Please join us for a celebration of Bob's wonderful life:
Saturday, September 15, 2012,

Tiny's Restaurant, 600 Arizona Hwy. 260, Payson, AZ


Rooms have been reserved at The Majestic Mountain Inn (928-474-0185) under Aggie Hansen.
  • 84 years old
  • Born on April 11, 1928 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on August 16, 2012 in Mesa, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory our beloved Bob. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to:

Banner Alzheimer Foundation

2025 N. Third Street, Suite 250, Phoenix, AZ  85004


Hospice of the Valley Arbor Home

6063 E. Arbor Ave., Mesa, AZ  85206


Posted by Agnes Hansen on 16th August 2018
It doesn't seem possible it's six years today since our dear Bob left us. Does seem to be true that the older one gets, the faster time flies. Our family has grown over this time, we've had weddings and babies born--all wonderful things we wished our Dad and Grandpa had been here to share with us. But we trust he's seen it all and that wonderful smile and laugh are still working. We still miss you terribly, dear one and look forward to seeing you again. All our love, Ag, Steve, Lars, Larissa and Jill, along with the newest members of the Hansen Clan.
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 12th April 2018
The last note should have been dated April 11, not 12, since that was Bob's actual birthday, but if the tribute is written in the evening, we find that it comes out with the following day's date, probably because the company is located in the Midwest or East, not out West where we are and we can't change it.
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 12th April 2018
Happy 90th Birthday Dear One! Would love to be singing to you and watching you blow out 90 candles today, but it just wasn't meant to be. Instead I'm wishing you Happy Birthday from me and your wonderful children, Steve, Lars, Larissa, and Jill who find it difficult to express their love and feelings for you in words on your site here. Along with our love and smiles come those from your sons-in-law Mike and Bruce, your daughter-in-law Lisa, your seventeen grandkids and six great grandkids--quite a mob that you've left behind here on earth, fella. We miss you more than you know (but then again, maybe you do). You're in our hearts forever. All our love, Ag
Posted by Lon Miley on 11th April 2018
Happy Birthday Bob, I loved your big smile and your laugh!! You have a beautiful family!! We all miss you!! Can’t believe it’s been 4 Years!!
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 7th March 2018
Just to bring things up to date, we need to share the news that we have two new great grandchildren in the family. On Dec. 5, 2017, Ellar Yael Hinrichs-Campbell was born to Rainey and Michael in Chicago, Illinois. Grandma Larissa was present for her birth and she's a beauty who resembles her beautiful Mom, Rainey. THEN, on December 22, 2017, River Grace Bittner was born to Sienna and David in Mesa, Arizona. She's another gorgeous baby who resembles her Mom, Sienna. So we have two great granddaughters to join your four great grandsons, Justin, Brady, Jake and Nick Hansen. Unfortunately, there was sad news in December as well. On Christmas day, 2017, the oldest of your great grandsons, Justin, lost his life in a tragic automobile accident. He was 25 yrs. old and the son of your oldest grandson, Chris. The circle of life continues. And we miss you so very much. Love, Ag
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 16th August 2017
Today marks the fifth anniversary of the day our wonderful Dad and Husband left us. We all miss him just as much as ever. We're glad he left us with so many wonderful and happy memories. We're sad that he wasn't around for the wedding of his oldest granddaughter, Kylie this year. And he would be a great grandpa again in December when granddaughters, Rainey and Sienna, will be presenting us with two great granddaughters. We know you're watching, dear one. But we wish you were still here with us. All our love, Ag, Lars, Larissa and Jill
Posted by Larissa Dvorak on 12th April 2017
Happy birthday Dad! I miss your singing and your dancing! We have five little ones who would have loved to meet you. They see your picture and want to know all about you! I love you very much! Larissa
Posted by Wanda Polvani on 11th April 2017
Hi Bob, Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear, Bob! Happy birthday to you!
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 11th April 2017
Today is Bob's 89th birthday. Wish he could be here to celebrate with us. Sure miss his smile, his laugh-----and him. Happy Birthday, Bob
