A True Friend and Family Man

Shared by ALTHEA WEDDERBURN on June 11, 2021
Mitchum, my friend and brother, you will always be in our hearts. 
There are no words to express my feelings when I received the news of your sudden passing.  My thoughts went directly to my friend and sister. You are gone way too soon, but God knows best.

I have always admired your passion for family.  There was nothing too hard for you to do when it came to your wife and children.  They were your heart and soul. Your love for them showed in everything you did. Especially the everyday things. 

I remember in the early days when Tremayne was a baby, how you tenderly cared for him. But when Lori was born, she truly stole your heart. She was and still is “daddy’s little girl”. By the time Bobby came, some years later, you were already a pro. 

You loved to cook for your family and friends. No one who came around you would ever be hungry. One of my fondest memories is you in the kitchen whipping up those delicious meals.

That’s the kind of man you are and who I will remember forever. 

Leodis my friend and sister, Trem, Lori, Bobby, grandchildren, and the entire Douglas family
Please accept my deepest condolence. May God grant you His comfort and peace during these sad times. Remember that "joy comes in the morning". 

RIEP my brother, until we meet again. 

Missing you Uncle

Shared by Shadisha Douglas-Mitchell on June 1, 2021
It was so sudden, the news was just too shocking. We were together in January of this year, not expecting that God would have been ready for you so soon. I thought I had time. There were questions I wanted to ask you specifically and I kept putting it off, because I thought I had time. You were the uncle who I could always go to, or you would give mea check up call and be present in my life since my dad died. Who do I ask these questions now?? You were cool and always inviting. You gave my husband a stern warning about how he should treat me and what you would do if otherwise and he remembers it to this day. Your personality, love and care knew no bounds.

I love you Uncle Mitchum, then, now and forever ❤️

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