This memorial website was created in memory of a beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin  and friend Robert Michum Douglas. We will remember him forever.
Posted by lori douglas on July 11, 2022
Every time I see see a picture of us it hit me like a tonne of bricks that you not a phone call away. When I’m on the phone with mommy I’m listening out for you to call out “Karlene” but I’m not hearing anything. 1 year gone already, and to me is just the other day me and you were talking. I wish you were here to meet your grandson. Him look just like you. Missing you everyday.
Posted by lori douglas on April 2, 2022
Where has the time gone??? It was just the other day I learned of your sudden passing. We had only spoke just a few hours before. It’s saddens me deeply knowing you’re not here. I miss you very much. Kaitlyn misses all the fun you guys had, all the sweets you use to buy her at auntie Jackie, all those times she comb your hair and paint your nails. The human part of me wants you here but I know you’re in a better place. I love you daddy.
Posted by Leodis Douglas on August 10, 2021's the 10th day of August 2021...just 10 days shy of 3 full months since you went to your eternal home. Today I miss you just one of those days. And so I may tribute to you for all you did for me. You were the one I depended on for remembering everyone...even looming behind if I got up from the table of one of our lunch or dinner dates and left my handbag. I did leave it on a desk in an office last week and someone shouted at me asking if the bag was mine. I smiled...You would have been there when I return to the van to say, "You have everything you took in there? Your phones?" Oh caring you were! Love you so much more....Leodis aka Carlene
Posted by lori douglas on August 9, 2021
Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you or mention your name. I’m still trying to come to terms with what has happen. No one saw this coming.. no one expected this, but I guess it’s just one of life’s curve balls. We just don’t know when we’ll be hit with one.. nothing can prepare us for it. We just have to take it one day at a time.
Still thinking about you… love Lori..
Posted by Leodis Douglas on July 28, 2021
Mitch my love, today I feel better than the past days. I woke up remembering you with fondness and that memory put a smile on my face. And then I just start to reminisce on some great days we use to have. I recall mornings such as this we would be having breakfast - something out of the norm whipped up by you and you would ask if i will drink coffee today. I would laugh and reply, "Just fix me my bush tea." it would be any of the many bushes such as guinea hen weed, Soursop leaf, ginger root, Moringa leaf, fever grass, neem.....sometimes all would comprise the tea. 

My days are slowly having laughter in it with encouragement from our mutual friends and I remember you telling me as always to never be sad so I am trying. I miss you today but my heart is not sad. I so love you. 

Your favourite girl....Carlene....Leodis.
Posted by Carvalo Cooper on July 15, 2021
Father we thank you that you are the giver of life and so we tell you thanks . Jesus remember your daughter and family as they continue to remember a special someone who you choose to take home. You promise that you will never leave or forsake so continue to comfort your daughter and may you send help each time she needs it. Mighty God help her to just draw closer to you so you can enfold her in your bosom. Just cover her mind each day just remind her that you are only a prayer away. Bless and keep her and the family .in Jesus Name .Amen. Jesus Blood will carry you all the way
Posted by Leodis Douglas on July 15, 2021
Oh my Mitch, my love, my best friend

The pain is still so fresh as though it happened today. I am still in shock that you literally disappeared right in front of my eyes in less than 5 minutes after being rushed from the house. I so miss you. Last week it rained and some rain came in and I just did not know what to do. You would have so quickly and efficiently dealt with that. The gas finished while preparing dinner and none in the house knew how to remove the regulator from the empty cylinder. I am so sad you left so suddenly and no manual was prepared for me to move on smoothly and pick up where you left off..Mitch I know you are happy where you are but I am still processing this emptiness, this brokenness, this huge void that can never be filled.

I love you even more now that I realize how much I may have just taken your being in my life for granted.....meaning never even imagined you would have actually left me. I remember how you use to reiterate how Kyara told you that you would live to be 99 years and I told you I will stay until I am 98.

Dreams, dreams, dreams. But I continue to thank God I met you. Through the many thicks and thins, we endured the 38 years - would have been 39 soon.

