he made sure I was getting the best for my buck.He did a super job for us and didn't charge us a fortune.I found him to be a great story teller as we had lunch together and sipped on beers. I know he loved his mother very much because he talked about her to me.The last time I saw Bobby was a few years ago at my brothers funeral,he was warm and gracious.I'm am so sorry for his family and friends.May you take peace in knowing he is with God and a bunch of other wonderful angels.Bobby is probably fixing all the angels harps.My prayers are with you all.

More than a son . Michelles Guardian Angel

Shared by Joanne Flaherty on August 22, 2009

Which memory can I choose, there are so many... The one that comes to mind first. is You never for one minute  ,ever left my side during Michelle's operation We cried together ,prayed together and when things were the worst for her  You kept reminding me that she had a strong will to survive and she did .When her surgeon came to check  on her in the ICU. He told us how close we came to losing her. He said the operation to remove her kidney was one of the hardest he had ever done and that  for the first time in his career he asked for another Dr's help to get through. At this time, We were all  standing around Michelle while she was recovering in her hospital bed. There were machines everywhere . Then all of a sudden her heart rate accelerated and her Dr. said what was that.. And I said oh don't worry.. when she hears he brothers voice  in her sleep her heart beats really fast. Her DR. looked at me  doubtfully and I told  you to whisper in her ear again that you loved her and it happened again. And the Dr. smiled and said to you maybe you will have to be quiet until she wakes up. We stayed all night and I knew she would wake up looking at you . You called us your " Girls" and you loved us so much. For Michelle and I it is agony to be without you.  Now you really are our Guardian angel but we wish heaven would open up and bring you back......


My Buddy

Shared by Chris Ringos on August 21, 2009
Flash- I have known you since high school but the last 8 years or so you've been a brother to me. I going to miss all the arguments we got into then 10 minutes later lets go get a beer. I'll never forget the times at my mothers house in the basement, all the nights, afternoons, and yes the early mornings. I loved seeing you happy always taking care of everyone else first. All the things you did for me and Sara all we wanted was for you to enjoy yourself in the Cape. We had a lot of plans to open Flaherty Construction and the funny part was we were just about to do it. Tonight we are having a night for you. Your family and friends will all be there and I am going to miss my buddy, I LOVE YOU.-----RINGO

My Homeroom Buddy!

Shared by Julie Forster on August 21, 2009

It was around 2 years ago and I was in a bar in Somerville which I had not been in one since I moved away 10 years ago.  And u always hope to run into some of your old friends but when I looked around all I saw was alot of younger people that I didnt know but then who appears but Bobby!!!!!  We started talking and laughing as if it hadnt been almost 20 years since I saw him last at our high school graduation. 

He made the 4 years of homeroom quite memorable!!!!  He use to crack me up and then he would too and I loved that!!!  Not all guys can burst out a good laugh like that.  I will never forgot u and all the funny mornings we had thanks to you! 

You never think that when you see someone that it maybe the last time that you see them.  But unfortunately it was the last time that I saw you!  But out of all the people I could have seen that night, I am sooooo very glad that it was you!!!!!

I will miss u and take care til we meet again.

Luv  Julie  xoxoxoxoxoxo

Julie Forster

To his family, you raised a great kid who turned out to be a even greater person.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Their really are no words to say to ease your pain, but please know that my thoughts are with you.




Shared by Kim Brown on August 20, 2009

Bobby - I will never forget you!  We had some good times together and you were always so nice to me.. You always told me I was one of   your favorites that put a HUGE smile on my  face.  You are taken from us all way to soon in life.  You told me you were going to build me a doll house so I can live in it because I was so small that I didn't need a big house.  I will keep all the memories we had close to my heart.  I still am in shock and really can't believe you are gone.  It's not going to be the same when I'm down the Pub and I never see your smiling face again.  I'm not going to have a smoking buddy anymore!  You will be missed by so many people!  I will always remember the times we shared.  There's so many stories i'd be here forever!  I will never forget them!  We will meet again someday!  Please watch over all of us!  You are now with your Dad and other good friends/family.  Love you Bobby and we will ALL miss you!  I'll never forget that smile!  XOXOXO RIP Buddy!

True blue

Shared by Stacy Boudreau on August 19, 2009

I remember when I first met Bobby, he was so nice I thought "no way could anybody be this nice and mean it"  but he did and he helped me see the good in everyone!!  He was there for me good times and bad and one of the best friends I could have ever had!!    I love u Bobby and I will always miss u!!!!!

The Most Kind Hearted Person I Know.....

Shared by Stacia McLaughlin Gorgone on August 18, 2009

I have so many memories of Bobby but no memory compares to what a HUGE HEART he had! He treated me and like gold and I didn't deserve it! When I was sick he was there, when my kitty had to be put to sleep Bobby took her and made sure she was safe. He took me all the way to Pennsylvania to help save a dog who was about to put to sleep, and loved my dogs and they loved him! He drove me crazy sometimes but nothing ever can take the place of what a good hearted person he was! He just told me Sunday how much he missed his father as we looked at pictures, and now he does not have to miss him anymore because he is with him! I am glad his mother gave me the chance to say good-bye with her, she needs everyone's prayers the most! I love you and miss you Bobby...


Shared by JoAnne Parsons Breau on August 18, 2009

Bobby- Sweet little Bobby...

I just scoured through hundreds of photos once again. I found a picture of us standing in Sue & Billy's yard, our arms around each other, hands on our hips. I would say we were 11 & 13 maybe? We had the world figured out then. Who knew it could be so complicated. I will forever remember you as that little boy. Tears again stream down my face. We will see you again someday Lil' Bobby.

JoAnne Parsons Breau

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