A man loved by so many, gone too soon, but never forgotten.
  • 67 years old
  • Born on February 10, 1945 in Lockport, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on September 6, 2012 in Newfane, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our father, Robert Rounds, 67, born on February 10, 1945 and passed away on September 6, 2012. We will love and remember him forever.  

We invite all of our family and friends to freely contribute memories and stories - use the stories section of the website to share a favorite memory of our dad.  Please also upload any photographs you have that include our dad.  We want to see as much love and contribution to this site as we can, to celebrate our dad's life and the happiness he brought to all the lives that were fortunate enough to be touched by him.  

If you want to leave a tribute note in memory of him, please feel free to use the tribute section of this page to write whatever you'd like.  

Thank you all for knowing and loving Bob Rounds, he is truly missed, and will never be forgotten.

Vicki, Dean, Valerie, and Adam 

Posted by Vicki Lee on 6th September 2018
Thinking of you today, after 6 years of missing you - we are going to celebrate your life and legacy in a way that is bittersweet - I would have loved to take you to this car auction - I'll think about how happy you would have been there, and how much you would have LOVED the cars and the experience. I'm so sorry you never got to live your dreams in retirement, and if nothing else, I am trying to remember every day to have the experiences I can now, because you never know what will happen if you wait to do the things you want to do. LOVE you so much
Posted by Vicki Lee on 10th February 2018
Remembering you on your birthday - so much love, so happy I had you in my life, so grateful for everything we ever did together. Love you forever and can't wait to see you again one day!
Posted by Vicki Lee on 18th January 2018
Your 73rd birthday is coming soon. It's hard for me to think that there have been so many things that have happened since you passed, so many things that you missed. So many times where you've been missed, so many birthdays, and holidays, and picnics and parties that all haven't been quite the same because you're not with us. I really do miss so much, but I also smile when I remember some funny thing you used to say, or do, or the way you joked around with your grandbabies. Losing your dad is so hard. Miss you more than words can tell.....
Posted by Vicki Lee on 8th September 2017
Remembering my dad today, and every day. 5 years without seeing you, but I feel you in my heart all the time. Thank God for that. I love you, dad.
Posted by Vicki Lee on 6th September 2016
Lighting a candle in remembrance of you today. Love you so much - will love to see you again one day, dad.
Posted by Vicki Lee on 10th February 2015
Happy Birthday Dad - Miss you so much... you were the greatest dad anyone could ever wish for.
Posted by Vicki Lee on 26th December 2014
Remembering you at Christmas - as always - love you and miss you until we meet again....
Posted by Vicki Lee on 6th September 2014
Today, I am celebrating your life, not mourning your passing. You live on in my heart and the hearts of everyone who knew you, and I know you are happy and young again, hanging out with all those you missed, who passed before you did. This is how it goes, it's my turn to miss you until I join you again.
Posted by Vicki Lee on 26th July 2014
Visited your grave a couple weeks ago - what a beautiful stone we picked for you - I"m sure you are very pleased - it suits you beautifully. Family reunion was great - your spirit was all around us that day - it was a wonderful way to feel your presence - I love you so much!
Posted by Mark Rounds on 18th April 2014
Uncle Bobby did so much for me through the years I am so glad I got to spend time with him the last few years of his life. I miss having egg salad for lunch with him while talking about all kinds of things. He use to have me pick up some jelly doughnuts from newfane, and he always had some browenies from tops. He was an awesome man who never complained about his situation. He taught me allot and will be forever missed, I hope I will see him again some day.
Posted by Adam Rounds on 10th January 2014
Dad I always see u every day look out at the lake and remember having a few beers an catching a boat Los of fish.love u bad I miss all the good times and bad better than no times at all! ;-)
Posted by Vicki Lee on 19th December 2013
Another Christmas - we talk about you all the time, we're still grieving so much - but we will think of you and hold you dear in our hearts this Christmas and every Christmas. Veva will have a Grand Marnier for you on Christmas eve and we'll remember all the love and wonderful times with you. I love you very much.
Posted by Bonnie Fahs on 8th September 2013
I Cant Beleive It Has Been a Year Scence You Left Us.I Do Miss You Very Much.Till We Meet Again I love You.
Posted by Shirley Eldredge on 7th September 2013
Bob , You will always be in my heart forever I miss the telephone conversations we used to have about racing and other things. Its so hard to go to the hospital in Newfane I can still see you but I hope your resting in peace with mom and Fred now till we meet again love sis. and Jimmy also, that what you call getting old
Posted by Vicki Lee on 18th June 2013
I miss you so much Dad. Father's Day came and went and things are kind of a mess. I sure do wish I could have talked to you that day, and every day. I need you.
Posted by Vicki Lee on 1st January 2013
Christmas came and went - and as 2013 was ushered in, I couldn't help thinking that 2012 was the last time I saw you alive, and that too was coming to an end. Strange how our minds make these connections and they become so much more meaningful than the passing of a day should. I still miss you so much it hurts. I love you dad.
Posted by Vicki Lee on 5th December 2012
I still miss you so much - you loved Christmas, and everything I see reminds me of that and of you. I love you dad.
Posted by Jenna Lee on 17th October 2012
I will remember Papa as a funny, loving grandfather. I remember all the fun we had together and how inspirational he was. I will make sure he is proud of me with the life I'll live. I love you, Papa!!
Posted by Vicki Lee on 14th October 2012
I will always love and remember my dad as my biggest influence in my life. I hope I can live my life in a way that would always make him proud. I miss him so very much and will treasure every moment I had with him.

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