• 71 years old
  • Born on January 17, 1938 in Visalia, California, United States.
  • Passed away on January 3, 2010 in Redding, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert Finck, who was born on January 17, 1938 and passed away on Januay 3, 2010.

Bob believed his purpose in life was to make people laugh. We all agree that he definitely fullfilled that purpose. He was known to always have a joke or three to tell.

We would like to invite all of his friends and family to share a special memory or favorite joke with us on this website.

We will be celebrating his life on Saturday, January 9, 2010 with a graveside service at St. Joseph Cemetery on Eureka Way in Redding at 11 am followed by a memorial service at Trinity Alliance Church, 20639 Hwy 299 E, Redding at 1 pm. After the memorial service the family would like to invite you to join them at the home of Bob and Candy to celebrate Bob's life with them.

Posted by Candy Finck on 3rd January 2018
miss you every day love your wife Candy
Posted by Cindy Pili on 15th February 2017
Here's a joke I heard today, Dad and it reminded me of you. Two robins are sitting on a limb deciding what to do. One says "Let's go over to that lawn over there that has all the worms in it." So they fly over and after hunting and eating worms for half an hour their bellies are full. One says "We better get back to the safety of the trees". The other says "No, let's stay and enjoy the sunshine. It's so nice today." The first robin says "Yes it is nice here with the sun just warming up our feathers. But we have to be careful, there are cats living around here." The second robin says "Yeah but just a few more minutes. I love soaking up the sun." Ten minutes later two cats spot the robins lazing in the sun. One says "Look, an early lunch," and they pounce and gooble up the two robins. Then the other cat says "Wow that was great. I just love baskin' robins."
Posted by Nova Donaldson on 3rd January 2016
Well Dad it has been six years since you left us, I miss you every day. Anyone one that says it gets easier with time is a liar! I am just learning to live without you here. I Love You Dad!
Posted by Cindy Pili on 17th January 2015
Happy Birthday Pop! I love you!
Posted by Adell Wind on 9th October 2014
Was thinking of grandpa and found the poem i loved him to tell me :), "A B C D puppies?" "L M N O puppies," "O S M R puppies, C M P N?" r.i.p grandpa bob i love and miss you!!!
Posted by Candy Finck on 3rd January 2014
miss you babe thank of all the fun times we had what i would give to see you again. you will always be in my heart your loveing wife
Posted by Cindy Pili on 3rd January 2014
I miss you Pop. I can't believe it's been four years already, and yet it seems like forever since I've seen you. I Love you.
Posted by Gynnye Finck on 16th June 2013
Missing my Pa, 3 years, 4 Fathers Days, 4 Birthdays, Millions of thoughts.
Posted by Cindy Pili on 17th January 2013
Happy Birthday Pop! Today would be number 75! I love you and I miss you! But I know your having a great time in heaven with your brothers. Tell Aunt Ginnie "HI" for me! Love you much, Cynthia LaBunyonhead!
Posted by Candy Finck on 17th January 2013
Posted by Devin Finck on 15th January 2013
Well Gramps, I need ya today. As a matter of fact I started to dial your phone number and then it hit me that you wouldn't be the one to answer the phone. I can't believe it's almost been 3 years since I got the phone call while I was hunting that you weren't gonna pull through, I still remember siting in the hospital thinking about how much you impacted my life and how you shaped me into the pers
Posted by Gynnye Finck on 3rd January 2013
Another year has passed and there hasn't been a day that I haven't thought of you. Today in stead of being down I am going to honor your memory by trying to make it a great day, I will smile and laugh in honor of you, Missing you so very much!
Posted by Candy Finck on 3rd January 2013
still missing you so much looking forward one day seeing you again always in my heart your loveing wife
Posted by Devin Finck on 4th January 2012
Definetly missing you more today than I ever have before, not a day passes by when I don't think of a joke that you told me, or remember a life lesson that you taught me. I hope I'm makin you proud, I'm definetly the person I am today because of you. You were the best grandpa any grandson in the world could ask for. I know you and ginger are up there having a blast.
Posted by Yvonne Crosby on 3rd January 2012
We've been thinking about Bob a lot lately, especially since New Year's Eve. There's not a day that's gone by the last 2 years that we haven't missed him. He was truly special. Bobby - we love u; keep 'em laughing up there but be sure to save some jokes for us when we get to see u again! Till then, dear friend .........