I miss you my Mitch. You alsways tell me not to worry about you and never be I will try. God will take me through.

Forever missed and Loved.

Wife....Leodis...your Carlene.
Posted by lori douglas on July 11, 2021
I’m still trying to come to terms with you not being here. I have no idea when I will be able to accept the fact that I will never be able to hear your voice or even a laugh or telling that dinner ready if I’m going to eat or carry it for lunch. Those simple things I miss so much. I’m just holding on knowing that your watching over us and not missing a beat. I miss you terribly.
Posted by lori douglas on June 15, 2021
Daddy… I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that you’re not here. My mind is riddled with fond memories that we shared as father and daughter. We shared a lot. I know you would never want to be sad.. but I can’t help it. I miss you so much. The selfish part of me really wish you were still here, but I know you’re in a wayyyy better place watching over us. I know that you’re at peace and in a safe place.
Daddy I miss you so much..
love your one daughter.. Lori.. xoxo
Posted by Maritza Roach on June 14, 2021
Dear Auntie Karlene stay strong God’s time is always faultless we just don’t understand it.
We are never ready to say goodbye, even though we know it is a part of life. For a long time our hearts will be heavy for losing someone so special, but as we mourn the death of Uncle we also celebrate his life. It always seems like we have all the time in the world, only to realize how fleeting it really is. I wish we had more time to do and say the things we saved for later, which, along with you Uncle , has left this world forever. However, your memories will always stay alive in our hearts. . You showed the love of Jesus in the kindness that radiated towards those you met for a fleeting moment. We were privileged to be one of those.
Nephew & Niece in-law Nishel & Maritza
Posted by Narine Azan on June 11, 2021
In life people come and go, so our dearest liodis and family as we celebrate the life of your dearest husband, father, grandfather and friend may we always keep his memories flowing, he was full of endless energy, laughter, personality and charm. Please take comfort in the fact that you all will meet with him some sweet and blessings always dearest family
Posted by Sheree Heaven Able on June 11, 2021
It is heartbreaking when death decides to take a beloved family away from their loved ones. Sincere condolences to the Douglas Family. Every time I see your family I remember my own and how closely bonded we are so I am so saddened that you are having to experience his loss. I pray that the Lord grants you peace, comfort and understanding as you try to grapple with with this huge loss. Sending all my thoughts and prayers to you as you go through this difficult chapter.
Posted by San-Anna Dunk on June 10, 2021
Mr Douglas, you were a blessing to your family and friends and you will be greatly missed. I am so happy you got to walk Lori down the aisle and you got to share in the lives of your grandchildren as well. I pray that your family will find strength to still find joy in life as you wouldn’t want them to live in sorrow. You’re resting to see them again one day. Hugs to the Douglas family ~ Sandrika
Posted by Angela Brown on June 10, 2021
My Deep and Profound Sympathy on the passing of the Patriarch of the Douglas
Family Mitch.
Karlene, Tremayne, Lori, Bobby and his three (3) Granddaughters.
My Condolences to his Entire Family.

My thoughts and Prayers are with you.

Posted by Marie Roach on June 10, 2021
Dear Uncle Mitchum, thank you for being my uncle. You were such a kind, loving and gentle man. You always had a huge smile on your face and full of laughter. Your cooking was out of this world. Whenever I came to Jamaica with the boys I would look forward to your wonderful food cooked with love.

It is such a shock that you have left us too soon always in my heart.
Your niece

Posted by Janiya M on June 9, 2021
I am so thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to meet Uncle Mitchum many years back. I never really knew Uncle Mitchum but I’m glad to say that I have met him before. I have heard so many great and funny stories about him. My mom and my grandparents would always tell me about how much he loved to cook. It would make me smile all the time then want to go back to Jamaica just so that I could have some of Uncles food.

Honestly hearing the news that Uncle passed away was and still is a very sad thought. I wish it wasn’t this soon.

The last time I spoke to Uncle Mitchum I saw all the love that came from him just from the smile on his face. It’s the memories that we will cherish forever.

