Let the memory of Robert be with us forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on May 7, 1955 .
  • Passed away on September 29, 2016 .

Robert Hazen Wallace, 61, joined the Lord at 10:52 AM on September 29th, 2016 at his home. Bob was born on May 7th, 1955 at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. He lived in Stem, North Carolina with his soulmate and ‘babylove,’ Diane Lynn Pyykkonen of Painesdale, MI. They were married on May 21st, 2008 and had a beautiful young love for ten years.

Bob was a well-decorated veteran after serving the United States Army and National Guard for 19 years. He had many skills, including carpentry, woodworking, canning, and gardening. In addition, he was also a gunsmith, electronic genius, and a mechanic. He was very passionate about being a musician and a songwriter. He fulfilled his dream of writing and recording a Christian music CD. He met everyone with kindness and love and was very compassionate. Above all, Bob dedicated his life to Jesus. His faith in the Lord was unbreakable. He started and ended his days reading and studying the Bible.

Bob is survived by his loving and devoted wife, Diane Lynn Wallace; his endearing mother, Betty Daines Wallace; his four sisters, Wanda McCrosky and husband David of TN, Donna Reed and husband Roy of TN, Carol Carswell and boyfriend Marty of TN, and Brenda Wallace of TN; his son, Jason Wallace of TN; his daughter, Tracy Mortimer of WV; his son Kristofer Mullins and wife Michelle of Greensboro; his son Andrew Mullins and wife Lillie-Page of Oxford; his daughter Elizabeth Smith of Stem; his grandchildren Jonah Wallace, Cleopatra Wallace, Elisabeth Mortimer, Ian Mortimer, Jolee Hyde, Leona Mullins, Mackenna Mullins, and Jackson Mullins.

Bob is preceded in death by his father, Donald C. Wallace; sister Diane Lynn Wallace; and daughter Christy Jones.

In lieu of flowers, Bob asked to send memorial donations to a local food bank, the Wounded Warriors Project, Disabled American Veterans, or the American Lung Association.

The celebration of life for Bob will be held on October 10th, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM at Eakes Funeral Home, located at 834 North Main Street, Creedmoor, NC, 27522.