Posted by Nicole Nagle on 3rd January 2012
Bob was definitely one of the nicest men i have ever known. He and Candy were always so welcoming, and they even "adopted" me into their family (complete with an "adoption ceremony" BBQ held at their house). The Fincks are a one-of-a-kind family and I feel very blessed to know them. Bob you will be very very missed... I will always remember your kindness and humor!
Posted by Gynnye Finck on 9th April 2011
I am missing my dad so very much today. I think about him all the time. Heard the song "Drift Away" today in the store and wanted to dance with him.
Posted by Gynnye Finck on 22nd January 2010
Thinking of you, knowing you're in a better plce but missing you tons.
Posted by Lorena Babcock on 22nd January 2010
Missing you today Dad... you are truly always in our hearts!
Posted by Candy Finck on 17th January 2010
to the man I will always love I will miss him so much he was my rock my life with him was wonderful there will never be other man that will make me laught the way he did. Ilove you
Posted by Pamela Goring on 12th January 2010
Bob, was my uncle while growing up before he and my aunt Dorothy divorced. However, he was and always will be my Uncle Bob. I loved his smile, his sense of humor and his tight hugs!
Posted by Rick Rogers on 9th January 2010
Uncle Bob is the last of Finck Warriors of his generation.To know the Finck's is to know that they stood together. Uncle Bob used to shine best around his brothers and sister.We will miss that shine!
Posted by Valeri Dotey on 8th January 2010
bob was my grandpa he was fun & loving. He had told me a puppies joke that i loved. when i was little i remember dancing to the jukebox with him, and xmas breakfast, i'm going to miss him a lot!
Posted by Megan Murphy on 8th January 2010
I remember being beyond impressed that Bob had his very own jukebox when I was little. Wishing you all many happy memories, family and friendship in remembering and honoring a man who was well loved.
Posted by Vance Finck on 8th January 2010
I am proud to say that Bob was my dad i will miss him a lot as he always liked to say "cyanide, that,s goodbye in anyones langage"
Posted by Sherrie Papowich on 8th January 2010
Bob, gave us laughter, we loved the stories.. such a nice person. I am truly sorry for the families loss of such a great man. Our deepest condolences.Tom and Sherrie Papowich
Posted by Terri Holman on 7th January 2010
Funt times with Bob and Candy! The last great memory was sitting with Bob at the skating rink a couple of weeks ago and just having fun chatting and then watching him skate with Candy. Love you both,
Posted by Terri Holman on 7th January 2010
Bob was a great friend of ours. ONe of my first memories of Bob was going to he and Candy's home, into the old Rock n Roll room & dancing to the music & Bob and Candy teaching us how to dance! Fun!!!
Posted by Christine Putnam on 7th January 2010
Bob! We will miss you! The party's at the house and in Tahoe for Tara's wedding! Amazing! God's speed!Candy we are here for you!If there is anything,let us know! The Putnam Family!!!
Posted by Christine Putnam on 7th January 2010
"Bob" What an amazing man! Bob & Candy have always been our good friends! We have known Bob & Candy since the first day, Candy made a Birthday cake for our children"1986"Wedding cake 7-25-09!
Posted by Karen Finck on 6th January 2010
Ungle Bob was not only my ungle he was my godfather and it a joke between us that I would always tell him know matter what age that if anything happens to my mom I was living with him Im 45 but .
Posted by Yvonne Crosby on 6th January 2010
Robert & Candy have been a close part of our lives for almost 19 years. We met through a mutual fondness for vintage cars & good old rock 'n roll! He is irrecplaceable & will be in our hearts forever
Posted by Linda Hicklin on 6th January 2010
I have only known Bob for a short time.But he kept me in stitches every time. They threw great parties.He will be missed by many.Love you Bob.
Posted by Nita Orlieb on 6th January 2010
Bob will be missed, he was like a dad to me...always making me smile taught me how to dance...he was so much fun...always had a brighter side of life look at things. I loved him very much...
Posted by Sondra Hinzpeter on 6th January 2010
Bob was my stepdad, and was really funny. Whenever i would come over he would always tell a joke, or two. I am greatful for all the sweet things he did for me over the years when he didnt have too.

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