It is honestly and truly a blessing that we all know such a wonderful man who’s name is Uncle Mitchum.

- Your little niece Janiya

I love you Uncle Mitchum always and forever ❤️
Posted by Collette Williams on June 9, 2021
I remember Mr. Douglas' warm smile, gentle voice and his great love and support for his family. I was privileged from time to time to sample some of his excellent, nutritious meals. He is gone but not forgotten. Sleep in Peace in God's arms.
Posted by Glenford Henry on June 8, 2021
RIP dear brother Robert.It was only the week before you departed that Ann and I visited you and your dear wife.We were there talking while you were clearing the yard to continue painting the house.You were in exellent spirits and looking fit and trim.
I was very surprised when I got the news of your passing.
GOD knows best dear brother.We will meet again some day.RIP.
Posted by Kaydian Frith on June 8, 2021
Bro Mitch always had a pleasant demeanor. Ready to give a joke or an encouraging word. He loved his family, relatives and friends. He loved to create unique items and was gifted in making something out of the most unusual material. I will remember his smile, his kindness and the help that was eager to give. It is my prayer that the Lord will bring strength, comfort and peace to his wife, children and especially his grandchildren who I know will miss him immensely.
Posted by Shauna D on June 7, 2021
Uncle Mitchum.. I remember when he saw me for the first time since I was a baby, his eyes lit up and with open arms and a big smile he hugged me and said "Angie all over again". I can hear him say it right now. I felt so much love from him in that very moment. That memory for me will never fade. I have never known a person who love to cook as much as he did. I remember him cooking up a storm and when done he put his hands on his hips and asked us what he should cook next, lol. When I got the news I was devasted, pulled over and just cried like a baby. The thought of not ever seeing him again breaks my heart. I am grateful to God that he gave me the opportunity to have someone so special enter my life. Uncle Mitchum you will be forever loved and greatly missed by us all.

Love Always,
          Your niece.

Almighty and eternal God,
from whose love in Christ we cannot be parted,
either by death or life:
hear our prayers and thanksgivings
for all whom we remember this day;
fulfil in them the purpose of your love;
and bring us all, with them, to your eternal joy;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Posted by Angelique Douglas-Barrett on June 7, 2021
It took me so long to write this. Each time I tried my tears would flow. 

Fam, the loss of Uncle Mitchum hit us so hard. Even though the years passed and the distance greatened, this did not hinder the GENUINE love felt from Uncle Mitchum. He touched our lives. He fulfilled that love..that belonging..he was there from our beginning. What a blessing to have had him in our lives.

Uncle Mitchum, I will miss you deeply. It gives me some solace to know you were speaking with your Father just moments before He took you Home to Glory. Though I am saddened, I also rejoice in knowing that you are with the Lord. I love you my Uncle. 

I recall the first time Uncle came to my house, he went straight into the kitchen. He said, “I’m home”❤️. I will miss his stories reminiscent of my childhood days in JA. Stories of how he cried when we left, a hurt that you could still hear in his voice. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to reacquaint myself after a long time apart. I am fortunate to have felt that genuine love. A wholehearted love. A love that regardless of how old I get or wherever I am in the world that I have a foundation. I am fortunate to have my own stories to share with my children about their Uncle Mitchum. What a blessing to have had him in my life.

Auntie Karlene, imagine, for Uncle to see you and say, “There’s my wife!”, I love that this is part of your love story. He proudly speaks of that moment❤️. I admire your strength in so many ways. I appreciate you building and bonding the foundation laid. Keeping family.. FAMILY ❤️. The Lord God is your rock and He will be your strength. Uncle Mitchum was blessed to have you.

Tremayne, Lori, heart hurts for you..we are one. You already know you had the greatest Dad. Dad to the three of you, and the best Uncle to stand in place of one. Know that you have received a blessing to have such a loving and caring father actively involved in your everyday lives. He lives on in you. Treasure all your moments, your memories.

Rest in peace my Uncle. I love you. ❤️

I’m posting this today, June 7th, in remembrance of the day God loaned you to this world, but now has called you back Home.