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 29th August 2016
This tribute was supplied by Corky Matthews, Bob's Merchant Marine buddy. A tribute for a seaman CROSSING THE BAR Sunset and evening star, and one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea. But such a tide as moving seems asleep, too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep turn again home. Twilight and evening bell, and after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell, when I embark; For tho' from out our bourne of Time and Place the flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face when I have crost the bar. From the heart of Corky Matthews
Posted by Lisa Hansen on 17th August 2016
A couple days ago Lars said to me "You know what I would like to do tonight? I would like to invite my Dad over for a BBQ". We miss him so much and can't believe he has been gone for four years now. While our hearts still ache, we are comforted by wonderful memories and the knowledge that he is watching over us from heaven. We love you!
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 16th August 2016
August 16, 2016 Today marks the fourth anniversary of the day my beloved Bob left us. This is supposed to get easier, I'm told, but it isn't. Life goes on in our wonderful family, but not the same without him. Love you and miss you, dear one. Ag
Posted by Larissa Dvorak on 19th June 2016
Happy Father's Day in heaven Dad! I miss you so much and am thinking about your laughter and your smile today. I love you!
Posted by Larissa Dvorak on 11th April 2016
Happy Birthday Dad! Missing your smile today.
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 11th April 2016
Today Bob would have celebrated 88 earthly years, but he will live forever in our memories and hearts. Happy Birthday, Bob! Wish you were here so I could celebrate with you. All my love, Ag
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 2nd September 2015
Today would be our 49th wedding anniversary! Still resent that we wouldn't be able to celebrate 50 together next year. But the 46 years we did have were wonderful and for that I am so grateful. Wouldn't trade them for anything!! Thanks for the memories, Ag
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 16th August 2015
Today marks three years since our wonderful Bob, husband, father and grandfather left us. We miss him just as much as ever and still find it hard to believe he's not with us anymore. But the thousands of great memories will stay with us forever. You truly left your mark in the world, dear one. Love, Ag and the entire clan
Posted by Ray Robinson on 13th May 2015
Aggie, I happened upon this notice of Bob's death by accident and am saddened to learn of his passing. I knew him during my time at Motorola from1985 thru 1994. Both you and he were really great to me and I've always appreciated it. Best wishes to you and the family. You are all Bob's living legacy.
Posted by Kate Harrison on 11th April 2015
How blessed you were to have Bob in your life, and how blessed he was to have wooed and won you.
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 11th April 2015
April 11, 2015 - Happy Birthday, Bob! Your 87th! Frank Sinatra is still singing "My Way" each time we open your website. It is so very appropriate since you truly did things your way and I loved you for pretense, always the real you. And I miss that "you" so very much. I am so grateful for all the years we had together.
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 24th November 2014
Nov. 24, 2014 - Have something to share today. On Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014 our extended family was increased with the adoption of three wonderful children by our daughter Larissa and her husband Mike Dvorak. They are Alex, age 10, Truy, age 8, and Veronica, age 6. They are adorable! The Hansen and Dvorak families were well represented for the occasion in Phoenix. We trust you were there as well. You'd love them, Papa, and they would adore you!!! The kids couldn't have hand picked more fantastic parents!
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 3rd September 2014
Today (Sept. 2, 2014) marks our 48th wedding anniversary. As usual I have looked at our wedding album and our 30th anniversary video where I can hear your voice. How glad I am that we have those! What treasures. It's two years since we've seen you and we miss you so very much, dear Bob. We thank God for putting you in our lives. Luv, Ag
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 12th April 2014
