• 73 years old
  • Born on March 17, 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on March 8, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert "Bob" Kauffman 73 years old , born on March 17, 1940 and passed away on March 8, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Thomas Burns on 19th March 2019
Bob was a best friend at Upper Darby High School, a star basketball player and honored at graduation. A roomate , fraternity brother and a basketball star at Lafayette College He reminded us like a Jerry West jump shot that help him set scoring records at Lafayette He graduated as Fraternity President, Tau Beta Pi in Chemical Engineering. On to the Wharten School at Penn, while employed by Air Products, to help pay for the fees. to receive an MBA Bob, Betsy ,Nancy and i had several decades of socializing and playing golf and tennis. Betsy was the love of his life! Bob was very competitive all those years before he passed. We were setting up a golf game in March of 2014 after his surgery when sadly he passed Our friendship spanned 58 years, We really miss you, Tom and Nancy Burns
Posted by Annie Baxter on 13th August 2018
For years I used to tease Betsy that Bob didn't really exist, we only showed up at events he missed and vice versa. Lo and behold! One day at the Y there was Bob in the flesh with Kelly. He was worth waiting for. I especially remember some good times down in Rocky Point and at our respective cabins. We miss this very lovely man
Posted by Essi Shilati on 17th March 2018
It was only couple of days ago when I was going through my old albums, and suddenly found few pics of Bob, Betsy, Minoo and I. It was a good reminder and happened just at his anniversary. God blesses his soul, I miss him very much.
Posted by Elizabeth Kauffman on 17th March 2018
In recognition of Bob's birthday we toast him with his favorite chocolate chip cookies or if you are the Petits, with a tuna sandwich and coffee or the Castros's with M&M's. Miss you so much. Betsy
Posted by Jo Lawson on 11th March 2018
I have such fond memories of Bob’s great stories and his wonderful laugh as he cracked himself up. He and Ed shared such witty repartee. It was a pleasure be with them when they got going. We had so much fun on our trips to New Zealand and to the Lake District and Yorkshire in England. He was a true friend to me when I lost Ed and loyal to all lucky enough to call him a friend. You always knew he had your back. No matter what Jo Lawson
Posted by Scott Kauffman on 8th March 2018
I miss you dad, it's hard knowing all of the wisdom I never took advantage. I miss you and am still trying to do by right by you. Love you faf
Posted by Minoo Shilati on 8th March 2018
miss you very much Bob specially when a business decision needs to be made. You had one of the most brilliant minds. you are always alive in my heart.
Posted by Kelly Kauffman on 18th March 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad!! I love and miss you every day!!!
Posted by Essi Shilati on 17th March 2017
I miss my friend, rest in peace Bob...Essi
Posted by J.s. Kauffman on 8th March 2017
I can't believe another year has passed. I think of you often always with a smile and knowing your are in good company with the rest of the Kauffman clan. Rest In Peace Bob. Love Janie
Posted by Linda Hersch on 18th March 2016
Bob was a very loyal and wonderful friend. He and my husband, Hal, and Randy had many adventures together. I enjoyed being with him and Betsy many times and I also remember when Kelly was a newborn and I held her and how proud and happy Bob and Betsy were. He is missed and I am sure Bob and Hal are laughing and telling stories together in Heaven.
Posted by Minoo Shilati on 17th March 2016
You had a big heart. One of the kindest, most generous and helpful people I have ever known. you will never be forgotten.
Posted by Barbara Armstrong on 9th March 2016
Thinking of you, Betsy. I wish we had known Bob better, but am so glad to have spent a little time at Big Elk and in Memphis with him. He made you so happy and that made me happy for you! I hope your memories of him can soon make you smile instead of making you sad.