Posted by Kelley Redmon on June 6, 2021
To my dear sweet island family, if I could find a way to take away your pain, I would move heaven and earth to do so. That is my greatest wish at this difficult time.

To Robert, saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. You are going to shed tears at times and not know why. You may feel a sense of loneliness, but please know that you are not alone. You have your PVAMU friends and most importantly, you have me. One thing is also for certain, God is a very real presence for you right now, and I am right here for you too, as quick as a flash, if you need anything. I love you much!!

May Psalm 46:1 bring you all peace and comfort today and in the days to come: "God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in trouble."
Posted by Denise Tyson on June 6, 2021
My friend you never made distance come between your opportunity to offer a smile , and an ear .
Man of God , you were never too busy just to say hello .
You are greatly missed .
Posted by Denise Tyson on June 6, 2021
My dearest friend you have been a pillar of positivity . You bring smiles to all just listening to your story telling !
You were so kind ,loving , always want to make us all smile
Gone too soon
Posted by Sharon Green on June 6, 2021
I am still in a state of disbelief and shock that Dougie is no longer with us and that i will be referring to him in the past tense. He was a very gentle soul with a very warm smile and engaging personality. He was kind, generous, understanding and compassionate...a good man! Dougie was always upbeat and he had the ability to help you to see the positives in any given situation....he will be sorely missed. I pray that God will comfort and strengthen Leodis, the children, grand-children, other family and friends during this very difficult time. Shalom
Posted by Ronrico Slack on June 6, 2021
Uncle Mitch,

I never would have thought that we’d be here, like this…so suddenly. You’ve always been a great dad, as your children always beamed about you, and Aunty Leodis would always gloat about her Mitchum.

You’ll most definitely be missed, but we take solace in the fact that you’re behind the pearly gates, waiting for us when we get called up. Rest in peace Uncle Mitch, love always.
Posted by Beulah Wellington on June 5, 2021
Mrs. Douglas, I was really shocked when I learned of the sudden passing of Mr. Douglas. During the few days that I interacted with him, I discovered a respectable gentleman who was so easy to get along with. He did a beautiful gate for me, and it will always remind me of him. He was always so cheerful, and he always spoke of you with such love and admiration. He was so proud of you. I can only imagine your pain but take courage because as Christians we know that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. My condolences go out to his entire family.
Posted by Denise Tyson on June 5, 2021
My dearest friend you have been a pillar of positivity . You bring smiles to all just listening to your story telling !
You were so kind ,loving , always want to make us all smile
Gone too soon
Posted by Laverne Hall on June 5, 2021
I am sharing in your sadness as you celebrate the life of Mitchum.
Mitchum and I had a great friendship due to his pleasant personality and great sense of humor. He referred to me as his sister as we celebrated our birthday the same week. He was a dedicated family man and I admired the way he doted on his wife. There was never a conversation that he didn't mention her. He was a great cook and had various hobbies. I enjoyed talking to him about projects that he was working on.
He left us suddenly but the memories live on.
Posted by Windsor Slack on June 5, 2021
“ The man that keeps his word , blesses others, walks with honor and integrity , demands and gives respect is a KING .
Robert Mitchum Douglas was the epitome of all that and more .
It is with great sorrow and regret that I face the reality of Mitchum’s passing . I didn’t have much friends in Linstead but of the few and true he was one of the top two .

I would like to express my deepest and most sincere condolences to Leodis and his entire family and friends including his cricketing family but in all the grief let’s not forget the fine innings he played . Classical half century with three magnificent sixes . No one knew he would be out LBW ( leave before warning) but we take solace in the fact that he is back in the Pavilion with his captain and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ( Yeshua )

