• 79 years old
  • Born on June 30, 1934 in Marseilles, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on February 16, 2014 in Sarasota, Florida, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert Richardson, 79, born on June 30, 1934 and passed away on February 16, 2014. We will remember him forever. Please leave a note for Bob.
Posted by John Thompson on 30th June 2018
A teacher I remember, liked, and respected. And a very fond memory is with me for all my life. I bought his Super Olds 3 tone gold trumpet when I was in 7th Grade. Think of him each and every time i Open that case. Hope to see him again one day!
Posted by Jill Richardson on 30th June 2017
You are in our thoughts today Dad. jill & john.
Posted by John Crotty on 3rd November 2016
Bob, We are sure that there will be celebrations in heaven tonight with the Cubs magnificent win in the 7th game of the World Series. What a way to break a 108 year drought. We have watched every game and were on the edge of our seats tonight. We knew that you were rooting for the Cubs and therefore it was never in doubt that they would not win! Fondly missed, John from Downunder
Posted by Jill Richardson on 18th February 2016
Sometimes you just don't have the words for a time like this. Instead I would like to share the words from a song that fit my feeling about Dad right now. Please listen to it as sung by any of his favourite musicians, Sarah Vaughn, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, etc..... There was a boy A very strange enchanted boy They say he wandered very far, very far Over land and sea A little shy and sad of eye But very wise was he And then one day A magic day he passed my way And while we spoke of many things Fools and kings This he said to me The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return " "Nature Boy"
Posted by Doug Clark on 16th February 2016
You were in my memories often this year, Robert. I could have really used your company. You are there when something funny happened that you would have liked, and you are there when I could have used your counsel. Your absence has been so strongly felt. I miss you, and love you so very much.
Posted by Annamaria Petty on 14th February 2015
Next to the passing of a loved one, the first anniversary is the must painful . Memories of the last few days of Bob's life and the thereafter are relived as if it just had happened but with the help and support from Family and friends , Toni will be able to cope. I, for one will go by my Church and light a candle for him ( not that he really needs one, but it can't hurt)! Toni I am here if you need to talk.
Posted by Gib Foulke on 23rd January 2015
A well remembered Teacher of Music to our Wyanet classes. Our prayers are with him and his family, for he is now with God. Be at Peace Mr "R" and thank-you for what you left for Wyanet IL
Posted by Maurry Tamarkin on 2nd March 2014
The Richardsons went out of their way to be nice to Julie and me when we were new to Rockridge in 1962. Our sympathies to his family for the loss of a good man..
Posted by Eric Johnson on 23rd February 2014
Mr. Richardson taught far more than music to us. In addition to leadership, scholarship, music and friendship, we learned discipline and responsibility. I honestly think of him or band in some way each day. I draw from his professionalism at work. I Remember the fund-raisers and band boosters. My deepest sympathy to his family.
Posted by Sandra Richardson on 21st February 2014
Thanks to everyone who attended Bob's memorial mass today. Thank you for being so kind while I cried my way through the poem. I've posted it in 'stories' and I appreciate that everyone was so moved. He was a great man, wonderful father and terrific human being. God broke the mold after Bob, so all of us who knew him should consider ourselves special to have shared his life.
Posted by Gregory Oak on 21st February 2014
He was so great.. This is going to be a tough one for me to get over.. And who can ever forget 'The Bear Stare'? I know I got it not just a few times.. I still have those holes he burned through the back of my head... I shall love him forever... RIP, Great One...
Posted by Ginger Doss Bruzek on 20th February 2014
I was so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. My prayers are with you, Toni, Jill and Sandra. I have many fond childhood memories of spending time at your home in Edgington. I remember Bob as a family man and a wonderful father.
Posted by Sandra Richardson on 20th February 2014
Bob guided me; he loved me; he comforted me; I miss him terribly. I love you, Bob. -Toni
Posted by Linda (Coberly) Williams on 20th February 2014
So very sad to hear that the last of my two most favorite Rockridge teachers from the mid-60's has passed. I will always be grateful to Mr. Richardson for standing up for me against the Principal at the time. The Principal planned to dock my grades because of an unexcused absence because I didn't return to school one day after being sedated and having a tooth pulled. In tears, I ran upstairs to the music room where Mr. Richardson wanted to know what was wrong. He immediately went to the Principal's office and resolved the issue. Thank you, Mr. Richardson, for caring about your students and instilling your love of music in us. I cherish my memories of playing baritone saxophone under your direction. Wish I had been successful in locating you before you passed (I tried), but I now know where you are - directing a heavenly jazz band. You touched so many lives and left this world a much better place. My deepest sympathy to your family.
