Let the memory of Bob be with us forever
  • 64 years old
  • Born on June 17, 1950 .
  • Passed away on March 1, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert Davis 64 years old , born on June 17, 1950 and passed away on March 1, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 6th January 2019
Another year begins. I still think of you often. I often wonder what you would be doing these days. I heard Walking in Memphis on the radio the other day and it was an instant kick in the gut. Reminded me of the ring back tone on your phone you had me set up for you, along with everything else since you were so technologically challenged. You wouldn’t even know what to do with the phones these days. Thank god for “these machines” so we can come back and leave you these notes. I sure do miss you here. I know your family does too, especially this time of year. Hope you get these messages. Wherever you are. ♥️ Love, Donna
Posted by Kay Davis on 31st December 2018
Bob, Well here it is at the end of another year. 2019 is just around the corner. I wanted to wish you a very happy new year. You were constantly in my thoughts but somehow I never got around to coming here and wishing you a merry Christmas and for that I am sorry. Lindsay was home for a nice long time. It was so nice to have her here for more than a day or two. I am sure she was wishing you were here to take her back as the bus she took broke down and then to top it off the replacement bus broke down too! It was a very long trip home. I am getting ready to go to my sister's for dinner and games then home before it gets too late. I know I probably won't be awake to ring in the new year but that is nothing new as you know!! I know if you were still here we would probably be at the casino! Anyway, just wanted to say Happy New Year! I think about you EVERY DAY and MISS YOU SO MUCH. It doesn't seem possible you have been gone almost 4 years, it still seems like yesterday.... As you would always say....All my Love Forever and Always!! Take Care and be Happy
Posted by Kay Davis on 31st October 2018
Bob...I know you are SUPER HAPPY right now...your Red Soxs won the world series....GO SOXS!!!.. Love and Miss you!!
Posted by Donna Wahila on 3rd October 2018
Missing the simpler days today more than ever. Let’s go to Deposit to Wendy’s and get a root beer float. Remember when we used to lock up the office and just go grab one? It always made the day better. You always made the day better. I’ll meet you there! ❤️
Posted by Kay Davis on 17th June 2018
Bob....just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and a happy father's day. Hope you spent it playing golf or just spending the day with friends...sadly you now have so many with you. We love and miss you here everyday and always wish you were still here with us. Take care and remember how much we love and miss you. Happy Birthday! Love you! K
Posted by Elizabeth Hempstead on 1st March 2018
We all gather here again to honor who you were to all of us. Friend doesn't seem enough to describe you. The brother I never had fits. Miss you so much. Wish you were here, but not with the pain you had to suffer. RIP Robert!
Posted by Kay Davis on 1st March 2018
Year 3. It does not seem possible, to me it is like yesterday. They say time heals all wounds, but I am not sure I believe this. I know it is selfish of me, but I so wish you were still here. but I know you are in a better place and all your pain has been lifted....Just know I think about you EVERY day and love and miss you...I know that will never change... be at peace and never forget how much I love and miss you...K
Posted by Kay Davis on 31st December 2017
Bob, Just sitting here in the cabin...(can't believe I'm still living here -it's very lonely - I miss you sooo much!!) ....it's very very very cold and starting to snow again- this winter has been horrible so far and it hasn't even really started. Built a fire in the fireplace. Trying my best to keep going but it still isn't easy... Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. I know you are with your friends....seems like there are WAY toooo many of them with you now!! Stay well, stay happy, and remember how much I love and miss you! You are in my thoughts and with me always...not a day goes by without you in it, though it's just not the same....Take care... Happy New Year with all my love forever and ever..K
Posted by Kay Davis on 25th December 2017
Bob, Merry Christmas! It is a cold snowy, windy one here but I know you are safe and warm. Lindsay and I opened packages, had our traditional cinnabuns, and lottery ticket scratch offs. We weren't very lucky with them but the tradition carries on. Getting ready to go to my sister's...my thoughts are always with you especially today. I really miss you! Merry Christmas! All my love, forever and ever! Kay
Posted by Elizabeth Hempstead on 23rd December 2017
Merry Christmas Robert! Miss having you around. I really could use some good advice right now. You are so missed.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 9th August 2017
Working on a file and in looking at the deed, it has your notary and signature on it. I am hoping these small things aren't coincidence. Love and miss you.