Sleep in peace my great friend , you are greatly missed and irregardless of what Beyoncé or anyone thinks , YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE.
Posted by Kemeisha Jarrett on June 5, 2021
When you remember by lucinth brown(poem)
I hope that when you remember Douglas,you don't think of him this way .instead remember the good time you had,and the funny things he'd say .
Remember him in spring time,how he loved the cool breeze,remember him in the summer as he kissed Kaitlyn cheeks.but although douglas surely loved those things,remember he loved his wife and kids all more,so don't lose heart because we will see him again when we all reach that distant shore.
Posted by Audrey Shand on June 4, 2021
We’ll miss Bro Douglas’ smile . We’ll miss seeing him walking into service on a Sunday morning with his little grand daughter. We’ll miss his pleasant greetings and caring ways. Our sincere condolences to the Douglas family. Only The Lord Jesus understands your pain and loss and only He can take you through. But “Whosoever liveth and believes in me ( Jesus) shall never die. (St John 11:26) So our brother only sleeps.- The Shands
Posted by Joy Douglas on June 4, 2021
My sister Karlene,

You always know when the storm is coming and place yourself in front of Mitchum, telling him "let's pray". I remember Mitchum telling me about you singing at church. He said "sister-in-law, I was so proud. I don't know when I left my seat but when I caught myself, I was beside my wife, singing. I don't know if I was singing the right words but it didn't matter, I was in heaven. We started laughing so hard, tears ran from my eyes". That is one of the many reasons Mitchum loved you so much, always kissing you, right up to the time the Lord said its time to go. He made sure the last two kisses were for you and your beautiful children, love you Tremayne, Lori and Bobby. My sister, you are blessed, smile when you hear his name because he is also smiling.
Posted by Ransford Wood on June 4, 2021
I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Douglas (POPS). Even though he will be missed he is still his family's guiding star, especially to his wife and children. One thing about him which many can testify is whenever we saw each other he would always have the biggest smile on his face and we were always laughing. To your family and friends please accept my condolences. Pops was a great man and his memories will stay with us forever in our hearts.
Posted by Natalya Mangue on June 4, 2021
My dearest uncle Mitchum, the sweet angel on earth that you were.  To speak of you in the past tense is unimaginable. Words can’t express how truly heartbroken it is to know you are no longer physically here with us... but only God knows best and tomorrow is never promised to us all. The gates of Heaven has welcomed another angel and I know you are at Peace. Uncle you are so missed beyond words, I can still see your smile and hear your laughter, my gosh you had so much life and love to give, and had one of the biggest heart I know,.... writing this tribute is so difficult for me (sigh :(  I’ve opened this link about 4 times already and had to close it. Uncle Mitchum.... you were all I had left of my dad (Dougie) you were so much alike, our families were one and did so much together and to know that we have lost you too is even more unbearable. There’s so many happy unforgettable memories of you, Aunty Carlene And the kids who have all grown up so nicely into fine young men and woman... with precious little ones of their own... oh uncle I wish you were still here to continue to bring the joy you’ve given me my family and my brothers Richie and Tommy to your grandchildren.  My heart...our hearts are broken, your gone but your legacy lives on and is evident in Trimayne , Lori and Bobby and their kids. Aunty Carlene you are so dear to me... like a mother and I know the relationship you have with God and that He will continue to Bless the family and grant you all the strength and His Grace during this time may He comfort us all as we grasp and come to terms that our dearest uncle is called to rest.  Uncle Mitchum there is no limit to your love now you’re an angel with wings and can watch over us all even more.  I miss your presence and you’ll forever be in our hearts Rest In Peace love always and forever Nikki, Wayne, Jordan and Zackrey
Posted by Santenie Stoner on June 4, 2021
My dear teacher and mother figure Mrs. L Douglas, I want to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family and I hope God will help you to find peace in your heart to live with such a loss. Cherish the memories you shared and be strong. . I cannot say I know what you are going through but I know the feeling of loosing someone so dear and I know God will grant peace and comfort to the family in due time.
Posted by Heather Daniels on June 3, 2021
I'm really sad to hear of the passing of Mitchum. He was such a genuine soul, always smiling and enquiring about my mom and my kids. Would never pass by without engaging you, even if it's a short conservation. He will be truly missed. Mrs. Dee continue to trust in the Lord who enables you to cope, who will comfort you and the family. Continue to trust in him and he will carry you through in this time of bereavement.
Posted by Heaverly Thompson on June 3, 2021
My deepest sympathies to you my dear Leodis, I know the pain of losing a loved one. I pray GOD will give you the strength to carry on, may the kind words from friends & loved ones offer some comfort in this period of bereavement. Keep the memories of Mitchum alive in your heart, its what lives on after we depart this life & remember that "to be absent from the body is to be present with God"
Posted by Yvonne Stone on June 3, 2021
When I looked at the profile pic on this platform,I knew instantly on whom Mr Douglas' eyes were riveted....none other but the Love of His Life...Leodis.

