Let the memory of Robert be with us forever.

Robert “Bob” Cook, 74, succumbed to complications from diabetes in the comfort of his home in Oceanside, California, surrounded by his family on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

He will be missed dearly by his devoted wife of 53 years, Patricia “Pat” (Stewart) Cook; his son James Cook of Riverside, CA; his daughter Jennifer Cook of San Jose, CA; his 2 grandsons, Samuel and Thomas, both of Riverside, CA; his sister Janet Lovich of Alexandria, VA and her three children: Jeffrey Lovich, Cindy Pandolfe, and Robert Lovich and 5 grandnieces/nephews. He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle. He was preceded in his death by his parents, Lester and Elda Cook of Erie, Pennsylvania.
Bob was born in Spangler, PA. He grew up in Cherry Tree, PA and Erie, PA. He graduated from Harbor Creek High School in 1962. He got his bachelor’s degree in General Science from Penn State University in 1966. He immediately put his degree to work in his first job as a sales representative for Exxon. He was extremely well-suited for petroleum sales and made his career in it over the next 40 years. 
Bob loved sports - both playing and watching. After playing football, basketball and baseball in high school and college, he took up playing both tennis and golf. He became an inveterate golfer and played over 3,000 different golf courses worldwide, and over 300 different courses in the UK alone.  Among his favorite courses were: Cypress Point, Pebble Beach, Royal Portrush, La Hinch, Ballybunion, Turnberry, and Royal Dornoch. Although he got to play Wingfoot, Seminole and Pine Valley only once,  he was always looking forward to the day when a second opportunity to take a crack at them would come up. He said he wished he had started playing golf at a younger age than in his twenties and he was elemental in teaching both of his grandsons to golf before the age of 10. He played in countless Pro-Am tournaments and loved to attend the major golf tournaments, such as the U.S. Open and The Masters. In addition to his love for golf, he was a lifelong fan of baseball. He especially enjoyed taking both his grandsons on a trip to Boston last summer to watch the Red Sox play from the Green Monster at Fenway Park. 
He was also an avid traveler. He logged well over 10 million air miles and over several million car miles. He made over 65 trips to Asia. He was never afraid to jump on a plane, even after the airlines lost his golf clubs. He had favorite restaurants, bookstores, golf courses and mens’ clothing shops in every city he frequented. He had an incredible sense of direction and could navigate his way around 4 continents - without the use of GPS.
Bob was a voracious reader. He read 200-250 books a year, every year, for 50+ years. Some of his favorite authors were John O’Hara, David Halberstam, James Cain, Raymond Chandler, and Ian Fleming. He was a real student of history and especially enjoyed reading biographies. He loved bookstores and made regular pilgrimages to Powell’s in Portland. He donated over a thousand boxes of books to local libraries during his lifetime.
He loved animals and would have made a great veterinarian if he had had the time for a second career. His beautiful Golden Retriever, Crackers, was his favorite dog. Even when he did not own his own dog he still bought large boxes of dog biscuits at Costco to give out to the neighborhood dogs. He was kind and generous.
He was an ardent and knowledgeable collector. His collections include: coins, stamps, license plates, oil memorabilia, stock certificates, fountain pens, travel/restaurant/hotel memorabilia, books, wine labels as well as a large collection of antique golf clubs and logo golf balls. 
He never lost a game of Chinese checkers. Ever. Not once. His secret strategy stays known only to him.
Bob enjoyed 12 years in retirement during which time he traveled and dined to his hearts content. He also started a successful eBay business specializing in upscale golf logo balls and assorted memorabilia. On eBay he found an active community, and customer base, of golf connoisseurs who he was able to share his knowledge with. It gave him a sense of purpose and enjoyment. 
Special thanks to the doctors and staff at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla for providing him with extraordinary care. On his last hospital stay his room overlooked Torrey Pines Golf Course, which was one of his local favorites. 

A Celebration of Life service will be held on Saturday, February 16th to honor his life. Contact Pat for details.