Posted by Elizabeth Hempstead on 18th June 2017
Here we are again. All the people who loved and adored you trying to move forward without you. It has not been easy for any of us. I can't imagine what it is like for your family. If there is such a thing as a guardian angel I hope you are watching over Kay and Lindsay. You were their whole life. Help them face the challenges of each day. Bring them some peace.....it is just "Hey Bets"
Posted by Donna Wahila on 17th June 2017
Happy Birthday up there. I hope it was filled with some golf, winning lottery tickets and a root beer float. I'll have one tonight just for you. Miss you more than ever. Always thinking of you on these days Kay.❤️
Posted by Kay Davis on 17th June 2017
Bob....Wishing you a Happy Birthday and letting you know how much I love and miss you, as always. Not a day goes by you aren't in my thoughts. Will it ever get easier being without you? I think not, it hurts as much today as the day you left us. I just miss you always. Hope you have a Very Happy Birthday, with all my love forever and ever......K
Posted by Judy And Bob Sniegocki on 17th June 2017
Another year has gone by without you - wishing you a Happy Birthday in Heaven.
Posted by Elizabeth Hempstead on 1st March 2017
Hello Robert. Your family misses you and so do your friends! You were like a brother to me and I leaned on you so much. There is a vacant spot in my life. I imagine you watching all of us struggling to keep going. Stay close Robert. "Hey Bets!"
Posted by Kay Davis on 1st March 2017
Bob...yet another year has passed since you left us. It doesn't seem possible. I think of you EVERY day. Some days are tougher than others and this is one of those days! Life goes on but in such a different way. There is still so much sadness in my heart but I do try my best to go on...with a smile on my face and an aching in my heart that I don't think will EVER go away. Just know I miss you dearly and love you forever and ever. I wish you were still here but I know in my heart that you are at peace and always watching over us. And as you would always say to me...... I Love You Always! March 1st - 2 years ago today
Posted by Kay Davis on 31st December 2016
Just another lonely night without you....New Year's Eve 2016. I wish you a Happy New Year with all my love forever.....and as always, I miss you so much.
Posted by Kay Davis on 25th December 2016
Bob...Christmas #2 has come again without you but you are soooo here with Lin and me from our traditional cinnamon bun breakfast to the scratching off of the lottery tickets. We actually won $150 this year!!! Still isn't the same without you but I wish you the merriest Christmas and send all my love. Still wishing you were here and still missing you sooooo much. Merry Christmas!!! I love you!!!
Posted by Kay Davis on 21st December 2016
How is it that I can look at a container of marshmallow fluff and it brings a steady stream of tears to my eyes????? Christmas time is no easier the second time around than the first without you. I am just going through the motions. I miss you sooooo much my heart just aches.. With all my love forever at Christmas time and always...K
Posted by Donna Wahila on 14th November 2016
Time has gone by so fast. Some days I am brought back to a memory and I smile to myself. Then that familiar tug on my heart returns and I realize it will only ever be a memory. What I wouldn't give to go back to a few years ago to listen to one of your stories, or one of those God awful jokes where your eyes twinkled when you told the punch line. Or just to hear that laugh coming from the back room...feels like a lifetime ago. Miss you.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 13th October 2016
Miss you. Still. Think of you every, single, day.♡
Posted by Kay Davis on 1st September 2016
Bob...Well here it is September 1st again. It has been 18 months since that cold snowy March 1st day you left us. It doesn't seem possible. I thought by now it would get easier to accept you're gone, but I am coming to the conclusion that this feeling I am living with will never go away. Good days and bad days but you are always a part of every day. I miss you so much and as always I love you now and forever.
Posted by Judy And Bob Sniegocki on 20th June 2016
Happy Birthday in Heaven my friend - till we meet again.
Posted by Cassandra Hadden on 18th June 2016
Hello again my ole friend.I was just in here browsing around and found you again,Happy Birthday Bob.See you on the other side
Posted by Kay Davis on 17th June 2016
Bob, Wishing you a Happy Birthday and sending my love. Missing you so much, it doesn't seem to get any easier without you. Hoping you are golfing today with all your buddies up in heaven and and enjoying your day. I love and miss you so very very much...... Happy Birthday!!!