I met Mr Douglas about 10 years ago, and the unselfish, adoring, as well as unwavering attention he gives to Leodis, never fails to amaze me. This man epitomized the song "When a man loves a woman". I will always remember him as the husband who couldn't keep his eyes off his fact, he was enthralled by her. He was a grandfather whose sunshine on any given day was his granddaughter, Kaitlyn, who lived with them; an excellent Chef who was always preparing something sumptuous and taking some titbit to entice his wife to taste, before everything was ready; a man who spoke his mind regardless of who was upset; and a hombre with a contagious sense of humour.

I am convinced, that He is resting in the Bossom of Abraham, until the rest of his loved ones join him or meet him in the Presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Leodis, my Sister and Friend, and the rest of the family, keep strong. God is your Refuge and Strength. Shalom and love always.
Posted by Winsome Slack on June 3, 2021
To say shocked when I heard of Mitchum’s death was an understatement!
I have known Leodis and Mitchum for nearly 20 years, and during this time I found Mitch to be the consummate husband, father and grandfather.
He always spoke glowingly about his beloved wife, Karlene. and his three children.
Mitch was a family man inside and out as he would always pander to their needs and well-being. Outside of his love for his family, Mitch loved to cook, and no matter the time day or night if either Leodis or any of the children said they were hungry, Mitch would be in the kitchen cooking up something for them.
When he gave his life to the Lord, he was very sincere in his love and wanted to do what was right.
Mitch was always willing to help whether it’s someone he knows, or a stranger, and was very friendly and welcoming to anyone who crossed his path.
Although he’s no longer with us in the flesh, I want to encourage Leodis, the children and grandchildren to remember the goods times shared with him, and to thank God for his life and that he’ll always live on in your hearts.
May the God of all comforts strengthen, undergird you all in His arms, shelter you under his wings, and give you His peace now and forevermore.
May Mitch’s soul rest in peace and light perpetual shine on him.
Goodbye my friend, it was good to have known you.
Posted by Antoinette Jarrett on June 3, 2021
To aunty Karlene, Lori, Tremaine and Robert, I honestly will not say that i understand what you're feeling or is going through right now, but I empathize with you all. I know Mr. Douglas, he has been a part of my life since before I even entered the world, I can just see him now at the gate sweeping up or cleaning the car. He is what one would call an ever present figure, he was always there. I remember when Lori and I were going to school our parents were always present at any event that was happening, and Mr. Douglas always in the front row or between the rows with camera capturing every moment. Growing up i remembered there really wasn't anything that our families did apart, the Douglas Family is an extension of my family. This is an extremely painful loss because I know for a fact that he was the glue that held you all together and the center of your world.

"What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch. We may not undestand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say goodbye. As painful as it is we begin to remember that you did not just die, but that you lived, and that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget"

So from the Jarrett clan ( Anthony, Patricia and Antoinette), may loving memories ease your pain and bring you comfort through these difficult times.