Posted by Brian Finch on February 26, 2019
In life, most of us can count on one hand those individuals that impacted our lives to such a degree that their impact is life-long, making our lives better in a way that also extends to those around us. As a boss and mentor, Bob was one of those people for me. He reinforced for me that the only real limitations in life are those we create for ourselves. Working with him was knowing you could perform at a high level, have fun doing it with belly laugh humor, and always working in a round of golf to advance or close a business deal. He will be sorely missed.
Posted by Barbara SKIBINSKI on February 18, 2019
It was a pleasure to know Bob at Harbor Creek High School. And it was great when my husband told me that he was a good friend of Bob's at Behrend. They were on the basketball team for the two years that they were there together. It was great to see Bob at the 50th Reunion of the Class of 62. We were so glad that he was able to make the celebration with us and the rest of the class. My husband and Bob talked most of the time we were there. My husband passed on April 30,2018 and I was very thankful that Bob and yourself had sent a contribution to the Barber Center in his name. Thank you. Hopefully they will be able to meet again up in our God's beautiful heaven!
Posted by Robert Christiansen on January 30, 2019
So sad to loose such a good person at such a young age. He had so much more life to live. It was always fun to be around him. He always made you feel important, such a gentleman. It was always fun to share business ideas with Bob, as he had a very creative mind. He had many friends in the oil business, where ever he went, he was well accepted. Lots of good memories with him. We are all blessed to have known Bob.
Posted by JANET;GRACE LOVICH on January 28, 2019
To my only brother, dear Budsy. My affectionate nickname for you was Budsy and was ours alone. How I loved you !
I was ten years old when you were born. We lived in Stifflertown, PA., outside of Cherry Tree, PA. When you were about one year old our parents purchased a gas station in Cherry Tree and we moved. It expanded into a full sized restaurant and was the family business. While our parents were fully occupied, you were my responsibility and you were my “live” baby doll for me to play with and lovingly care for. It was fun putting you in my bicycle basket and riding you around town. We had so many wonderful memories growing up. 
As grew older and married, each raising our children, we were separated by many miles - East Coast to West Coast. But our hearts were always entwined. You went on to distinguish yourself in your career and I was always so proud of you.
Though we lived our lives separated, East-to-West Coast, when we reunited it felt like only yesterday that we had been apart.
I will miss you immensely. Till we meet again MY Budsy, in heaven, to spend eternity with God.
Your loving sister,
Janet Lovich
Posted by Kevin Jordan on January 28, 2019
Bob was a man whom held high standards in business, friendship & family. I was lucky to know him nearly 30 years. He was instrumental in helping me in my life and early career. He would not settle for mediocrity. A perfectionist by habit. He was never selfish when offering sound advice. We traveled the world together on many business trips. No matter where we traveled he knew not one but many people and local customs. And they certainly knew him or of him. He was a man of deep thoughts and many interest and never grew tired of learning. Full of life and tireless on any adventure. His famous "Quips and Tips" news letter sent to many of the industry Icons, was one of the great reads and joy to receive. It was a passion for him to create and distribute. As I type here I am smiling thinking about how fun they were to read. It was his way to let you know you were still on his "A" list. He will be missed and I for sure will miss him deeply. KJ
Posted by Dave Coulter on January 27, 2019
There are so many wonderful things that can be said about the life of Bob Cook. We can talk about the strength of his character, his love and devotion to his family. his quick and ever-present wit. We could remember how he quietly demonstrated his expansive intellect. He was that unique combination of consummate professional and always fun to be around. But most of all, he is remembered because our lives were better and richer because of him, and he will be deeply, deeply missed.
Posted by Gregory Berkin on January 26, 2019
Bob Cook was (and shall remain) a true inspiration; a guiding mentor, a very devoted father (to Jennifer and Jim) and a wonderful husband to Pat and grandfather to his revered grandsons, Tommy and Sam. Bob would share his rich cultural stories of exotic trips to the far east and to Europe for the pursuit of the most enjoyable golf outings, rarefied business havens and special haute cuisine. Bob loved exploring abroad, he loved his family and friends, and he loved celebrating the 'moment' of the sport of golf. (He had experienced 'thousands' of those moments!)  Bob had a knack for understanding people, place and planet. I fondly remember a conversation about "synthetic oil lubricants" and the benefits to the auto industry, to car owners and to the oil producers (Exxon, his ex).  Bob was a gifted conversationalist and an avid reader of almost every subject. We will dearly miss his humor, his smile, his taste, his acumen, his counsel, his exploits and his company. Thank you, Bob.
Posted by Carolynne Hirsch on January 26, 2019
As neighbors, then dear life-long friends Bob, Pat, Jen and Jim—and, of course—Crackers will always be in our hearts. Bob is forever loved, forever remembered, forever missed.
Carolynne and Steve Hirsch
Posted by Cary Palulis on January 26, 2019
Bob and I began our careers a year apart at Exxon. He and I played golf all over together winning several team events. His slice worked well enough to win a few closes to the hole Par 3's. Bob spent some time in the NE and stayed at our house in CT, where we had some of the very best days/evenings together laughing and just being psyched. He had a tremendous sense of humor and was the life of all gatherings. He was the ultimate selling machine as I was so our big oil formal training was put to good use.  We continued to communicate up until a few weeks ago, mostly by email since emails were invented. He was such a pure positive attitude guy and it was contagious.  I will miss my friend Bob.