Posted by Cassandra Hadden on 7th April 2016
I come to this site and I just start smiling..That shit-eatin grin should make everybody smile..I bet you and Ronnie are having quite a chat.Fly high my friend,fly high.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 6th March 2016
I couldn't bring myself to come here on the anniversery, so I came today and left my facebook tribute in your photos. I can still hear your laugh if I close my eyes... Miss you.
Posted by Judy And Bob Sniegocki on 1st March 2016
Bob, even though one year has gone by I can still picture your smile and quick wit. Rest in Peace our dear friend
Posted by Kay Davis on 1st March 2016
Bob....I can't believe it has been a whole year since you physically left us but you NEVER leave my thoughts and prayers. Life just isn't the same without you here. I have to keep telling myself you are in a better place and not suffering any more. Although my heart is broken I know where the other pieces are - with you. Be at peace and be happy and know how very much I love and miss you and that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.....
Posted by Elizabeth Hempstead on 1st March 2016
Hey Bets Here. The calendar says one year but it seems like yesterday. Many things have changed here but I felt that angel on my shoulder as I worked my way through one day at a time. You cannot imagine how much those of us who loved you miss you. You have left such a void. But we would be selfish to wish you back to suffer. That being said, be happy, golf in the clouds and keep track of us down here. We still need you and your spirit among us.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 28th January 2016
Finally got all of my stuff up in my new office. Wouldn't be complete without you at work, so your picture now hangs on the board above the kids photos. What I wouldn't give to tell you all about it. You wouldn't believe the amount of real estate I do these days. Closed over 400 files last year. Still wish I was "your real estate gal" though. I'd love to have one of our late afternoon conversations after a long day, before going home. You: we'll try it again tomorrow Me: see you in the morning You: god willing and the creeks don't rise... ♡ Still can't say it with a dry eye... Miss you.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 25th December 2015
Merry Christmas. Hope your first one in Heaven was perfect. The kids had a perfect day. You would get such a kick out of them these days, especially Brooklyn. I can still remember how I would have to bring her in for a while and I would be out front working and you would be in the back playing with her, having more fun than she was! Miss those days. Your in my heart today, Kay and Lindsay.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 11th November 2015
Saw someone today that looked so much like you, in a nice suit no less. Stopped me in my tracks. Brought me down memory lane.... There was "frost on the old pumpkin" yesterday morning. I said it out loud and giggled. Every Cold fall morning you walked into the office saying that. I can still see you pretend to shiver with that black leather coat on. Miss you.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 8th September 2015
I'm "busier than a one arm paper hanger" at work. The "Bobisms" never get old. Miss you.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 11th August 2015
Still find myself telling all of our stories to people at work. Just stopping by to say hi. Still miss you...
Posted by Donna Wahila on 1st July 2015
It was a horrible rainy day today. Rained right through lunch and I wanted nothing to do with walking out in it to get a sandwich. Reminded me of the time Jimmy made us one of his delicious treats. Raspberry crumble cake of some sort. It was pouring rain, neither of us Wanted to go out in the rain, so we grabbed some spoons and dug in. Almost ate the whole thing. Wish I could have lunch with you again. Or maybe even drive to Deposit and get root beer floats one last time. By all of my posts everyone is going to start getting the impression that we never really worked. Truth be told, we worked hard, but you never wasted an opportunity to make it fun. Miss you.
Posted by Lindsay Davis on 18th June 2015
Happy birthday dad <3. I hope you spent it golfing in the clouds, winning at heaven's casino and watching the daily show while eating your birthday non-cake. We missed you so much down here today, and every day.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 17th June 2015
Happy Birthday in Heaven. I still remember your birthday two years ago. I hadn't seen you in a few weeks, and was almost 20 weeks pregnant with Savannah. Me: Hey Stranger! Happy Birthday!!! Him: Wow, your getting bigger Me: I take it back. Ha. Miss you.
Posted by Kay Davis on 17th June 2015
Bob...Today is your birthday. It is your first in heaven. I am wishing you a birthday filled with so much love. I miss you so much. You are forever in my heart. I will love you always. Happy Birthday! Love always and forever and ever.............K
Posted by Donna Wahila on 18th May 2015
In honor of today's beautiful weather. You: Its so nice out there. Me: I know. You: I don't want to work today. Me: Me either. You: That's it. Lets go home. And so we did. Miss you every day.
