Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 30, 2020
From Bill Wedin
I don't think condolences are in order here. I think congratulations are! It sounds like the 2nd time around you found yourself a real good man. And you had some good solid years in which to enjoy him. And he you. For he chose well in choosing to spend so many good years with a good woman like you. You are one of the warmest wisest women I have ever known.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you, Maggie, towards the end with Bob. 

Love, Bill
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 23, 2020
From Carol Lilleberg
Dear Meg,
Seeing you yesterday (NVUU Zoom) reminded me to look at the link to Bob’s page. I’ve heard you say that others have said they wished they had known Bob better. I sometimes sat next to him during our 1625 Salvador Social Hours, but never thinking to ask him to tell me about his life and work.

Looking at the Photos of Bob growing up I was amazed at how much he and Al looked alike! I wish I had known more about his scientific work. I was like a “Kelly Girl” at Stanford Research Institute and remember working on a card-sort computer that took up a whole building - the only one with air conditioning. I remember being fascinated by the VandeGraf generator and the talk I heard of their linear accelerator.

His dancing was a surprise to me too. I think he may have been the man watching a UUFNB “Talent Show” when I was dancing in the audience who asked “WHAT is she doing?”

I am so grateful to all the kindnesses you both have given Al and me. I remember changing our route as he drove us to visit Al in the SF Kaiser, you having me over for dinner, and even going back to visit him yourselves in the cardiac ward. And you spending the morning of a busy teaching day with Al in the Kaiser Vallejo visit he found delightful. I also remember earlier inviting you both to Sunday lunch at that restaurant I wanted to support (where Marie Callendar’s had been). And you welcoming me during my first visits to UUFNB at the Boys and Girls Club. Thank You!

Love & Light,

Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 23, 2020
From Bonnie Richardson
Dear. Meg,

I am sad to hear of Bob's passing. I read comments on his life (much more than an obituary). He was an amazing person and even a dancer and folk music lover. I am sorry I did not get to know him. 

You are in my thoughts in this difficult and I am glad you have family around to celebrate his rich life.


Bonnie Richardson
Posted by Leisa Huyck on November 22, 2020
Dearest Margaret,

What a wonderful man Bob was! I had not known all the things I just read about him. Wow. So multi-faceted. I wish I could have known him when he was in his prime with you and the church. In the limited time I did know him, what I saw was his devotion to you and yours to him. It was as if an aura of love shone around and between you both. As people die, often they become more and more themselves. It seemed at the end that Bob was pure love. I know how strong you are, so I know you will do your grieving as beautifully as you do all of your living and all of your loving, but I want you to know that if any dark times come, I am here for you. 

Rev. Leisa
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 19, 2020
From Ruth Korte
Dear Margaret, I just found out that our Bob is no longer with us. I know how wrenching it is to lose a loved one. I feel your pain
and sorrow.  But I do know that when the dark cloud rises you can look back at many happy times.
   With love and sympathy, Ruth

Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 16, 2020
From Sylvia Jones
Dear Margaret,

And so begins the next part of your very full life. Welcome.

I admire you so much for your dedication to the people you love and to
our church community. I like you for your enthusiasm for life, learning and teaching, and I love you for your essential goodness. I saw how you
made Bob's days glad, as we sing in one of our hymns,

Maybe there's not much I can do to ease your life now; maybe later we
can get together online with Margo, Jane and a few others and talk about
the rest of our lives. I hope, even though we just turned back to having
to have meals in our rooms, that maybe spring will bring health to our
country and time for a cup of coffee with old friends.

I am glad to have known Bob and experienced his kind nature and fine mind. You were a gift to each other.

Love and remembrance,

Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 16, 2020
From Alison Weber
Hi Meg,

So saddened to learn of Bob's passing! And such a loss for you though not entirely unexpected. I will always remember him with affection for his wry comments and his helping me set up my computer. 

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and wish you all the best. 


Posted by Jill White on November 16, 2020
My condolences for your loss. Thank you for sharing Bob’s life story with us. He was an amazing person who had a full life and accomplished a lot. From these tributes I can see he had a lot of friends and admirers. We miss you on Thursday nights. When you feel ready, please come back.
Best Wishes
Jill White
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 15, 2020
From Cathy Wagner
Dearest Margaret❣️ Alan Just Came Into The Living Room To Tell Me Of Bob's Passing Over! Once Again, Your Visit Brings To Mind Such Warm & Stimulating Friendship After Jennifer's Passing! I So Wish That Alan & I Could Be With You As You & Bob Were With Us! Know You Are On Our Minds & In Our Hearts! Love❤️ & Peace☮️! Cathy

Posted by Barbara Kummer on November 15, 2020
just adds much depth the I am grateful for knowing bob

privilege of knowing the many facets of such a remarkable man

iam grateful
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 14, 2020
From Frances Corman
Oh, Margaret,

We’re so sorry to hear about Bob’s death. What an amazing life he had! It is wonderful that he found so much love. We are thinking about you and holding you in our hearts.

