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Shared by John Strauss on July 17, 2016

Bob had a way of saying things that no list will ever be able to capture.  His mastery American language, his timing and delivery were an envy of all of who knew him.  Even though his comments were aimed directly at many of the contributors to this list, we all knew where Bob' s heart was

Pay Attention!

He has the warmth and fuzziness of an unflushed toilet!

Rock bass!!!

Whadda doin' old guy!

You loafin?

Quit loafin!

Get off my phone and get movin!

What are you doing you old horse?

He's enough to make a glass cry!

If I had a face like that I would have if circumcised!

Hey, I got some chimpanzee that wants that Bronx load....hook him up!


You and me are going fishing this Saturday.....You're so ****** ugly all we gotta do is stick your face in the water and the fish will jump in the boat to get away!

What's up knuckledragger!

Jesus Christ, how can you type with those bread sticks!

He's uglier than a bag full of ***holes!

Ya old dog!

Quit screwing around and get movin!

Snap it off him or I will!

Quit screwing around and get moving!

I'm the Admiral so get rowing!

Hey that's nice hair do.....Do you stick your head in a snow blower to get that look?

Hey FNG you doin alright over there?

Hey Skippy

Hey zipper head what the hell are ya calling me for?

You look like you could afford to skip a meal!

Cmon, you ain't doin nothin

Let me try one of those sausages....wait.....those are your fingers!

Head to the junk yard

Drove the roller skate today

Keep it up we need a designated Bronx runner

Quit your loafing, loafer Get out there and make people mad at you

Get off my're running your lip like a tobacco auctioneer

Its your birthda?   Let me sing you a hymm, hymm hymm....****himm

Hey Setter!  ... Oh nevermind....I'll just go  **** off

Geeez!  You need Hamburger Helper with that face!

God bless America!

Hang up on me....I gotta go to sleep now!

Courtesy of the employees of Transport America.

The area Bob, Kent Rigdon, Bob Turkowski and others in Bloomington was known as "THE SNAKEPIT".   Who names their work area?

Bass Story

Shared by Dale Walker on April 12, 2016

On one of our fishing trips we had just landed our boat on the island on which we were going to camp for the weekend. I had climbed out of our boat to pull it on shore when I looked over at Volpe whom had just landed his boat near us. He grabs his fishing pole right away and turns to his right. There is a large tree stump hanging 2 feet out of the water.  He says "If I were a fish I would live right there!" and casts his line out and hooks into a bass. We were amazed. He takes the bass off and throws it back. He then states "If I was that fishes brother I would live right there as well" and casts his line again and shit you not he caught a second bass. We once again were all astonished. So of course he says "I wonder if his sister is home" and casts a 3rd time, However she was not home.   

Tent blown into edge of the lake

Shared by Dale Walker on April 12, 2016

Our tent was uprooted and landed at the edge of the lake. We fished it out and duct taped the poles to hold it together to get us through the night after the storm. 

Tree blown over

Shared by Dale Walker on April 12, 2016

One of many trees that blew over during the Kabetogama Storm. Top of the hill from our campsite.

Kabetogama Trip

Shared by Dale Walker on April 12, 2016

This picture is one of a few in this set that was taken on one of our trips where a bad storm hit us while camping on an Island on Lake Kabetogama. Volpe, Strauss, Murph Hinton, Brian Anderson, Darren Volpe and myself waited out the storm. It came in two waves with straight line winds, lightning and thunder.  It was a story for the ages. Many of you may remember when the storm hit the boundary waters area leaving trees blown over for miles. It was big news for the state. That same storm hit us first before going into the boundary waters area. Some of the pictures you will see in this collection are from that trip. My boat was completely full with water from side to side from the large winds that blew in big waves over the back of it. Bobs boat was taller and did not get as much water.  You will see a tree was blown over in one picture and Strauss's and my tent got uprooted and blown in the lake along with my duffle bag of clothes. My clothes are seen hanging and drying in this picture and so I had to borrow others clothes to stay warm and dry for a day. This picture is a shirt from Murph and another picture I had to borrow Strauss's Zubaz pants. Volpe laughed for hours as I endured his jokes.  You will also see a picture where our only protection was a blue tarp we all hung onto for dear life in that storm. I cooked some sloppy joes during that storm and it was quite the joke but it took our minds off the storm and gave us food to stay warm and to provide energy. Volpe talked about this trip for quite some time. I think we were all scared but would not admit it.  Bob's jokes and stories during that time got us through it and I think it all brought us closer at the time to have survived it with minor issues.   

Thank you Bob and Gina

Shared by John Strauss on April 10, 2016

Thank you Bob for the thousands of video and audio memories you left me.   I appreciated anytime you wanted me to do something with you.   Rest in peace my friend.

Thank you Roger for sharing Bob's childhood pictures.

Thank you to Transport America and its employees for sharing pictures.

Thank you Gina.   The only thing I can give you is a standing ovation with my hands as high as they can go.   Without you many experiences would have been very different.  Thank you Gina Wyatt-Volpe.

The finger

Shared by John Strauss on April 10, 2016

WTF Bob just flipped me off as our trucks crossed in front of Transport America.  I am thinking "What did I do to you?"  By the time I got to corner of Hwy 13 and Yankee Doodle I realized he was saying "see ya".   The next morning he flipped me off again to say "morning".   Bob would flip me off to say "don't talk to me I'm pissed", "don't talk to me I have something I need to do" while working.  He reminded me July 4th 2015 when he flipped me off as I was leaving a campsite.  We flipped each off once in while when Bob was in and out of the hospital.    We prayed for no more pain and peace everlasting finger to finger the morning Bob passed away.

A laugh of a lifetime

Shared by John Strauss on April 10, 2016

May 10th, 2002 Friday night before fishing opener on Mille Lacs.    Who knew a campfire, that red rain suit and the adventure of a mosquito could create two hours of stomach hurting laughter?  The only thing Bob said the next morning  "Get away from me".

Best camping adventure

Shared by John Strauss on April 10, 2016

We went with Todd Outcelt and Jeff Cain to White Otter Lake.  In a 14 foot boat with 15 hp motor we learned to listen, trust, understand and be honest with each other.   We laughed at each other, at ourselves or anything else that came to mind.  We learned to be quiet together.  We could have had a very different outcome when Bob was tossed from the boat and it was capitating in circles.  We worked together to get across lake one with 3 to 4 foot waves.   We hugged grateful  to be on land again.  We had both boats towed on lake two.   I remember getting to Newport and Bob asking "Would you do that again?" I hesitated for a bit so he answered "I would".   It began many camping/fishing adventures for Bob and I.  Bob bought a 20 foot fishing boat for his 50th birthday.   Bob told me "he will never get kicked off the water again".

Shared by John Strauss on April 10, 2016

Bob played the trumpet and loved playing "Taps".   I believe he played it some cemetary funerals in New Jersey.
Bob's friends from Jersey included Brud, Charlie Whipple(deceased) and Charlie(racing).
Two jokes Bob would tell that I wish there was video of in the 90's:  Archibold (he wrote for Readers Digest) and the Bimm Company(thanks Darin).
Bob enjoyed video games especially Doom and Tiger Woods Golf.
Bob enjoyed hunting, golfing and NHRA racing as well.

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