This tribute was added by Sabine Steyaert on March 2, 2016
Slovenian Association of Psychologists

Dear friends,

I'm really sorry to hear that dear Robert passed away. I believed in him and in his strength to win in this battle. But unfortunatelly...
I'll remember him as open minded, smart and warm person. And it was a real privilege for me to meet him!


Univerza v Ljubljani
Filozofska fakulteta prof.dr. Vlasta Zabukovec
Oddelek za bibliotekarstvo, informacijsko znanost in knjigarstvo

Filozofska fakulteta / Faculty of arts
This tribute was added by Sabine Steyaert on March 2, 2016
Polish Psychological Association

Dear Colleagues,
The Executive Board of the Polish Psychological Association extends condolences on account of the death of former President of EFPA Prof. Dr. Roe. He was always kind to all of us and never failed to express his friendship.
We will remember him and always aspire to continue his work.
We share the grief with the authorities of EFPA.

On behalf of the Board of the Polish Psychological Association

Dr. Mal
Mał‚gorzata Toeplitz - Winiewska
President of the Polish Psychological Association

Prof. Dr. Andrzej Sękowski
Vice-President of the Polish Psychological Association
This tribute was added by Rita Berger on February 29, 2016
As a colleague and as part of the Erasmus Mundus WOP-P consortium I will miss him personally, his broad expertise and independent way of thinking very much.
This tribute was added by Stephan Dutke on February 29, 2016
With consternation and sadness we read that Robert has passed away! On Behalf of all members of the EFPA Board of Educational Affairs I express our most sincere condolences to his family.

Robert supported our group, gave advice and orientation. But even more important, he inspired and motivated us as a marvellous, empathetic colleague – we will miss him!

Robert, I am pleased and grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.
Stephan Dutke
Convenor of the Board of Educational Affairs
This tribute was added by Dorothy Coombs on February 29, 2016
It was with enormous sadness that I read the e-mail about Robert yesterday.

Renate and I felt that we knew him so very well, even though we were relative newcomers to EFPA. He was a truly wonderful man, with a hugely generous personality. He made us feel so welcome, and rather important, and there was never any doubt that his heart lay in the sharing of his beloved psychology with the citizens of Europe...not just the psychologists.

We often quote his words when trying to convince people that psychological literacy is the key to improving the lives of the people of Europe. This has never been as important as it is today, given the challenges that face us all.

Robert's wisdom and sense of humour will be remembered for ever, and we would like you to express our deepest sympathy to his wife and family.

With sadness and deep respect

Dorothy and Renate, on behalf of the European Federation of Psychology Teachers' Associations (EFPTA)
This tribute was added by Polli Hagenaars on February 28, 2016
We write to mourn the passing of our former EFPA president, dear colleague and friend Robert Roe.
We will miss Robert's straightforward intelligence and his unique ability for putting complicated matters together in a way that was both convincing and understandable. He was also a man of exceptional integrity and his support for the Board Human Rights & Psychology formed a protective umbrella, which we will miss very much.
Our heart and thoughts are with Marika, Angela and Tony.
We will remember Robert at a small memorial service during the Human Rights conference at Ioannina University in May.                           
On behalf of the EFPA Board Human Rights & Psychology,
Polli Hagenaars,convenor
This tribute was added by Ingrid Lunt on February 27, 2016
Robert, a true friend and leader of psychologists in Europe. I so appreciate our collaboration since 1997 right through to the present time, and our friendship which stretches back even further. I write for the EAC as well as myself to celebrate your vision, your leadership, your humour, your friendship and warmth, your integrity, your intellectual curiosity, and so much more. A remarkable and wonderful person.
This tribute was added by Ingrid Lunt on February 27, 2016
I celebrate our collaboration since 1997 to the present time, and our friendship which goes back even further. You have been a true friend and leader of EFPA. I write for myself and for the EAC and thank you for everything that you have done for us. We celebrate your vision, your friendship and warmth, your leadership, your integrity, your intellectual curiosity, your tenacity and determination and all that made you the impressive and very special person that you are. We will always remember you.
This tribute was added by Wendy Kahle on February 25, 2016
Dear Robert, step-dad to me, and Opa to my son. We fondly remember your gentle smile, your delightful sense of humour. You will be missed so dearly.
This tribute was added by Paul Wylleman on February 25, 2016
In name of FEPSAC as well as personally I would like to express our sadness at the loss of Robert. A wonderful colleague with a clear vision for inclusiveness and collaboration entrenched in an open, positive and humour-filled personality. Aan de familie wensen we onze condoleances over te maken en wensen jullie veel sterkte bij dit persoonlijk verlies.
This tribute was added by Tony Wainwright on February 25, 2016
I was so sorry to hear this sad news. Robert was a really inspirational person and was always ready to help and support with kind words and encouragement. Even though I only knew Robert in the past few years, I learned much from his wisdom and brilliant leadership. He will be very much missed by us all.
This tribute was added by Salvatore Zappala on February 25, 2016
Dear Robert, it was a so sad moment hearing that we lost you. Has been an honour having your friendhsip and all the moments that we spent together. I have learnt a lot from you, from your kindness, your constant willingnes to share your knowledge, expertise and the support you was always giving to everyone and to me. I will miss you greatly.
This tribute was added by Edward Rossen on February 24, 2016
Rest in peace, Robert! You were a great man, an amazingly driven and talented psychologist and EFPA president, and a friend whose company and counsel I will miss for the rest of my life. It was a great honour and pleasure to know you and to work with you. I will treasure my memories of you and try my best to honour the lessons learnt from your impressive example. You moved countless stones in the river of life, and will remain a source of inspiration and happy memories. Rest in peace now, Robert, you earned it a thousand times over!
This tribute was added by Josip Lopižić on February 24, 2016
Rest in peace, dear Robert. Thank you for every word and encouragement for our association, since the time of your visit to Croatia in October 2010. until our last meeting in Milan. Deep condolences to your family. Josip
This tribute was added by Sandra Robinson on February 24, 2016
I was so saddened to hear the news of Robert’s passing. Robert was such a gifted academic and wonderful human being. We were so happy that he was able to regularly visiting Vancouver. It was fantastic for us to have him as a member of our division and he contributed so much by his presence each time he was here. My husband Ron and I also really enjoyed getting to know Robert and Marika as friends. Such a great loss for so many. My heart goes out to his loved ones at this really difficult time.

Sandra Robinson
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