Posted by Faye Robertson on 20th February 2014
So very sorry to learn about Bob's passing! He was a great neighbor and friend. Toni, I will keep and your family in my prayers. Robbie and I will be looking for you on our morning walks. With deepest sympathy, Faye
Posted by Lori Curry-Whitcomb on 19th February 2014
Bear, I learned to play the trumpet because my dad played it. I continued to play because you inspired me. Anyone who knows me today, knows who "Stanley" is, my Bach Stradavarious that you encouraged my parents to purchase for me. You will hear me playing it every Fourth of July and for the funerals of friends and relatives, (including my dad's), and whenever life requires me to relax and take it a little more lightly. Thank you for so many years of music therapy! I know you and my dad will be listening from heaven! You will always be in my heart! (Lori Wells)
Posted by Dennis Davis on 19th February 2014
It is with a truly heavy heart that I write this tribute, not just to the greatest band director and trumpet teacher that I have ever known, but to a terrific individual whom I considered a true friend. I believe I was a freshman or sophomore in high school when Mr. Richardson became band director for Rockridge. I loved the trumpet. One day when he was giving me a private lesson, he asked to try my horn. It was used--my parents didn't have much money. He picked it up and was barely able to get a note out of it, the bore was so narrow. Mr. Richardson convinced my parents I had true talent, but badly needed a better trumpet. That was the first (and probably last) thing my dad bought on time--a King trumpet, dual bore, Harry James model. I loved it and played it religiously through high school with many featured solos, even some duets with him. He was a fantastic trumpet player! Please accept my most sincere condolences. The gallery photos are great and show his wonderful personality and great sense of humor!
Posted by Marsha Philippe on 19th February 2014
I was so sad to hear of the passing of my most favorite teacher of all time - The Bear. He was such a wonderful mentor, always pushing us to be the best we could be. Who would think such a small school band could win awards and have successful musicians as a result of his guidance. He truly changed me life. Marsha Palmer Philippe
Posted by Sandra Richardson on 19th February 2014
Bob's 9th request: " I would like for you to have a memorial mass said for me sometime (one should be sufficient - if one does not work, I doubt that twenty would be any better)." Therefore, Bob's memorial mass will be Friday, February 21st at 11:00 a.m. at St. Jude Catholic Church, 3930 17th Street, Sarasota, FL 34235 as he wished.
Posted by Gail Sederquist on 19th February 2014
Band at Rockridge with the "Bear" was like Camelot for the students who passed through it. Thanks for the music and the encouragement. Caring thoughts and prayers to the Richardson family.
Posted by Anthony Comfort on 19th February 2014
We offer all of Bob's family and friends our sincerest condolences. We are here to support you in any way we can and in any way you need us. With great sympathy, Anthony & Erin.
Posted by Cor Macdonald on 19th February 2014
I remember Bob at Doug's birthday party weekend. What a weekend! And how he and his family took us all in as one of their own that weekend. And he made me laugh. Really laugh. My thoughts are with his family especially Toni, Sandra and Doug. I know he will be missed but hold on tight to those memories!
Posted by Kathy Gorham Gierlus on 18th February 2014
I was a student of Mr. Richardson at Rockridge. He showed us how it pays to work hard and do our best. He was a great asset to Rockridge. The band under his direction had a reputation to be proud of. My deepest sympathy to all of his family.
Posted by John Crotty on 18th February 2014
When Jill and I lived in Washington, DC, Bob and Toni were always ready volunteers when it came to baby-sitting our little male Bichon Frise, Coppi,. Coppi was especially attached to Bob from the time he was just a puppy. On his first trip to Sarasota, Coppi made it clear to Bob that he would like to share Bob’s beer at cocktail hour by sitting on his back legs and begging each time Bob opened a beer. Thereafter it became a ritual during cocktail time that Bob would give Coppi a small amount of beer to enjoy. Although Coppi is fast approaching 15 years of age he has never lost his taste for beer and to this day when a can of beer is opened he is always there at your feet, thirsty for a beer. When friends come to our home and observe Coppi’s beer drinking behavior, we always share the story of how Bob turned our little teetotaler, Coppi, into a beer drinking dog. Those who knew Bob well are familiar with his prodigious musical talent, his dedication to teaching and sharing his love of music, and his many professional accomplishments but, in some parts of the world like Australia, Bob is better known as the man who taught a small dog how to enjoy a cold beer! John Crotty (Jill’s husband)
Posted by Amy Vaccari on 18th February 2014
Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. You know we are here if you need us. Brian, Amy & Sophia Grace
Posted by Karen Vaccari on 18th February 2014
We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept our deepest sympathy. You are in our thoughts. Sincerely, Ron and Karen Vaccar
Posted by Joy Spicer on 18th February 2014
I remember Bob telling his story at Doug's 50th birthday party - the sky was a beautiful purple and there was a crescent moon hovering right above his head. It was a picturesque moment - and how I will always remember him. Not to mention his story got a lot of laughs. My condolences to Bob's family and friends - I know he will be sorely missed.
Posted by Melanie Peck on 18th February 2014
Of all the teachers I have known, Mr. Richardson is the teacher to whom I give the most respect. He gave us a love for music that I cherish to this day. He taught us how to work together, he taught us to be proud of our accomplishments, he taught us that the key to receiving respect comes from first giving respect. The Rockridge High School Band was superior under his guidance. To all his family who see this, we LOVED the "Bear"!
