A deeply loving husband and father, a generous heart, a fine mind, a patient teacher, a good man.
  • 75 years old
  • Born on October 17, 1937 in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on May 4, 2013 in Winchester, Virginia, United States.

 I (Bob's daughter, Kira Tomlin), created this memorial website to make a space for those who knew my father (family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, students, acquaintances) to share their own memory or message of love.  For short messages, please leave a tribute below.  If you have a longer message or remembrance to share, please write in the "Stories" area.  Note 5/13: Thanks to all who have been submitting tributes, stories, and pictures!   It's so good to see this and remember and appreciate Dad.

Posted by Abdullah Al-Hallak on 21st January 2019
I was thinking of you today, Granddaddy!
Posted by Leslie Tomlin on 17th October 2017
Bob, as I was flying back from CA today, I had to watch a little of "Young Frankenstein" in your honor and also to hear you laugh during parts of it just as you did years ago. And I did -- it was a warm remembrance of your laugh that I liked so much! I hope your laughing wherever you are!
Posted by Jani Al-Hallak on 17th October 2017
Since the start of October this year, I've been thinking about you Daddy. Thinking about your birthday, and now it's here. You would have been 80 years old today. Today is starting off chilly with blue skies and bright sun. I plan to go out in search of colorful fall leaves and I'll be remembering you and how much you would have loved a day like today! I miss you Daddy! ❤️
Posted by Jani Al-Hallak on 17th October 2016
I'm thinking about you on your birthday, Daddy! I went to one of your favorite types of peaceful places today and sat under a big tree with bright yellow leaves! I miss you so much and love you forever!
Posted by Carol Olson on 19th October 2015
We're remembering Mr. Tomlin on his birthday, and continue to miss him. Carol Olson on behalf of staff and students of Blue Ridge Educational Center.
Posted by Betsy Shanley on 31st July 2013
What a sweet man and a true gentleman!
Posted by Carey Brogan on 21st June 2013
Dear Kira and Family- -I have met so many students who grow up without a father, but your Dad, Mr. Robert Tomlin will be remembered in a world today showing his dedication as a loving husband and a father as I remember Mr. Tomlin would drop you off at St. John's Church Kira and say "I know she's in good hands" and then he would smile- love, CHBrogan
Posted by Jani Al-Hallak on 11th May 2013
Daddy was always just one phone call away. We used to talk for an hour or more every time we got on the phone. We never really ended a conversation fully finished. So much more to be said. I miss talking with him so much! He always understood me, and I him! As each days passes I miss him more and more!
Posted by Carol Olson on 11th May 2013
The staff and students at Blue Ridge Educational Center sorely miss Mr. Tomlin. We strongly feel both his absence and his presence as a colleague, teacher, tutor and friend. A gentle and brilliant man who touched many lives in our little corner of his world. His picture will be displayed at the school as a constant reminder of what he meant to us.
Posted by Omar Tibi on 10th May 2013
Nice work Kira! He was a very sharp, fun, loving, and energetic person. I have and always will associate him with shrimp - my favorite seafood, even after finding out about the "secret"! Not to mention photography, which I tried talking to him about even though I knew nothing! I hope that when I get to be as old as him, I will be as active as he was.
Posted by Devon Downes on 10th May 2013
Mr. Tomlin was my algebra/geometry tutor. I saw him every Wednesday at Samuels Public Library. It was from his help that I can pass the class, and he was always able to make this subject a little easier for me. I am grateful for being able to work with him. He was a great teacher, and I will miss him greatly.
Posted by Dalton Selinger on 9th May 2013
Mr. Tomlin was a great guy and a great friend. he was always like a best friend from school and i am going to miss him. for all the times we, at B.R.E.C care about him so much and we will always treasure the moments we had together as a teacher and a great friend.- Dalton
Posted by Cathy Tibi on 9th May 2013
Daddy was an intense man with intense love for all around him. He was in touch with nature and found peace in being alone among the mountains. Thank you for passing that on to me Daddy!He never judged us when we made mistakes in life, instead he allowed us to grow and learn from our troubles. I will miss you Daddy, but will never forget the memories and lessons learned. Love,Cathy
Posted by Joe Turner on 9th May 2013
I'll always remember the semester that you were my physics tutor. Our mutual love for the subject perpetuated our excitement to work together - not that it felt much like work. It has been a blessing to know you, and I'll carry your influence forever.
Posted by Sandy Groves on 8th May 2013
A man known by his quiet strength and his dedication to his daughters; always making their goals and dreams available to them through his resources and time. Cielle, Kira, Carmelita .... I a praying for you and the transition of grieving, changes and adjustments you will go through. I love you, and you'll be continually in my thoughts.
Posted by Laura DiMichael on 8th May 2013
Bob, you endeared all to you with your wonderfully gentle nature, your quiet intelligence, your grateful heart, & your easy laugh. We are so thankful to have had you as part of our family. To use an expression that you yourself were very fond of using, “Bless your heart.” May you rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Wayne Turner on 7th May 2013
This year I had the exquisite delight of two conversations with a new friend, Bob. Occasionally men listen well, and sometimes they speak well, but it a special delight for me to encounter a man that was accomplished at both. Our eyes quickly found each other and I am grateful for him.
Posted by Jani Al-Hallak on 7th May 2013
Thank you Kira for creating such a special place for Daddy! As I watch the pictures of Daddy go by on the slide show it brings back so many memories and feelings of the truly wonderful man that he was! A man with an immense love of family and nature!
Posted by Jani Al-Hallak on 7th May 2013
A man with such deep emotions and strong heart that we all knew how much he loved us, as he showed us each in special ways! I loved you Daddy from the second I was born, and I'll love you forever! My sweet sweet Daddy you will be missed dearly in life, but you'll remain in my heart always! Love, Jani

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