Posted by Donna Wahila on 14th April 2015
I had been feeling like I hadn't been getting any signs from your lately. Then I was preparing a deed and it was dated 6-17-13. That was the last time I saw you before the accident, and also your birthday. Thought it was coincidence, then I walked outside and saw an empty nicorette box. It was just what I needed. I hope you have an endless supply up there. I know how the icebreaker cubes never really did quite work out. I loved you for trying though! Miss you every day.
Posted by Elizabeth Hempstead on 6th April 2015
I saw a flower today and a flash back ran through my mind. I remembered our trip to NYC for a closing many years ago. You knew the City so well and I was amazed because I had not been there since I was little girl. You drove around to show me a few sights and the weather was so warm. It was the end of April. I know that because I had to be back for a family get together. The closing went well and we headed down the side walk to the car when you grabbed my arm and said, "Wait just a minute!" You ran around the corner and when you came back you had a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Before I could ask you said "Do you think Kay will like these?" Of course my reply was something like "Are you kidding?" We got in the car and out of the City we went back to our roots, small town America. But one flower and one little flash today made me remember how special you were and how much you loved your family. How you always just naturally did something nice for someone every day of your short life. Miss You. (Hey) Bets
Posted by Judy And Bob Sniegocki on 15th March 2015
We were saddened to hear of Bob's passing. We first met him when we bought our House in Fishs Eddy almost 30 years ago and he became our friend. We will never forget his quick wit and smile. Rest in Peace Bob.
Posted by Linda Koons on 10th March 2015
Helen Lester told me today that Bob had passed away. I'm so sorry Kay...my heart goes out to you and your daughter. Linda Snyder Koons
Posted by Donna Wahila on 9th March 2015
For always being in my corner. For backing me up in any situation based on my word alone. For trusting in me. For believing in me. For teaching me so much of what I use everyday now. For always remembering the best jokes. For never remembering anything but those damn jokes. For the endless expressions I still use everyday. For my diet pepsi every morning. For my reese fast break every afternoon. For being there the day I got married. For not only putting up with, but for being so understanding of my horrible pregnancies that made me miss more days than I actually came to work. For letting me take longer lunches when I didnt feel well. For visiting me when my babies were born. For never making me put those babies on the road in bad weather. For every birthday, holiday and administrative assistants day you never forgot. For everything you did for everyone else. For all of the clients you never charged. For standing up with people who had noone. For endless hours of doing it for free and never asking for anything in return. For teaching me one of the most valuable lessons, that you get farther by being patient and kind, even when people dont deserve it. For ALWAYs seeing the good in people. For never making it feel like work. For treating me like one of your own. For the endless memories that flood my mind everyday. Wish everyone knew who I did. So much more than you ever got credit for. So much to me.... I hope your finally at peace. I know you will forever be "Walking in Memphis". Ill see you again someday "God willing and the creeks dont rise" rest easy... A week later and it hasn't gotten any easier. What can I say, I just miss you.
Posted by Cassandra Hadden on 9th March 2015
I was saddened when I heard about Bob.He was my lawyer for years and my friend for many more.That smile on his face in that one picture I can tell he is waiting to tell a joke.RIP Bob,you will surely be missed.
Posted by John Dabrescia on 8th March 2015
Kay & Lindsay, We will miss Bob always and will never forget all our great times together -- two families like one! Love you. John, Kate, Kelly & Lisa
Posted by Gerri McErlean on 6th March 2015
Dear Kay & Lindsay-Sorry to hear of your loss. I think back on the 20yrs. I worked with Bob, he was a good lawyer who helped everyone, a most generous person, had a great sense of humor, I could still hear his laugh. He was very special and I will miss him very much. May he RIP. Gerri McErlen
Posted by Lindsay Davis on 5th March 2015
We miss his jokes and stories on Monday nights. Bob's smile could light up a room. His razor sharp mind and knowledge of the law in the defense of his clients was something to see. We are proud to say we knew him. Our prayers to Kay and Lindsey. ~ Linda & Mike O'Brien, Hancock, New York

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