Posted by Wanda McCrosky on 8th May 2018
Yesterday would have been your 63rd birthday. Happy birthday in heaven Bob. Miss you and your craziness! Always laughing and smiling. Give dad a big hug for us. And say hi to Aunt Mikey and Uncle Louie too. I bet dad's family is having a glorious reunion up there. They are all together again. That is freakin awesome that the family is reunited again forever this time. Love you Bob.
Posted by Brenda Wallace on 8th May 2018
Missing you today and always... Have a Heavenly 63rd Birthday, Brother Bob!.... I miss you so much; it’s just not the same around here anymore with you being gone! I love you forever... Brenda
Posted by Wanda McCrosky on 2nd October 2017
Bob, I can't believe a year has passed since you went to be with Jesus. So hard to fathom losing you at 61 yrs old. Glad you are with daddy though. I know both of you are looking down on us and watching over all of us. My grandchildren have such funny memories of you and the times we were all able to share together. "Uncle Bob" they call you. Blessings brother. I love you and miss you. Will see you again one day.
Posted by Brenda Wallace on 1st October 2017
September 29, 2017... (1) year without my brother; yet, it seems like an eternity... I have your announcement on my Office hutch... I like to think you are always looking down at me when I sit at my desk... I have one of your worn guitar picks I carry in my messenger bag everyday along w/ Daddy's 'dog tags;' the two men in my life that looked beyond my faults and loved me unconditionally and in my heart still do! -Miss you both...
Posted by Brenda Wallace on 6th April 2017
~posting this for my Sister-in-Law, Diane Wallace... Saturday October, 29, 2016, at 10:14 PM~: "My darling Bob, lovey, baby love. Our sweet names for each other. Today, one month ago, you left this dimension, and joined our beautiful Father in heaven. This flower represents the flower that you picked for me the last time you mowed our grass and every other flower you gave to me in our ten years. This morning I woke up wanting to give tribute to you, as we have always done for each other. Just want you to know that I did bible study for us and said prayers during your leaving us. Such a calming and glorious experience. I promise you lovey that I will continue on with our mission as Jesus' Workshop, as we so talked about. You and God have given me the strength to do what must be done before I join you. I know that you are waiting for me. I am waiting to see you too. This has been the longest 31 days I have ever experienced. You know that we have not been apart this long. Our Father in heaven blessed us with each other to love, learn, and respect one another. You are my bestest friend and the love of my life. Until we see each other, I will be forever your love, your wife, your friend, your carpenter buddy. diane lynn wallace
Posted by Brenda Wallace on 27th March 2017
-Someday's one thinks to much; today is that day... Missing you 'my big brother' -I love and miss you every passing day... Bren
Posted by Tracytai Mortimer on 22nd October 2016
I HONESTLY do not know how to begin or really how to put into words what Dad meant to my children & myself & My deceased sister "Nikki" so I'd like to do this for her also who is ALL SO LUCKY to be in heaven with him, but I will speak for us both... For Dad WE ARE SO VERY GREATFULL AND HONORED to have been able n lucky enough to call u DAD & "Papa Bob", he was a AMAZING ONE OF A KIND man to step up n to take my Sister Christie Nicole Jones & myself & raise us from being in Diapers & making us have the GREATEST Childhood Memories you could ever hope for & even after divorcing our mother back in like 94 or 95, he STILL continued to be a AMAZING father n WAS THERE for the birth of 2 of my children and I'm telling u they would beg me anytime I needed a sitter for it to "PLZZZZ" be Papa Bob. If that gives u ANY idea how much they love him n how much he meant to them as well as my sister n myself and that's not even touching the fact that HE WAS THE ONE I ALWAYS went to to talk about anything that I couldn't/wouldn't talk to ANYONE else about!! It even got to the point that my MOTHER was jealous n would swear up n down that I loved him more than her ... Honestly I'm scarred to let myself accept that u are gone Dad, I HONESTLY PRAY that I will be able to get thru this lose! Dad YOU KNOW how much you meant to ME also to Nikki & your Grand Babies, u HAVE been the best Dad & Papa ANYONE could dream of and..... I feel like u can and will see or know the things I'm typing & saying (your spirit) that is cuz we'll I have to believe it, so here goes... Dad, I'm jealous our Nikki got u in heaven for her birthday but so glad u get to be with her, and I AM SOOOOO VERY SORRY I didn't stay the "Mother u were so proud I became" like u told me a few yrs ago, it hurts me more than ANYONE could ever possibly imagine as it hurt u I KNOW & I did try very hard to make sure u could visit with them ANY CHANCE I had but I know I made u PROMISE NOT to do anything stupid to those monsters that took our Nikki like u were going to, I begged n only convinced u not to because of ur grand kids n Jay n me. But see u kept ur promise for us & got to see Jason become a father which SHOCKED US ALL to say the least, lol.. but am so grateful u didn't do something that would have prevented u from being around us!!! Thank you Daddy, thank u to my Mother Judy Wallace for choosing the most amazing person to be n our lives n raise me! And yes I know I'm NOT His BLOOD BUT MAKE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT HE GAVE N TAUGHT ME HIS HEART N THAT HAS BEEN RICHER TO ME THAN anyone can imagine!!! I pray to be able to accept losing u & u being gone without losing it cuz.... :-( ya!!! Thank you DAD for giving Nikki & Me the GREATEST memories n our childhood that anyone could hope for& for STAYING there for us n giving up SO MUCH u worked hard for (this land & home) so we & mom had something, that is one AWESOME son u made Grandma Wallace thank you SOOO VERY MUCH!!!! I MISS U SOOO BAD, OK guess I took up enough of tha page sorry!!
Posted by Carol Carswell on 15th October 2016
