The purpose of life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave with a well-preserved body,
but rather to Slide in Sideways,
completely used up,
yelling and screaming,
what a ride!
  • 85 years old
  • Born on August 19, 1927 in San Diego, California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 15, 2013 in Hayden, Idaho, United States.

This memorial website is an ongoing creation in the memory of our father,
Robert Werley, 85, born on August 19, 1927 and passed away on April 15, 2013 from a massive stroke.  His zest for life was present right to the end. We sure miss him.
Please feel free to reminisce, honor, and hopefully add your own Tribute, even if it is just a comment

Posted by Tom Hayduk on 2nd February 2019
i can see where Shelley got her eyes that show nothing but kindness and joy and thanks for raising such a beautiful daughter. from an old friend
Posted by Scott Stewart on 19th August 2018
Happy 91st Bob!
Posted by Susan Price on 16th April 2017
There are some beautiful pictures of Robert Werley's mother on if you are interested. It is a free family history site. As I mentioned above, Robert's mother was my grandmother's sister. My father is 90 years old and still living in San Diego.
Posted by Scott Stewart on 19th August 2016
Happy birthday bob!
Posted by Scott Stewart on 15th April 2016
Wow. 3 years. Miss ya Bob.
Posted by Susan Price on 2nd October 2015
Doing some family history and found out Robert P Werley was my dad's cousin. Thanks for letting me know a little more about him. Wish I could have known him. Susan (Harvie) Price. My grandmother was his mother's sister.
Posted by Shelley Irving-Ball on 19th August 2015
Happy Birthday Dad! So weird you are not around. I waited on the fellow that was so kind and compassionate when we took you to the hospital on that fateful day. He looked so familiar during the dinner, and I finally knew why. This was just a few days ago. Thanks for sending him in! Sure miss you! Shelley
Posted by Scott Stewart on 19th August 2015
Happy Birthday Bob! Big 88
Posted by Janet Pino on 19th August 2015
Happy 88th Birthday to you! Double infinity . . . with fond memories. Love, Janet
Posted by Scott Stewart on 19th August 2014
Happy Birthday Bob. Miss talking to you.
Posted by Janet Pino on 19th August 2014
I remember sharing a few August 19th.with you, lucky to have known you. You were a wonderful, kind man.
Posted by Shelley Irving-Ball on 15th April 2014
Oh my gosh Dad! A whole year! A whole year of reading about a play, or a movie I know you would enjoy, and reminding myself to tell you when I get home....... A whole year of fun events and competitions on my horse that I looked forward to sharing with you...... You always bring such enthusiasm to any topic. I know you are with us, but I sure miss being able to talk about it all with you.
Posted by Scott Stewart on 15th April 2014
One Year. Still miss talking to you Bob. Tell Meeks I said Hello.
Posted by Mary Martin on 1st February 2014
Mr. Werley......the best Dad in the neighborhood!!! The trips to the were a great swimmer and rescued people in trouble. You and you wife included my sister Patti and I on many trips. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream on our way home from the beach. Your family spring trip to Palm Springs. Patti and I were included. How did you know how horrible things were for my sister and I at home? You were a Dad! Your kind and caring way has never been forgotten during my lifetime. You have always had a special place in my heart. My only regret is that I could not find you to tell you in person how you influenced my life in the most positive way. I will never forget your kind words and encouragement. With Love and the promise that I have been paying it forward. Mary Martin
Posted by Scott Stewart on 19th August 2013
Happy Birthday Bob. Miss talking to you.
Posted by Val Werley on 19th August 2013
Happy Birthday Dad. Shelley told me that you had kept all the Birthday cards that were sent to you over the years. Touching for sure. So nowhere to send this one, but to your spirit, Love You, Happy Birthday.
Posted by Shelley Irving-Ball on 22nd June 2013
I am enjoying so much reading your tributes. Even if I have not known you, the things you have said enrich my memories of my father. He lived a full, engaged life, and all of you contributed to that. Thank you
Posted by Janet Pino on 20th June 2013
Bob was a very special person in my life, I am sorry to hear of his passing . . . Back in the day his nickname was "Silk" I'm sure you can all equate to that! I just wish we had kept in touch . . . A gentleman at all times with great knowledge of wine! I will toast my next glass to him!
Posted by Deann Seckinger on 29th May 2013
I had the pleasure to work with Bob and have him as a dear friend for the past 13 years. I will never forget the day when I was complaining to him about how unhappy I was with my life at that time. He said, "You need to buy as house." He was right! About two months later, I was moving into my new home. I am SO thankful for the encouragment he gave me and will never forget it! XOXOX
Posted by Jessica Riley on 2nd May 2013
Bob was a such a great man! I had the pleasure to meet work with him and train him a few times a week in Coeur D Alene. His strength, determination to feel strong, fit and independent was an inspiration to me! Thank you for the time we shared and may your wonderful spirit live on! May God bless Bob and his family and friends.
Posted by Scott Stewart on 29th April 2013
Bob and I worked together for 13 years. I loved his stories about Playing basketball and singing for "The Chairman". He was as you said always the Salesman. He did make a wonderful cheese cake that he one time gave me the recipe for. I think he left out something special as mine did not come out as good as his. He was agood man who loved his family and friends. I will miss talking to him.
Posted by JACK MEEKS on 29th April 2013
Posted by Don Marlowe on 29th April 2013
Bob and I had a great time doing car deals together. He made it easy to sell his customer Honda's. I think he was one of the sharpest car persons I worked with in my 41 years in the business. I will really miss him and his humor. What a great man!

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