Posted by Jo Lawson on 8th March 2016
Always think of Bob and what a fabulous friendship he and Ed had for so many years. Meant so much to both of them. I miss his sense of humor and the great stories My boys miss him too Love Jo
Posted by Larry Kauffman on 8th March 2016
Bob was always a joy to visit with. He was the oldest of the three brothers (Uncle Bob, Dad, and Uncle Dick) boys and always made time for my parents. I remember my parents visited them in Scottsdale and sent pictures. I have often been close by but thought I didn't have time to veer off the beaten path (I-40) to go and stop by. I no longer think that way. I take the time. Sorry I never made it Bob. You'll never know or maybe you do.
Posted by Andy Anderson on 8th March 2016
I still think of Bob often.Remember sitting on the beach with him reading his book or talking in the hot tub later in the evening. Good golf buddy and just a solid friend.
Posted by Essi Shilati on 18th March 2015
Bob, you were one of the brightest men that I have ever met in my life. You were a great boss when we were working together, and also a wonderful friend. Although your departure was too early but men with good names never die. You're always with us. Best, Essi
Posted by Carole Nelson on 17th March 2015
Happy birthday Bob I miss you Your support of me after my divorce was so kind and appreciative Job search coaching What a wonderful. Kind and loving friend Carole nelson
Posted by Connie And Barry Gluck on 17th March 2015
We have many wonderful memories of our travels together with you and Bob. The first was about 25 years ago when you came to Brazil with Chris and Bob Pettit and stayed with us in Rio. We also shared lots of laughter and camaraderie in other places like Sedona, Manzanillo and Cuernavaca. Bob's easy-going personality and wonderful droll humor stand out as highlights of our times together. We sure do miss those happy times.
Posted by Edward Margolis on 10th March 2015
Bob was a great friend. We met in the early sixties at Smokey Joe’s on the Penn Campus. I have many great memories and he surely is missed. He was indeed a great person.
Posted by Randy Hill on 9th March 2015
It has been a year...so hard to believe. I had the pleasure and honor of knowing Bob for a brief 30+ years. He was a very special friend, one that comes along once in a lifetime if you are lucky. Losing Bob was, and continues to be, painful. I was blessed to have had so many wonderful times with Bob...skiing with Bob and Hal, fishing with Bob and Hal, golfing, basketball games, trips to Sedona and Seabluff and so many more. I loved Bob and miss him dearly. I pray that God will comfort Betsy and his family and friends. As is evident from the many tributes, Bob left his mark on so many people.
Posted by Elizabeth Kauffman on 9th March 2015
Bob may make it to the 2016 Olympics! We were thrilled to receive a very thankful note from a tissue recipient whose knee (yes knee!) was repaired because of Bob. How cool is that. It's a young woman who competes internationally in Taekwondo both the sport and the gender might tweek him a bit. The irony that he with his knees repaired her ACL is amazing! If I hear from them again and gain permission for sharing her name and she competes we will have to all follow her. It gave me a huge lift and an opportunity to smile receiving their note. How kind of them to send it. I of course sent some of Bob's basketball history and a photo of him flying through the air to make a basket.
Posted by Kelly Kauffman on 9th March 2015
1 year ago, my life was turned upside down. One minute life was normal and the next it changed forever. I love and miss you so badly Dad. You are forever in my heart and forever on my mind. It hurts for me to think that you are not here any more. But I cannot help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished each and every moment of our lives together when you were alive. I miss you dad. 3/8/14 until we meet again
Posted by Andy Anderson on 9th March 2015
Bob Kauffman was a damn good man that I miss every day. A friend that I trusted and a friend I enjoyed spending time with. I especially miss his laugh. Men like Bob are rare. Rest in Peace my friend.