Hey Bob...Wow how we all will miss saying those words. My older brother who went to bat for me more than once growing up...Words cannot describe the hole in my heart. You were just here and now for eternity you are there. This baby sister is so sad not to be able to make music with you again but I am eternally grateful for all the times we did and for the opportunity to have copies of your music from your beautiful wife. You and Diane had a love that most people dream about. So grateful you chose my house to pledge that love to each other. Your wedding day was awesome. I will miss you but I know that I will see you again my brother, my friend.....in paradise. Until then keep on singing!! I love you
Posted by William Kelley on 9th October 2016
My oldest and dearest friend. We shared the best years of our lives together. Although we moved into different circles as we got older, it was more of a geographical equation than a desired one and my fondest memories are still of the years, places and events that made up our young lives. Although we haven't been together for many years, I still feel a void, an emptiness, I suppose in that part of my being where your life should be. But the memories of the past are as fresh as if it was yesterday. You have touched so many lives in your 61 years here on earth and I'm sure you will in heaven as well. I love you brother and you will be missed so much by so many.
Posted by Wanda McCrosky on 8th October 2016
I got married and left home when my "little"brother was 13 but I have some memories of us growing up. When we lived in New York our dad built us a kitchen for our playroom. Donna and I played there and Bob was our little "doll" that we dressed up and played house with. He was about 2 or 3. Then in Goldsboro, Bob broke his leg and went out riding his bicycle with his friends at night after curfew. I'd say Randy was with him. The APs went to round them up and Bob went down a street that dead ended with a fence. As luck would have it, Bob was the only one caught at 1:00 in the AM and my dad got called in to get him out of the brig! Then when I was a teenager my parents went to DC and left me in charge of the kids. Bob swears I beat him with a belt while he was on the top bunk but I have no memory of this episode! I loved you Bob. I am really sorry if I did beat you with a belt! I am eternally grateful that you found Diane to share your last years with and with whom you found our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am so happy that you all shared such a love for each other and for Jesus that also led you to reconnecting with your family. My best recent memory is sharing Christmas 2 years ago with our big family and the jokes about Hooters that my grandkids remember their great uncle Bobby for. I'm so happy they have this funny memory of you to keep forever. I'll never forget the beautiful song you sang at Daddy's funeral. The one thing that is holding us all up is knowing you are with daddy and little Diane in the loving arms of Jesus, in that place where the streets of gold are, and where no pain or sorrow exits. I love you Bobby and will miss you and the times we could have shared. Rest in peace little brother. We will take care of your sweet wife until we all see you again.
Posted by Donna Reed on 7th October 2016
the memories I have of my loving brother, my baby brother, go back as far as getting in trouble together growing up to laughing for the last 2 months as he graciously came to remodel and make improvements to my house. He and his baby love and soul mate, my sissy Diane, stayed in my house. We laughed till we hurt we had serious discussions about the Bible, which I will never understand like you did. I loved you when growing up. I loved you when you left home and left a whole in my heart. For the last 8 years that whole was healed and now its back again. I will strive to learn the Bible like you asked and I will never forget you. Gone from here but not the heart just doesn't come close. You will be a part of my soul forever just like you always were. Dad, Diane{ our sister}, Uncle Bob, and Nikki are having the best time looking down on this family and watching over us. I love you more than words can say and I will see you when God decides its time. You are loved and missed more than you ever know. It breaks my heart that I cant be there for you but my surgery just wont let me travel. You were with me in the hospital. I know, it was the only way I made it through the pain. I wish I could have seen the angels faces when they heard you sing as you entered the kingdom of God.
Posted by Betty Wallace on 6th October 2016
Words can never express the love that I have for my loving, multi talented son and how proud I am for the wonderful, loving man you became. I was so proud when you asked Jesus to come into your life, started praying and asking God for guidance and fervently studying His Word with your soul mate Diane. My heart is sad but I know that you are not suffering anymore in the arms of our Heavenly Father, our healer who knows our every need. Rest in peace precious one until we meet again I will miss you so very much. Amen.
Posted by Jo Pikka on 5th October 2016
Diane I am so very sorry for your loss. Nothing I can say will make you feel better. Just know God is right there holding you in his arms and will get you through this. He is your strength and comforter. I will pray for you and your family. God Bless you my friend.
Posted by Diane Karvonen on 5th October 2016
My deepest sympathy goes out to my dear friend Diane, her family and the family of Bob. It was a pleasure meeting him last summer. My thoughts and prayers are with you all daily. Please take care of my dear friend. Give her a big hug and kiss from me.
Posted by David Smith on 4th October 2016
To my friend for over 18 years,you were never above me,you were never below me you were always beside me.This I will remember for the rest of my days.May you be in Gods arms.
Posted by Brenda Wallace on 3rd October 2016
.... -words will never express the memories I hold within my heart. I was your baby sister; I was the one left at the 'household' when you moved back home. My greatest memory was just knowing that you always had my back regardless of right, wrong or indifferent... -May God keep my 'big & only' brother in his arms; May Daddy, Diane(our Sister), Nikki and many of those who went before you welcome you to your resting place till we meet again. -There is family; then there is blood family-I am proud to know you were both to me... I love you 'big' brother and I will see you again some day when you lead the Band of Angels as I join you...

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