We love you.
Posted by Constance Bogle on June 3, 2021
In 1987 when I first met Mitchum it was obvious he was a very special man. He was the work from home dad who cared for his darling children Tremayne and baby Lori. Robert arrived years later. It was a pleasure to see the care and love that Mitchum had for his small family. As neighbor and friend I had first hand insight into the heart of love that Mitchum had for his family. I too could always call upon Mitchum if needed. He was always available and willing to help anyone in the community. My young son would always hang around Mr. Douglas even before he could call his name. Mitchum you became more than a neighbor... your family became our family. Years later nothing has changed, my family still visited for your cooking, talks and laughter. You were always full of life even through difficult family times. Carlene was your darling... the love of your life and you made certain everyone knew. You never knew the word ‘no’. Mitchum Douglas you were a man among men. Thanks for sharing your time on earth with us. Peter, Rochelle, Ricardo and I have so many memories to cherish. Rest in eternal peace. You will be greatly missed. ✝️
Posted by Marcia Donaldson Thomas on June 3, 2021
You must have been a great man because Leodis has ALWAYS spoken so in awe of Robert. I remember Robert from the Profile interview done by Leodis. I was in awe of how you guys met and he pursued you (lol)  it was such a love story.

I have often wondered why God takes great people early. 

Rest in peace Robert. 

Leodis, my condolence. I know you have great memories to hang on to. I pray your strength and comfort during this time
Posted by Carline BoltMorgan on June 3, 2021
My dearest Karlene my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to you Trimaine, Lori, Robert and your grand daughter on the passing of Mitchum Words are inadequate to bring comfort at this time . Hold close the beautiful memories of a devoted husband, father and friend. To know him was to experience true commitment of a man to his family. I continue to keep you in my prayer that God will continue to envelop you in the love of friends and family to bring you comfort in this difficult time.
RIP Mitchum
Posted by Beverley Douglas on June 2, 2021
Awesome love story my dearest Leodis. I’m so happy that God loaned him to you for 38 wonderful years. I know you’ll miss him dearly but God called him home for a reason. And though the pain and anguish is fresh in your heart and mind God will wipe all tears from your eyes because he knows what he has in store here for you on earth. May he grant you comfort, peace, courage, wisdom and understanding in the coming months and years ahead. Please accept our deepest condolences to you and the children during this difficult time, knowing that even though we’re not there physically we’re there with you spiritually. Stay steadfast and strong my Sister and hold on to the fact that you will be reunited with him on the other side through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

We never knew that morning that God was going to call his name, In life we loved him dearly, in death we’ll do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you the day God called you home.
You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you’re always by our side.
Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same. But as God call us one by one, the chain will link again.

May you find eternal rest in the arms of Jesus and May light perpetual shine upon you my brother Mitchum. Rest In Peace until we meet again