Posted by Barry Beracha on 8th March 2015
My good friend I miss you. After a year I imagine you are somewhere watching the world with great intellect and humor as you did in life. Love, Barry
Posted by Jo Lawson on 8th March 2015
Thinking of you and the kids today. Bob was such a wonderful friend. He and Ed had such a close relationship They were both so loyal and proactive about friendship. Such a lovely quality and rare. Bob made such a difference in many peoples lives including Ed's and mine. He and Ed had a rare gift for humor and repartee and no one enjoyed it more than they did. However we had the pleasure of being the lucky audience for that amazing wit. I will never forget some of Bob's stories and the way he told them cracking himself up. A terrific raconteur My kids and I really miss him. I like to think that he and Ed are somewhere now cracking each other up with fond memories of some earlier escapade Love Jo
Posted by Irvin Barash on 27th April 2014
Bob was a great person. We had known each other since the mid l960's when we were both chemical engineering interns in Philadelphia. Our careers and relationship continued throughout the years. Bob was a leader in industry. He had a major role in creating and mobiliznng the global solar energy industry. My heartfelt condolesences to Betsy and their family.
Posted by Charles Parker on 25th April 2014
I'm just now able to acknowledge my coach, mentor and wonderful friend is no longer here to help provide insight to life's ups and downs. I will forever miss his infectious laugh, which was so quick to spring forth! He was the poster boy for the "Hail fellow well met"! His tastes and deep appreciation of literature, film and the arts were the basis of countless discussions, arguments and agreements. Bob had a brain like a steel trap making him the opponent that always brought out your best "game". Bob never stopped being curious about so many things and I believe this accounted, in a major way, for his ever present youthful ebullience. Upon Bob's passing I was reminded of a line from a poem by Robert Burns: When a sod falls from the cliffs of Dover England is the less...we are the less! Rest secure my dear friend and know we are all richer because you touched our lives!
Posted by Minoo Shilati on 12th April 2014
Our hearts are in pain. I choose not to believe he is gone from our lives. Bob not only was a great friend but a great mentor and support. Will never be forgotten.
Posted by Michael White on 12th April 2014
clem and Joyce have loved you all since before you were married.He was like a brother to me....Love and hugs to you all..Joyce white
Posted by Michael Hirsch on 11th April 2014
What a shock.. Although I haven['t seen Bob for years due to me being in Boston and him in Arizona, we would talk from time to time. Bob and I have been friends for over 50 years and we had alot of fun in those days that I['ll never forget.From the Jersey shore days to a certain hang out and all the other stuff we did. He was so alive with busines, sports and life in general, this stunned me as I talked to him just before.I and after his surgery and he told me he felt fine..I['m so sorry I couldnt get to the funeral as I['m recovering from two surgeries , but I['ve been thinkng alot about Bob and what a good friend he was and how much I miss him. May God bless you Betsy and your family.
Posted by Bernie Evans on 10th April 2014
Heartfelt condolences to you and your family, Betsy, at this sad time. The photos you posted delivered such a warm testimony of Bob's life. Thank you for sharing a part of your dear husband. Please know we are thinking of you, and wish you comfort.
Posted by Amy Niece on 10th April 2014
Dear Kauffman family- I am so very sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He was a great man. Know that he is waiting for you at God's table when you are called home. Love to all-Amy Lozinak Buckley and family
Posted by Jan Moe on 10th April 2014
We met in 1974 , since then we have been brothers. Love you, miss you , will never forget you.
Posted by Linda Hersch on 10th April 2014
I knew Bob as long as I knew Hal. They were best friends and "brothers". He was so loyal and caring to Hal and they had such wonderful times together, especially on their "guy" trips. I'm sorry I couldn't attend his funeral, but this memorial is such a beautiful tribute; it made me cry. He will be missed. love and xoxo Linda Hersh
Posted by J.s. Kauffman on 9th April 2014
Thanks for the all you were; a great man, a wonderful husband, awesome Dad, successful business man. You were the one that made the Kauffman name something I could be proud of. I know you are up in Heaven with Uncle Dick and Aunt Helen and your Mom and Dad having a great time. I will never forget your contagious laugh. I will miss you! Love, Janie
Posted by Ginny Lansberry LaPrairie on 8th April 2014
My uncle was the first man to bounce me on his knee, tickle me, and buy me a dozen red roses. He was known by me for his great smile, hilarious jokes and killer tennis swing! I love you uncle Bob! You will be dearly missed!

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