Frances and Roger
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 14, 2020
From Patricia Lopera Garcia
Ahhhh my Margaret,
He was your love....your husband, your partner, and everything for you. You also became his everything in his life.

We rejoice in the hope that our Bob is now in heaven enjoying the glory of God. No pain, no memory nothing.

My heart goes with you and the rest of your family.
Our prayers for all of you as family and friends.
Our Lord Jesus gives you all His comfort my Margaret.
I love you,
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 14, 2020
From Beth Bevington
Margret, Don and I heard of your husband’s passing and are thinking of you and your family.  We are never ready, as it changes our lives.  Hoping you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Beth and Don
Posted by David Lindsay on November 14, 2020
I always enjoyed the thoughts Bob shared in our Carquinez Cluster meetings. He was very deliberate and thoughtful and I always felt that there was much more behind what he shared verbally. I wish I would have been able to have longer discussions with him and learn about his work accomplishments first hand.
I extend my condolences to Margaret and all of Bob's family.
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 14, 2020
From Nicholas Carlisle
Dear Margaret

I'm so sorry that you have lost your beloved Bob. He was a good man. I know you loved him very much and this must be such a painful transition for you.

I had heard from Julian that he was getting weaker and less able to function. So maybe there's also a sense of relief as he is freed from this body?

I hope your family and friends are gathering around you to give you support.

Sending you much love

Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 13, 2020
From Paul LIgda
Dear Margaret -
I have been thinking about Bob since first reading your email not knowing quite what to say.
I have been saddened over the many months it was apparent to me that first his motor skills and then his cognitive skills were waning.
When I first joined the group he so often impressed me with his insightful observations into the topics of discussion. Those contributions were infrequent but often had me reconsidering the view I previously held or had voiced.
I do hope the memories from the sharing of a loving relationship will help sustain you in the adjustments you must make in the days ahead.
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 13, 2020
PS from Carol Abi Bass
Shall be saying some special ❤️ heartfelt prayers for Bob and you this evening sabbath, over
candles and wine!

Am feeling sad just just now, thinking of the many times I had the privilege of
just hanging out with you 2 and feline.....and eating! Or whatever!
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 13, 2020
From Carol Abi Bass
I have had you 2, as you know, very much close in my heart and mind these recent weeks. I am most saddened to not have been able to hug and sing/hum to Bob in his last days. To sit in the house with you both.
What an incredible human being and life Bob has had. He packed in a lot! I loved teasing him and immensely enjoyed his gentle presence. I shall miss him greatly. Bob’s dry humor and perceptive comments were so “spot on”. And, you made an incredible pair.
I suspect a myriad of feelings will be swelling up, now/ soon, and even 3 years from now. I send you strong hugs! Abrazos, abi
Posted by Jane Bledsoe on November 13, 2020
Dear Meg and family,

Bob was such a loving and gentle soul. Thank you for the 'backstory,' I am glad to have known him at the tag end of such and full and interesting life.


Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 13, 2020
From Facebook
Heather Lakin
Dear Aunt Margaret. I am so sorry for your loss.
· Reply · 1d
Joyce Keller
Hi Margaret. I read the memorial. I think you were well matched.
· Reply · 1d
Bert Monroe
I'm so sorry to hear of Bob's passing, though we did expect it. Bob was a wonderful man. We so enjoyed visiting you two and playing bridge. I loved reading his eulogy. There were so many things about him I didn't know, like he had been a square dancer and a folk singer. Rest easy, Bob. ❤
· Reply · 1d
Susan Artz Okun
Yes, folk music and square dancing were a surprise to me too - Bob was an amiable, go-along kind of guy, so I can see how that could happen. My, my did he love a good discussion! We had some great ones about science, history, and politics. He was my go… See More
· Reply · 17h
Robin Doerffel
Margaret, You will be in my thoughts. Sending you thoughts of comfort and strength.
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 13, 2020
From Cindy Barcime Berkowitz on Facebook
He was a quiet gentle genius. I’m so sorry David. May his memory continue to comfort you.
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 13, 2020
Tracy Bellarosa-Bonanno Sgro on Facebook
I’m so very sorry for your loss. I have very vivid memories of your dad and mom trying to teach me how to polka at midnight. Also when me and my cousin beat you and your dad at trivial pursuit. I’ve got a lot of mileage telling people I beat a
Nuclear physicist at trivia pursuit. I really enjoyed the time I spent with your parents. RIP Mr Lux.
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 13, 2020
From Rachel Wyatt on Facebook
Rachel Wyatt
I’m so sorry for your loss. He was a very sweet man. That’s so nice that you both had that extra time. Prayers to you and the family.
Posted by Margaret Kelso on November 13, 2020
From Dave Lux on Facebook
This evening I was lucky enough to be able to say goodbye to my father Robert Lux as he peacefully passed away. A solid 86 years was spent observing the world around him and choosing his words sparingly and with thought. Usually the smartest guy in the room he was the polar opposite of my mother's social and gregarious nature. I’m glad I spent the last year or two ignoring the physical distance between us and getting to know him on a different level. His presence will be missed.
Posted by Linda Kay on November 13, 2020
This from Shirl Giles, UU Ocean County Congregation: Bob and Margaret joined our congregation and almost immediately became a big part of all phases of our wonderful group. I was in awe of their many talents. What a big loss for our group when they moved to California! I am sorry to hear of Bob's passing and send heart-felt condolences to Margaret.
Posted by Parry Murray on November 12, 2020
Margaret, I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. Bob was not someone I came to know well other than through passing exchanges at NVUU; he was always so pleasant. After reading the fascinating account of his life and interests, I certainly regret not having known him better. My thoughts and heartfelt condolences go out to you and all the family.
Posted by Phyllis Boyson on November 12, 2020
I so enjoyed reading and seeing photos about the Bob I didn’t know before he came to NVUU...all fascinating to me. Margaret and family, I am thinking about you and Bob’s family especially losing this wonderful person....what a rich exemplary life he led. Sending you all warmth and love - Phyllis
Posted by Maggie Ingalls on November 12, 2020
Bob was a kind and thoughtful person. David and I are so glad that we got to know him through the Carquinez Cluster meetings. He didn't say much, but when he did speak, he was worth listening to! I loved his subtle sense of humor and that twinkle in his eye. We are going to miss him very much.

Posted by Shawna Bynum on November 12, 2020
Watching Bob and Meg together over the past few years has been truly inspirational.  The tribute above was so lovely to read and I really appreciate the pictures.

Sending lots of love and gratefulness for a life well lived to you all.
Posted by Cindy Guentert-Baldo on November 12, 2020
Seeing Bob at NVUU was always a delight. We will miss him. All of our condolences and thoughts to Margaret and the rest of his family. Love, Cindy, Jesse, Kat and RJ
Posted by Barbara Gaea on November 12, 2020
DITTO what Christy said - even at the last Carquinez Cluster he was able to attend :-) ! (Was surprised by how perfect his comment was!) & At a recent mtg, l almost swooned when you (Margaret) said that towards the end, Bob became quite verbally affectionate! HOW wonderful!! Boy if we could all go that way.... :-)
Posted by James Petka on November 12, 2020
As Bob and I got to know each other, we found that our formal studies and work lives were in related fields as we both worked for the military. (We also both fondly remembered the same bagel bakery in Tom's River, NJ) But I will always remember him more as a philosopher than a physicist. I am glad I got to know him, and will miss him very much.
Posted by Christy Birkhead on November 12, 2020
Whenever Bob had something to say, I always leaned forward and paid attention- he was full of wisdom and mirth. A wonderful combination, earned thru a wonderful life. Blessings and much love to Margaret and his family. 
Posted by Annette Boucher on November 12, 2020
I didn’t know Bob very well, but when he spoke he always had something to say. My condolences to the whole family, but especially to Margaret, who has stood up so strongly through his illness. So many accomplishments in his life and a great sense of humor. He will be missed by all who knew him.
Posted by Rachel MacNair on November 12, 2020
I remember with great fondness my visits; Bob didn't say much, but when he did say something - especially when he said it with a twinkle in his eye - it was worth listening to. I'll miss him terribly. I could see how very much he and Aunt Margaret were in love, and my heart goes out to the rest of the family.
Posted by Susan Okun on November 11, 2020
Bob was a kind and wise man. I will miss our conversations about science, history, and especially about local politics! He read the local newspapers, and had savvy insights about the candidates and issues. I greatly enjoyed reading about Bob's early life and work and seeing the wonderful family photos. 
My condolences to Margaret and the Lux family. Bob will be greatly missed. Love, Susan

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