Let the memory of Robert be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on September 4, 1965 in Sacramento, California, United States.
  • Passed away on October 8, 2011 in Sacramento, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert Jankowski 46 years old , born on September 4, 1965 and passed away on October 8, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Brandy Carney on 8th October 2018
A light unto your path my Brother. I know you are resting but we miss you just like we lost you yesterday. Time does not make it easier or make the pain less. I need a place to tell you how I love and miss you when your bday or the day you left us comes around. Thank God we have a second chance with Jesus..Be ready to see us when that day comes. Love you always and forever
Posted by Brandy Carney on 8th October 2017
My brother, our brother how we love you still ! These days pass slow but years fly by ..6 yrs ?? How could you have ever know how much you were loved ! If you knew surely you would of stayed ! I just want you to know we are still missing you and never forget you are a piece of our life forever gone .. which makes us incomplete!! Always and forever our hearts ache ..
Posted by Brandy Carney on 5th September 2017
Another birthday for you brother ... yesterday you'd been 52 !! Wow how I would love to see your face and hug you so tight !! What we wouldn't give to see our gone ones again. Lovin you, missing you and still feel the hole you left just like as if it was today. We went to river yesterday and celebrated you and your love for the water . Forever!!!
Posted by Brandy Carney on 8th October 2016
Brother Bob ... today is always tough for us no matter how many days or years have passed !! We all reflect back to when you went missing and how we all felt !! Our hearts miss you Bobby ! We love you so ..... until we all meet again brother .... may you rest. Always and Forever lovin you bro.
Posted by Deanna Weeks on 8th October 2016
My precious brother...it is October 8,2016 and today is the day you left us. The Bible says you are at rest/asleep and know nothing. When you awake Jesus Christ will raise you first then he will call us who are alive in Christ up to join Him. We will then see you again.i can't wait for that day when we all will be reunited with our Hevenly Father. Until that time I pray for peace for all of your family who miss you terribly. xoxo Nanna
Posted by Brandy Carney on 4th September 2016
Still lighting a candle for you brother.... We all miss you so very much on another one of your birthdays. Time never makes it easier and the pain is still as real. At least you are at peace like Nana said .... You are finally resting.. Waiting for the day to see all your family again. We are gathered again in your memory. With all our love to you my brother!
Posted by Virgil Childress on 4th September 2016
Wow this is really cool cuz...love and miss you bro
Posted by Freddie Sudduth on 8th October 2015
The last time I saw you. We had pizza and beer! You were such a gentlemen. Insisted on pumping my gas. Opening my door. And still called me your aunt fee! Miss you Bobby! Xoxo
Posted by Brandy Carney on 8th October 2015
Brother it's another year now you've been gone ! Still the same .. Missing you as always wishing I could hug you one more time. Can't wait to see you again ❤️
Posted by Sandra Beaty on 6th September 2015
I remember the day you were born, you were such a sweet baby. You are dearly missed an never forgotten. You were taken away to soon.
Posted by Deanna Weeks on 5th September 2015
...it is now 2015. Its your birthday and you would have been 50 years old. I miss you. I went through old papers last night and found a number of letters you had written me. i could only read a few because my heart hurt. My brother, the world has gotten REALLY BAD. Although you left way to soon, I am glad you are not here to see the turmoil in our country. I will hold on to our Lords promise that he will come back and get us so we can be reunited in heaven. Until then, xoxo. Nanna
Posted by Brandy Carney on 4th September 2015
Brother Bob ... Another year with out your face or voice to lighten our lives!!! How we love you still and no time ever mends a broken heart ... Only scabs over the wound you left us. This world is a cold place already and it gets harder when you loose people you love! Miss you so very much and our family still mourns your loss of our broken chain
Posted by Brandy Carney on 8th October 2014
My big brother ..3 rd year you have been gone and time heals nothing! We love you and miss you just like the day you disappeared .i don't think you knew how much you leaving would hurt your family or how special you really were to us! Your pictures and memory are what we hold on to so tightly, until Jesus comes gets us. Love u forever and a day
Posted by Harleyann Mcdaniel on 6th September 2014
I don't have many story's to tell I don't really know my dad but I'm looking forward to reading all of your guys so this way I can get to know him even if he is not with us no more even they little things like the kinda food he likes and if I'm like him any thing really I just wanna know
Posted by Brandy Carney on 5th September 2014
Light a candle to sparkle for your memory my brother... soon God will takes us all home and we will celebrate and rejoice to be all together again....I sure loved hearing your voice and seeing you smile...I know you are at peace finally ...miss you like the desert misses the rain..forever..... your sister
Posted by Freddie Sudduth on 5th September 2014
He was always the gentleman, pumped the gas, and opened doors. When little he called me Aunt Fee, couldn't say Freddie. So sweet. Miss him. Happy birthday
Posted by Deanna Weeks on 4th September 2014
Rest in peace, my brother until we gather together again, in the clouds.

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