Happy 86th Birthday, Bob! What a day it's been! Baked an angel food cake in your honor. Heard from kids and grandkids today who remembered, and shed more than a few tears during the day. Tonight I looked at the photo albums and your 80th birthday album and remembered many happy times and smiled a lot. Thanks for the memories. Miss you too much. Love, Ag
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 3rd September 2013
Today marks our 47th wedding anniversary. We really looked to celebrating 50, so we got short changed, didn't we? But all the years we did celebrate were truly wonderful! Today I looked through our wedding album at the wedding pictures and those from our storybook honeymoon in Greece and heard your voice from our 30th anniv. video. What a genuine treat! Miss you more than ever. Lv, Ag
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 17th August 2013
Yesterday marked the one year anniversary since Bob left us for his heavenly home. It's been a very long, lonely year in many respects and he is missed so very much! Life is certainly very different without him and his cheerful, caring presence and beautiful smile. Keep watch over us all until we are with you again. All my love, Ag
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 11th April 2013
Happy Birthday, Bob!!! 85 years!!! I knew you for 50 of those and wish it had been more. I thank God for them and wouldn't have traded a single one for anything else. You were the biggest bonus of "the trip across the pond." And beyond that our absolutely wonderful family was your greatest gift to me. I see you in all of them and am so grateful for the reminders of you. Thnx, Ag
Posted by Jill Barteau on 11th April 2013
Today is the day that we have always celebrated the gift of my dad to this world. This is not an easy day for our family but I hope that we can find the grace make this day a time to celebrate the gift that my dad has now received - new life in heaven with our Eternal Father! I miss you Dad but I know that you are very, very happy!
Posted by Nadine Hightower on 11th April 2013
Happy Birthday. It's got to be Great where you are. Nadine
Posted by Wanda Polvani on 11th April 2013
Bob, you are celebrating your 83rd birthday in heaven; in the presence of God where there is fullness of joy!. You are looking down upon Aggie with love as she lovingly remembers you on your special day. Happy Birthday, Bob!
Posted by Agnes Hansen on 16th March 2013
Today marks seven months since Bob left us. I could never have imagined how difficult it would be without him or that the loss is harder to deal with, not easier as time goes by. There is a huge gaping hole in the lives of all of the family. We miss more than just that marvelous smile that made everyone else smile and laugh. Oh, how we miss him!
Posted by Tom Hansen on 26th September 2012
Uncle Bob, you will be greatly missed. Although we didn't spend much time together through the years; I always felt so close to you, Aunt Aggie and my cousins when we were together. I think I can hear you and my dad laughing like you guys always did when you were together. Rest in peace Uncle you deserve it!
Posted by Thomas Dempsey on 13th September 2012
Bob and I spent great times together in the Air Force both in Wiesbaden, Germany and Colorado Springs. Our memories always can be remembered by his great laugh and sometimes good natured jokes. Bob was a quick witted person that everyone knew had a quick mind and always shared pleasant thoughts. I am sure Bob is smiling now counting all the blessings that have been bestowed on him. Tom
Posted by KATHY NEBLETT on 8th September 2012
I only knew Bob for a short time, however I feel blessed for that time and only wish I could have gotten to know him better, cause I think he was a pretty neat guy! He seemed like a very loving husband to Aggie so I know he will surely be missed by all who knew him.
Posted by Karen Bendler on 3rd September 2012
Bob was a good husband, father and friend. He was a good man and will be missed.
Posted by Wanda Polvani on 3rd September 2012
Bob was a wonderful neighbor to me many years ago, fellow camper with his family and my family, and a humorous friend. Bob had a great sense of humor which always made my visits with him relaxing and full of laughs. He was a great example of what a husband and father should be: faithful, dedicated, loving, and kind. He is enjoying heaven; a better place.
Posted by Susie Bossert on 2nd September 2012
Bob always had a smile for me and for everyone whenever or wherever we ran into each other. He will be missed by all who had the pleasure to know him and his lovely wife. My most sincere condolences to Aggie and all the family.
Posted by Bill Paulk on 1st September 2012
