• 75 years old
  • Born on November 15, 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on January 25, 2015 in Northfield, Ohio, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert Bolton 75 years old , born on November 15, 1939 and passed away on January 25, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Gloria Starr on 25th January 2019
It's been 4 years and I still miss you so much. You were my best friend and knew me so well. I wish we had one more evening together. You left way to soon. I miss all our stories about our children and grandchildren. All the pictures we shared. I will always remember my east side friend. Love You and miss you
Posted by John Herman on 25th January 2019
Hard to believe it's been 4 years Big Bob, I think a toast with a Sam Adams Boston Lager is called for this year. Excuse me while I crack one open. Love you as always, oh and my best to Old Blue Eyes. I have enjoyed sharing thoughts of you over the years with Rob.
Posted by Kim Griner on 25th January 2019
Posted by John Herman on 15th November 2018
Happy Birthday Big Bob, normally around lunch time you'd be having the meatballs @ Casa D'Angelo's right about now and as usual in a booth facing the door. Love ya man!
Posted by Debbie Eyerdam on 15th November 2018
Happy Birthday my dear friend. How I miss you so much. I think about you so often especially when I hear songs on the radio or something happens and I think I want to call you to tell you something. They say with time it gets better it does not it might get easier but not better. You were such a important presence in my life. I miss you especially this time of year because you always came over for Thanksgiving and sat in the same chair. Hope you are enjoying heaven and have a good seat at the Thanksgiving table.
Posted by Vikki Pirttinen on 31st January 2018
I'll never forget that smile!
Posted by John Herman on 26th January 2018
Big Bob, I have to confess that I now use one of your standbys when someone asks me to attend an event or function I'm not terribly interested in. I tell them, " sorry, I have to give my cat a bath ". Thank you, works every the time. Love you, man!
Posted by Jeff Maynor on 25th January 2018
My 38-year-old son, Justin, at a certain age, thought the sun rose and set on police officers. I wanted him to have a real police badge and asked my best friend in blue, Bob, doing communications for CPD at the time, if he could direct me to where I could by a genuine shield. He said there are catalogs, he may have even brought me one, but the generic badges reminded me too much of the toy badges I'd had as a kid. I probably told Bob that next time I saw him and, the time after that he walked me over to a corner and covertly handed me a small black wallet. Inside it, his CPD Sergeant's badge. The way he said "Guard this carefully" I, for the first time, understood how much the shield means to a police officer; in the wrong hands mayhem could result. I was solemn when I gave it to my son, emphasized the rarity of the gift and instructed him to honor Officer Bolton's trust by never taking the extraordinary gift from his room Over the years we would bring up Bob's gift, and Justin would show me it was still tucked safely away in the same place in his desser drawer. Justin, like his dad, worked with police as a news reporter and shares his dad's lifelong admiration for those who serve and protect. Eternal thanks, Bob. Jeff Maynor, WJW TV, WEWS TV, WKYC TV.
Posted by John Herman on 15th November 2017
Happy Birthday Big Bob! Miss you dearly. Will toast you with a Killian's Irish Red. Please ask Sinatra to serenade you with "My Way", can't see him refusing you.
Posted by Gloria Starr on 15th November 2017
Happy Birthday...I really miss you.
Posted by Robert Bolton on 19th June 2017
Happy Father’s Day to the man I love Who his watching down from up above Although I wish that it weren’t so God said it was your time to go Sadness and pain, minutes feel like hours Anger, emptiness, heartache and sorrows Not sure what I could have done, or did not do It doesn’t change the fact of how much I miss you I can let this eat me up inside, the depth of despair As I contemplate my life with your empty chair I need to end this melancholy, the deep pain inside Not a day since your passing that my heart has not cried I need to change my focus, to what I am grateful for It doesn’t mean I love you less, maybe even more If I can remember the good times I can hold you in my heart Maybe that is the answer, that we never really part I will never forget you, all of the things you taught me The experiences, lessons and values, the man I came to be I need to remember the good times, my life wasn’t so bad That I was the lucky one because I had you for my dad
Posted by Debbie Eyerdam on 25th January 2017
I can't believe its been 2 years. At times it feels like yesterday. I miss you so much. I think of you everyday. I wish I could talk to you just one more time. Until I see you again have fun in heaven with all your buddies.
