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March 27, 2020   By Ronnie Grant
I have known Bobby for close to 50 years. It started one night when I was racing my car and Bobby asked me to help him with his car, it was called Pretty Twice. From that evening we formed a friendship and trust that has lasted to the day Bobby left us. We bought tow trucks together, I had Ron's Towing (The Happy Hooker) and Bobby had Bob towing, later becoming South Philly Towing. We worked day and night, all weather helping each other out. We went to the Shooting range together. When we would get back from a long day, we would ask Annie to bake us two chocolate cakes and we have a quart of milk each.
After a while I decided to follow my passion in Aviation and left the towing business. One night I was driving home on I-95 when I hit some metal and flattened 3 of my tires. I had to jump a fence and walk for a while to find a pay phone. I called my neighbor to come and get me, three and a half hours later I finally made it home, only to find my car parked on the corner. The first person I thought of was Bobby, I called and asked if he got my car and he said, not me, you must be hallucinating. Many weeks later he finally confessed he was returning home from a call and said hey that's Polecats car picked it up and dropped it off. He thought it would be funny. To this day he called me Polecat, I don't even remember why.
I have never met anyone that worked harder than Bobby, or anyone I trusted more, I would trust him with my life. He has come to my rescue more than once over the years. Annie maybe we should plan a Chocolate cake night with milk lactose free of course

Ronnie Grant
Ronald Grant, Ocean View, NJ


Shared by Lucianne Simonelli on March 19, 2020
Countless memories
Shared by Lucianne Simonelli on March 19, 2020
I love you and will miss you forever! I wish I had more time ! Wish you would’ve told us how you felt! Know you did it your way! I thought you would be here with us till you were 100 gone too soon! You taught me how to believe in myself and know I could do whatever I put my mind too! Sometimes I thought I was looking in the mirror when we chatted ! I know you loved your family more then anything in the world! I also know you will miss your best husband wy-ol ! Love Lucianne xoxo thank you for always being there! Even when I didn’t listen!

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