You were my greatest friend for 30 years and we shared many hilarious times together. Bob was a great humorist but there was a serious side to Bob that allowed us to confide in & advise each other on just about anything. Bobby I love you my friend and hope to reunite with you on the other side one day. I will miss you more than you will ever know.
Posted by Robert Hansen on 31st August 2012
The biggest smile and brightest light has just passed by us. How fortunate we have all been with uncle Bob in our lives, all the smiles and great times will forever be in my memories.
Posted by Barbara Sapp on 30th August 2012
I met Aggie first and was so impressed with her caring and upbeat personality. Then I met Bob and I knew it was a 'couple thing'. Bob always had a smile and twinkle in his eyes even though he had known me for just a short time. My husband was taken by Bob's concern for Aggie if he should lose his battle and leave her to face life alone. His devotion to Aggie will always be remembered.
Posted by Susan Morrow on 28th August 2012
Bob, you will be missed. Your smile, hugs & love of people made everyone around you feel special. You had a way of making people enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Although the time was short, I'm glad we were fortunate enough to meet you & your lovely wife, Aggie. We will treasure the memories of our time spent with you both.
Posted by Danielle Hansen-Mahar on 27th August 2012
Oh Uncle Bob, how I adored you. Go be with my daddy now and you guys have a million laughs like you would do when you were together. Some of my favorite memories we visiting you and the family in AZ. I will forever remember your 80th birthday party. YOur charm and humor were never lost. You will missed terribly and loved for always!!!
Posted by Steph McInturf on 27th August 2012
Bob - No words can express what a privilege and joy it is to have the opportunity to know you. You and Aggie always welcomed me with open arms. Your joy, your spirit during my last couple of visits was a blessing...I'll miss your laugh! Thank you for your legacy - no doubt it carries on through Lars and the incredible man, husband & father he is. Much love to you all!
Posted by Lon Miley on 27th August 2012
We will miss you, Bob!! Thank you for taking such good care of Lisa over the years, we know you treated her like your daughter! You did a great job with raising your kids, they are wonderful and loving, kind just like their dad.God"s blessing upon you and your family! Lon & Jan
Posted by Debbie Hull on 27th August 2012
Uncle Bob was truly the prize we all want in the cracker jack box. Just being around him was uplifting. Dave & I are so glad we got to come out and spend time with you two. A funny, loving fantastic husband will be so missed. Ok, truthfully I didnt think he was the best driver so he probably doesn't have a chariot in heaven but he could be directing traffic!!!! Love and miss ya uncle bob.
Posted by Corky Matthews on 27th August 2012
As a new guy from Ohio in town (Payson) 12 years ago it was a lucky day meeting the Hansens at our monthly Merchant Marine veterans meeting in PHX. I will forever value the friendship that quickly developed and all the activities we shared together. This mariner, my friend has now crossed the bar.
Posted by Mary Hansen on 26th August 2012
Bob, you were the the best brother in law a gal could have, even after all said and done you were still there for me with out any criticism. The many fun times we had. The great visits with Aggie and kids. All great memories that I will never let go. Until we meet again. Love,Mary
Posted by John Foy Jr. on 24th August 2012
Bob was a true patriot and loved to meet annually with his USAF rescue boat buddies that he served witth in Korea. Bob was a giver voluunteering his time with the Honor Guard and the hospital here in Payson. He never complained and had a great peersonality. I will miss him dearly, People in HEAVEN are lucky to have such a wonderful peson. Goodbye my friend.
Posted by Lori Kabrick on 24th August 2012
Lars and Lisa, What a GREAT man in your life. He will be dearly missed but NEVER forgotten. Keep his memories close to your heart always. Love you both
Posted by Sharon Miley on 24th August 2012
I remembered Bob as always being a fun-loving man who really enjoyed life. His love for family was very evident in his conversations. It was a privilege to know him and I will also miss him. Thanks to the family for setting up this memorial tribute. Sending love and hugs to all!
Posted by Nadine Hightower on 24th August 2012
Bob, you were a very special guy. I'm glad to have known you and send my sincerest condolences to Aggie and all of your family.

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