Shared by Autumn Finck on June 7, 2016

Well grandpa, im getting married. I think you would really like him. He grew up hunting a lot with his grandpa and I know he would have gone with you and Devin if he had the chance. I wish you were here to dance with me on my wedding day because you were the best dancer ive ever known. Maybe thats because I just had so much fun dancing with you. Its not going to be how I imagined my wedding day growing up but I think youll be watching. I miss you. 

Shared by Gynnye Finck on December 8, 2013

Missing my dad so much right now, wishing he were here but glad he's in Heaven. The holiday season is tuff to take without him.

Shared by Devin Finck on January 15, 2013
Well Gramps, I need ya today. As a matter of fact I started to dial your phone number and then it hit me that you wouldn't be the one to answer the phone. I can't believe it's almost been 3 years since I got the phone call while I was hunting that you weren't gonna pull through, I still remember siting in the hospital thinking about how much you impacted my life and how you shaped me into the person that I am today. Man what I wouldn't do for one more hunt just me you a couple of shotguns, that white Toyota tundra and our favorite blonde (ginger pup), knowing the hunting luck we had we probably wouldn't get anything, but it would be just one more day hanging out with the best Grandpa anybody could ask for. I really hope I'm making you proud pops, also one last thing I got a tattoo I figured I should let you know. I got the browning buck mark because that was the shotgun I got from you, and I got ducks coming down all around it because you know how much I love duck hunting, and then under it I got your birthday and then the day you passed away. I know how much you hated tattoos and how mad you'd be if you could see it but I'm tellin ya I think you'd like this one ;) Love ya pops tell the pup I love her and you two have fun hunting cause I know your doing a lot of it!


Shared by Gynnye Finck on December 24, 2011

 as everyone knows, my Dad LOVED his "Ginger Pup". Ginger was a great dog and a great friend too all of us. Ginger died this morning.12-24-2011. I am choosing to believe that dogs do go to heaven and my dad and Ginger are together again taking long walks and enjoying eachothers company.


Shared by Gynnye Finck on September 20, 2010

When we were little my sisters Lorena, Lynette and I would go with our dad to watch him and our uncles (Uncle Jim, and Uncle Chuck) play tennis. We were their (well ok mostly dads) cheerleaders. We had a cheer that went like this... Chew tobacco,chew tobacco, spit it on the wall, if you can't paly like Bob can you can't play at all! Those were FUN times. Ok so I know I share some weird memmories but they are all super funny to me. :-)


Shared by Gynnye Finck on July 26, 2010

One time I was going thru the sale adds and saw an add for avacados...I told my dad that avacados were on sale 4 for a dollar. I then repeated to him that avacados were on sale 4 for a dollar. I then repeated to him again that avacados were on sale  4 for a dollar. He said GYNNYE! if you say that again you're gonna get it! I then told him again that avacados were on sale for 4 for a dollar. He pushed me out the front door and locked it, after a while he opened  the door and asked if I was done...I replied avacados are on sale 4 for a dollar. He laughed so hard (still didn't let me in the house for a while) I was eating an avacado the other day and said out loud avacados 4 for a dollar, no one was there but I laughed out loud. I miss my dad every day.

Special days

Shared by Gynnye Finck on February 11, 2010

My dad always remembered special days. I could always count on that phone call first thing in the morning on my birthday. He felt like he was the winner if he was the first one to say Happy birthday (I guess thats why I do it too :-)


Shared by Gynnye Finck on January 22, 2010

I just remember my dads appreciation for anything that was done for him, no matter how big or how small the gesture was he TRULY appreciated anything anyone ever did for him.

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