Posted by gina volpe on March 16, 2021
So my Sweetheart, you have been gone from me 5 years, but you are still with me always. And you are still being sneaky. You use to go by the stove turn on the fan to smoke now there are times when I come home from work and the smell of cig smoke by the stove is so strong, so I know you are with me. I miss you so much. I 'll love you forever.
Posted by Darin Volpe on August 2, 2020
Missing you today dad. I really miss that we will never fish again, hunt again, share a tarp in a thunderstorm again, camp again, take a snowmobile trip again, or just a phone call again. Really wish we had more time in life to spend together. Love you dad
Posted by gina volpe on March 16, 2020
Seems like only yesterday that I was saying goodbye to you. Your with me everyday my heart misses you so much. I love you my sweetheart.
Posted by gina volpe on February 24, 2020
Happy 70th Birthday my sweetheart. I wish I were planning a surprise like I had for your 50th. Remember you went and got the new boat in the fog because you wanted to drink a beer in your new boat on your 50th and when you got home your bestest friends were waiting on you. I miss you daily you are here beside me at work and by my side at home. Love you forever..
Posted by loren ellingson on February 24, 2018
happy birthday buddy miss u are still the best
Posted by loren ellingson on March 28, 2017
really miss you old buddy ta not the same without you bob miss your cjokes and talks u where the best and always will we love you
Posted by Gina Wyatt-Volpe on March 16, 2017
I miss you every morning when I get up and everyday when I come home. I keep candles going always so you aren't in the dark and you always have fresh flowers. We had such great plans for our golden years. now I just sit alone in the chair and miss you. I will love you forever.
Posted by gina volpe on February 24, 2017
Last year my love you were with me this year you are with God. I miss you everyday, but then you know that because we talk everyday.
Posted by John Strauss on February 24, 2017
Happy Birthday Bob
Posted by loren ellingson on April 15, 2016
to a very great and special person Bob Volpe was the best fleetman ever really miss Bob honest.loyal,joking,humours. rip never forget
Posted by Charlie Cowell on April 13, 2016
To my best friend in high school ,Teck , and bar hopping. May you get the fastest wings in haven.
Posted by Gina Wyatt-Volpe on April 12, 2016
My best friend in the world, my sweetheart, my husband left me to go with the angels. I miss him so much. Our home is like an empty shell with out him. I'm not sure what to do with myself when I come home from work. We had such plans. I have so many stories but I will just leave one. We were on our way to Canada for a fishing trip. We stopped at Mille Lacs for a quick turn on the lake. I rigged up my line with my special stuff that Bob always said would not catch anything and always did, and caught a 31 in walleye. We were both excited. He got the camera took lots of pictures. When we got home we found that he had not put any film in the camera. Oh how we laughed..
Posted by Clifford Reph on April 12, 2016
I never met you, but I know your son. I just want to say, you did a good job. RIP Robert.
Posted by Karen Schau on April 12, 2016
Oh Bob, your amazing stories will live on in our memories! You had so much character, it was a pleasure to know you!! I remember the days at the Bloomington office, happy hours at the Sports Page, then the move to Eagan, and the happy hours at the Valley Lounge or LaFondas. You were so smart and oh so sarcastic! I realized that if you DIDN'T give me crap, it meant you didn't care. Thanks for all the crap!

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