Posted by Doug Clark on 17th February 2014
Just a lull in our face to face conversations, Robert. Odds are still good I'll make it to where you are. I shall always thank you for giving me your most precious gift, Sandra. You, me, some lasagna and one of your questions. I really look forward to it. I love you.
Posted by Annamaria Petty on 17th February 2014
One of the best memory of Bob is when Toni spotted him in a room full of people and asked Alfred " who was that guy wearing a "spina di pesce" blazer"?. (Ask Toni to tell you what it means) Bob used wear that blazer very often, probably it was the only he had , he became to be known as the "spina di pesce" guy. Well,, not only Alfred knew who he was it just so happen that Bob was in his platoon! After being introduced, Toni put her wheels in motion and the rest his history. The four of us used always double date . Where two went the other two followed . I don't think we ever had a separate date. Those days are long gone, but the memories are still intact. . Rest in peace, Bob
Posted by Carol Tomlinson on 17th February 2014
Bob and Toni have been my neighbors for ten years. They made me feel so welcome and are great friends and hosts. Their dinner parties were always fun and leave great memories. We will miss your special wit around here. Carol
Posted by Valorie Conners on 17th February 2014
One of my fondest memories of my Uncle Bob is the summer I stayed with them. I was invited to go to the movies with some of Jill's friends. One was the cutest boy I’d ever seen!!! I remember being so nervous…I was tall, skinny and awkward looking. Uncle Bob continued to tell me how pretty I looked, and by the time I left I FELT pretty!! Looking back at the pictures of that evening…only someone who Loved me very much would see the beauty he saw!! Thank you for Loving Me.
Posted by Cathy Lange on 17th February 2014
I did not know Bob persoanlly, but have known Sandra for years and the love she had for her Dad. My heart goes out to the entire family as they grieve the loss of such a special man. With big hugs and much love, Cathy, Glen, and Mary.
Posted by Sandra Richardson on 17th February 2014
Grandpa, I am at the gate of heaven waiting for you. I have picked a nice spot for us by a stream with lots of flowers. You can go to a nice cottage with a front porch and I will lay with you. - Sherlock
Posted by Sandra Richardson on 17th February 2014
Nonno - I will miss our cuddles. You are the warmest, nicest grandpa ever! - Watson
Posted by Sandra Richardson on 17th February 2014
Grandfather - I apologize for eating your bacon sandwich when you turned away. I do love you so and hope we can be friends forever. - your big lummox, Tuba. (P.S. I'm glad Mommy named me after you finding the big kid in the class who could carry the tuba. I would have been great at that if I were a person.)
Posted by Jill Richardson on 17th February 2014
Dad passed along a beautiful gift to me and that was his love of music. He encouraged me to play the tonette at seven years old and then the clarinet. I will never forget his patience and guidance in helping me to learn not only how to play an instrument well but to also appreciate the beauty of all kinds of music. I remember Dad at his happiest times when he went to hear live music being played, most especially jazz. I used to love to hear his stories of the past when he played his trumpet in jazz bands and in the Quad Cities Brass ensemble. I can still see him practicing his trumpet and feeling proud of my Dad who I thought was the best trumpet player I had ever heard. I will miss you Dad.
Posted by Julia Davison-Holden on 17th February 2014
I was just one of the many students who benefitted from your love of music. What a wonderful legacy. Godspeed!
Posted by Terri Fuhr on 17th February 2014
Mr. and Mrs. Richardson were Rock Island, IL neighbors to my Grandma and Grandpa Garland. My older sister, Robin Fuhr, struggled with her saxophone, so Mr. Richardson gave her summer lessons at his home. I, Terri, was a RHS freshman when Robin was a Senior. I had issues with my trumpet playing and did not want to continue with band. Mr. Richardson understood the dynamics: paid for instrument, older sister watching on, parents teaching a commitment lesson, etc. and told me to continue to come to band. He asked me if I would like to try out to be a majorette - this would allow me to fulfill my "obligation" to stay in band. I really think I could have played my trumpet - better than I twirled a baton - but Mr. Richardson, understood the issues - even better than I did. I am so sorry that your family is hurting - thank you for sharing him with Rockridge High School Marching Band. RIP XO Terri E. Fuhr P.S. Robin passed in 2005, she adored him too. Maybe they will continue to work on that blessed saxophone squeak.
Posted by Tammi Harroun on 17th February 2014
Bob was my most favorite teacher ever. He demanded respect from his students and he got it .....he demanded nothing less than perfection and professionalism from his students and he got that too.....on any given Friday night you would never see a band member out of uniform before the half time performance ....not sure you could say that now.....Heaven is just that much sweeter now knowing Bob "Mr Richardson " is leading the heavenly band ...backing it up with his trumpet ......RIP. Dear man

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