Posted by David Huggett on January 26, 2019
Though I only had a passing acquaintance with Bob, I knew him though Pat. Over twenty years of my knowledge Pat never said a negative word about Bob. Her love for him is shown in eyes when she mentioned him in conversation. Recently I called Pat from FL and she was in Riverside with her grandsons and Bob talked with me for over twenty minutes. Seems like we had a lot in common and the time flew by.
I know that he will be missed by his Family.
Posted by Ned Tanson on January 26, 2019
Bob is one of the genuine nice guys that I have encountered. He's very smart, funny, sincere and a happy person. It's a great lost to his families and everyone who has been touched by him.
Posted by Dwaine Walker on January 25, 2019
Bob was very supportive to our team at General Petroleum and his product knowledge was always spot on! His contributions to the industry and friends was always done with genuine sincerity for their success! We all can agree that Bob was a “class act”!
Jenny and I’ll miss going to the Laguna Beach playhouse with Bob and Pat. 
Enjoy the golf courses heaven has to offer, you’re the best and will be missed!
Posted by Jeff Lovich on January 25, 2019
Memories of my Uncle Bob Cook by Jeff Lovich
One of my earliest memories of “Uncle Budsy” must have been when he was still in high school and I was about 5 years old. He was interested in chemistry and had a “chemistry set” in the basement of his parent’s home in Erie, PA. I still remember being fascinated by all the colorful bottles of chemicals and the glassware that came with the set. In particular, I didn’t know what beakers were. He had a large one and a small one but also one that was intermediate in size. I asked him what it was and he told me it was a medium beaker. I knew small and large, but I’d never heard of anything medium before and I really liked that beaker.
About the same time, I also remember marveling at how a garbage truck could lift up those big trash containers outside the back of stores. He told me it was because of “hydraulics” and I became fascinated with a new word.
When he was in college at Penn State working on a degree in chemistry he got a summer job/internship working at a place called Hazelton Laboratories near Tyson’s Corner, VA. That summer he lived with us in Alexandria and I had a blast spending as much time as possible with him. One memory that we both enjoyed over the years was when he would get down on the floor on all fours and act like a raging hippopotamus. I would jump off our couch onto his back with a toy rubber knife and stab him while we rolled around laughing. Many years later he would ask me if I still had the rubber knife!
About the same time, my Dad would go out to Woodbridge, VA to visit a friend with an airplane. Budsy and I went with him one time. The friend had a pond on his property. One day, Uncle Budsy and I decided to go for a swim in the pond (I don’t recall asking permission). There was a small boat for kids to play in and I got inside. Meanwhile, Budsy took on the role of a raging hippo and rocked the boat for our amusement.
Another fun memory involves an old 45 RPM record I found in the trash behind our apartment when I was about 6 or 7 years old. The record was an old Eddie Lawrence comedy schtick. One side had a story about an African safari gone bad with Mogambo as the main character. Budsy and I thought it was hilarious. While still in the apartments Budsy bought me a Gil Hodges first baseman mitt and I remember waiting all day for him to come home so we could go out back and play catch. I think I still have that glove. As I recall, he bought me my first plastic bat and whiffle ball too as he really like sports.
While working at the lab he was able to bring home a couple of Guinea pigs they didn’t need and they were some of my first pets. He also brought home some quail eggs one day that we opened up to look inside but they were infertile. After he left he sent me a letter with pictures he drew of animals including a little circle that he labelled, a “dog egg”. This fascinated a 6-7 year old of course even though I really didn’t understand how a dog could have an “egg”.
Later, when I was about 10 years old, my sister and I spent a week or two with him when he lived in Norfolk, VA with his young family. Jimmie was only about 2-3 years old. Bob taught me how to play tennis there and I still remember how much fun it was learning from him. As I recall, he lived within walking distance of the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. There were beautiful lakes there and I would sneak in to fish despite warnings from him not to go in, and abundant “No fishing” signs!
Bob and I often reminisced about these memories over the years and he never forgot about the rubber knife or Mogambo!
Posted by Cindy Pandolfe on January 25, 2019
Dear Uncle Budsy,
.....Where did the time go? I wanted to see you again....and the time slipped away from me ...and now I am sad ... and life is too short.
I have such fond memories when you visited us in Virginia when I was a small child. We played with guinea pigs on the floor at my mom's house (your only sister). You were always so fun to be with and lots of love and laughter. 
James 4:14 King James Version (KJV)
14 Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away...
1 Peter 1:24 King James Version (KJV)
24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away...
John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
I love you and miss you!
Posted by Mark Negast on January 25, 2019
Bob was a great man. I truly enjoyed his company and sense of humor while working with him at LSC and after. He really enjoyed working in the oil industry and no challenge was too big for Bob. He will be missed by all. I am glad that he was able to enjoy retirement with Pat even for just a little while. Bob will always live in my heart and will be remembered forever.

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