Posted by Rockisha Francis on June 2, 2021
Uncle mmmmm, sigh, my heart is feeling so sad. Just can't believe you're gone. Still waiting to hear you calling me, needing my help to do something, because you're busy doing a project before the day finish. Uncle I will cherished every moment, the jokes we laugh about mmmmm papa! No more well pepper curry chicken back. I will truly miss you. Auntie Leodis, Trymaine, Lori, Bobby, three grandchildren, son in law, daughter in law, condolences to you all and the rest of family and close friends . R.I.P papa/uncle. Love you.
Posted by Paul Beckford on June 2, 2021
One will never be able to accept the sudden departure of a loved one. One thing is sure...God knows what He does and never makes a mistake.Mitch may have left this earth for now but his memories will be enough to give you some comfort.Rest in peace my brother. Keep the faith Mrs.D and family
Posted by lori douglas on June 2, 2021
Daddy, I’m still trying to wrap my head around you being gone, but I know with all my heart that you’re wrapped up in the Lord’s arms.
You were always there for me. Teaching me how to roller skate, how to ride a bicycle and how to drive. You were there for all my major milestones.
I remember when mommy was away, and you had to comb my hair for picture day, I thought that was the worse picture that I’ve ever taken, but it proves that you were a ever present father figure in my life.
I remember we use to camp out in the living room spreading a sponge and blankets on the floor. We had so much fun.
I’m happy you got the chance to walk me down the isle on my wedding day and I’m happy that you got to spend time with your grandchildren. I’m glad they got a chance to love you as much as I do. I’m glad you were there for every aspect of my life, all those adventures in California, those late night drives to Lucea to come get me when I needed to be home, all those trips to the hospital when I was sick.
There’s so much I want to say, but I know I wouldn’t be able to scratch the surface of memories we shared.
I miss you daddy, sleep well.. xoxo
Posted by Amadi Anum Norville on June 2, 2021
From my home in Fort Lauderdale Fl to Sabina Park the memories will be cherished for every.
R. I. P.
Posted by paula yount on June 2, 2021
For 2 days replaying the voice in my ears saying mitch dead.mitch gone.i was shock and in disbelief. Just the night before he.Leodis. and i was reading the word.praying and giving god the praise it was such a wonderful fellowship. Mitch was a pleasant person alway smiling you never know if he's upset.a caring father and friend to shirwin and the kids ...i always enjoyed his curry wether chicken or mutte or mango.he will be surely missed by us the youngs our deepst condolence to Leodis.Lori .Bobby. and trem may his soul rest in peace .we thank you god for his life .and you were ready for him so you called him home ....shirwin.mich
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Posted by lori douglas on July 11, 2022
Every time I see see a picture of us it hit me like a tonne of bricks that you not a phone call away. When I’m on the phone with mommy I’m listening out for you to call out “Karlene” but I’m not hearing anything. 1 year gone already, and to me is just the other day me and you were talking. I wish you were here to meet your grandson. Him look just like you. Missing you everyday.
Posted by lori douglas on April 2, 2022
Where has the time gone??? It was just the other day I learned of your sudden passing. We had only spoke just a few hours before. It’s saddens me deeply knowing you’re not here. I miss you very much. Kaitlyn misses all the fun you guys had, all the sweets you use to buy her at auntie Jackie, all those times she comb your hair and paint your nails. The human part of me wants you here but I know you’re in a better place. I love you daddy.
Posted by Leodis Douglas on August 10, 2021's the 10th day of August 2021...just 10 days shy of 3 full months since you went to your eternal home. Today I miss you just one of those days. And so I may tribute to you for all you did for me. You were the one I depended on for remembering everyone...even looming behind if I got up from the table of one of our lunch or dinner dates and left my handbag. I did leave it on a desk in an office last week and someone shouted at me asking if the bag was mine. I smiled...You would have been there when I return to the van to say, "You have everything you took in there? Your phones?" Oh caring you were! Love you so much more....Leodis aka Carlene
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A True Friend and Family Man

Shared by ALTHEA WEDDERBURN on June 11, 2021
Mitchum, my friend and brother, you will always be in our hearts. 
There are no words to express my feelings when I received the news of your sudden passing.  My thoughts went directly to my friend and sister. You are gone way too soon, but God knows best.

I have always admired your passion for family.  There was nothing too hard for you to do when it came to your wife and children.  They were your heart and soul. Your love for them showed in everything you did. Especially the everyday things. 

I remember in the early days when Tremayne was a baby, how you tenderly cared for him. But when Lori was born, she truly stole your heart. She was and still is “daddy’s little girl”. By the time Bobby came, some years later, you were already a pro. 

You loved to cook for your family and friends. No one who came around you would ever be hungry. One of my fondest memories is you in the kitchen whipping up those delicious meals.

That’s the kind of man you are and who I will remember forever. 

Leodis my friend and sister, Trem, Lori, Bobby, grandchildren, and the entire Douglas family
Please accept my deepest condolence. May God grant you His comfort and peace during these sad times. Remember that "joy comes in the morning". 

RIEP my brother, until we meet again. 

Missing you Uncle

Shared by Shadisha Douglas-Mitchell on June 1, 2021
It was so sudden, the news was just too shocking. We were together in January of this year, not expecting that God would have been ready for you so soon. I thought I had time. There were questions I wanted to ask you specifically and I kept putting it off, because I thought I had time. You were the uncle who I could always go to, or you would give mea check up call and be present in my life since my dad died. Who do I ask these questions now?? You were cool and always inviting. You gave my husband a stern warning about how he should treat me and what you would do if otherwise and he remembers it to this day. Your personality, love and care knew no bounds.

I love you Uncle Mitchum, then, now and forever ❤️