Posted by Yolanda Harris on 25th January 2017
I miss you daily but know you have a peace. I think of our last time we got to spend the day together and I will treasure for the rest of my life. Sending you love--
Posted by John Herman on 25th January 2017
Always remembered, always missed and blessed with your friendship.
Posted by Gloria Starr on 25th January 2017
2 years and I still miss you so much. Your random phone calls always when I needed a friend. You will always be in my heart. You were such an important part of my life.
Posted by Gloria Starr on 16th November 2016
Happy Birthday Bob, You are so missed by so many. I still miss the random phone calls that always came when I needed a friend to talk to. You will always be in my heart.
Posted by Bob Duman on 15th November 2016
Happy Birthday to my Law Enforcement brother. Gone but definitely not forgotten.
Posted by John Herman on 15th November 2016
Happy Birthday " Big Bob ", love ya my friend!
Posted by Dale Siegel on 15th November 2016
Happy Birthday Bob. I know you're probably on a golf course in heaven, using that graphite driver we gave you, and looking for your ball somewhere in the rough. And loving every minute of it ! Every time I hear the song playing behind this memorial page, I think of you, and know that it was written just for YOU. This tribute is to a man who could not do enough for the family and friends in his life. Although you would never say it, I can say it for you: "I did it My Way"!
Posted by Gloria Starr on 29th January 2015
Robert Bolton was the kindest and most generous person I had the pleasure of knowing. He taught me to be strong and believe in myself at a very sad part of my life. We would exchange stories about our children and grand children. He was so proud of his children and all their accomplishments. He was a great friend and I will miss him. Please know that you will all be in my thoughts and daily prayers.
Posted by Debbie Eyerdam on 28th January 2015
What can I say about Bob that could express how I feel about him. He truly was a best friend to me. Whenever I needed him he was there for me as I am sure he was for many. He always made me feel I could do anything. He told me many times that I had a 200lb gorilla in my corner and now my gorilla is in heaven. I will miss our weekly conversations. Our Thanksgivings will never be the same. I will always hold a special spot in my heart for you Bob. You went much too soon and I will always be grateful for knowing and loving you. "You did it your way" my friend. I love you and miss you so very much. God must have needed another angel in heaven and he got the best. Love, Debbie
Posted by Kathy Kline on 28th January 2015
Mr. Bolton was always such a warm and kindhearted man. It was evident how much he loved his children, how proud he was of them. Heaven truly has gained another Angel. May the family find peace in the beautiful memories they shared, God Bless them all !
Posted by Robert Bolton on 27th January 2015
I was lucky when I was a boy You showed me I was your pride and joy How could it be any other way? I am so grateful every day Baseball, football, learning something new Faith in me nothing I couldn't do You always found time for us to play Magic memories our special day It was not easy so much to know Core values like you reap what you sow You knew that soon there would come that day I would make a living, earn my pay Life passes quickly from boy to man Lessons you taught I now understand Having debts I can never repay It’s your reputation you would say As I look back with fond memories I think not of the wins or trophies But of the life’s lessons that you taught True wisdom that could never be bought Words can’t express what I need to say As I reflect here on your last day I am thankful for how you raised me Never settle for what you can be For giving me the childhood I had I am just grateful you were my dad! Love your son, Robert J Bolton
Posted by Robert Bolton on 27th January 2015
Thank you for being such a great "Father in Law" to me. You always cared and checked in on me to make sure I was okay and that meant the world to me. I loved the times I got to spend with you and our banter's back and forth to our Friday morning coffee's to our last day together at the casino. I had the best time laughing with you and talking with you about what was important in your life. I was so proud of you for all you did to help others and the love and care you gave your family. It was a blessing to watch and I feel honored to be considered part of your family. You raised a wonderful son and I am glad that I found him as he is the love of my life. I will talk to you now in my prayers...you will be missed as you were loved very much! Yolanda

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