Posted by Polyna Harasz on November 20, 2020
My condolences to each of the family members who have had your hearts broken by Bob's transition. I pray that soon you will be able to look back without sadness at all the beautiful memories made with him. Bob was always nice and kind to me and our family and we will remember him fondly. This beautiful tribute shows a life well lived and a man well loved, full of friends, and accomplishments. And thats a joyful thing to see. Thank you for including us in these memorial pictures.
Our hearts go out to you. Much love from George, Poly, Nick & Luc.
Posted by Katherine Harasz on November 13, 2020
Karen and family, what a beautiful tribute to Bobby! The photos show an abundance of family, friends and fun, a life well lived. My sympathies for your loss.

I am trying to get this printed for my mom ... she struggles with technology.  I am also going to try and get the link to her, I think she would enjoy the photos. 

Peace to you all - I hope you soon have the time and space to look back with joy at Bob’s life well lived, without sadness or a sense of loss. Until then, be well. 
Posted by Ailena Patterson on November 6, 2020
You are the first man I ever loved, the first man I ever trusted, the first man I looked up to, the first man I wanted to make proud... You have always been a man of your word. I can remember you going to work and no matter how tired you were you would always make time for Zebe an I....... I remember playing tennis in the street and trying to keep the ball from going in the gutter, crawling up in your lap in the recliner in your room and watching the game with you, making you egg sandwiches for breakfast, you teaching me how to tie my shoes at the dining room table, trying to build an airplane out of wood and stapling my finger to wood and you pulled it out, going to the Albertsons and trying not to stop and make every green light ( by the way I finally figured out how you always knew when to snap your fingers and make the light turn green)You have worked hard in your life and encouraged me to go to school and told me I could do it even when I didn’t think I could. You have helped me way more then I deserve and have always been there for me when I needed you most. So I just want to say thank you for being my daddy, thank you for all of our family traditions like going to Manny’s for Thanksgiving, San Remo’s for Christmas and going out on the boat for the 4th of July but most of all thank you for loving me unconditionally....

I love you so much daddy, I miss you more then you will ever know...... until we can be together again❤️
Posted by Karen Sowden on November 6, 2020
Baby, I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for who you are, how you loved me and changed my life, and what we did together. You were a loving, devoted, and supportive father and grandfather. You were generous with your affection and time, willing to share whatever you had with others. You were genuine and always told the truth. You were kind and loyal and always there. You were optimistic and forward looking. You bravely faced any challenge. You were intelligent, eager to teach and never making others feel they weren’t. You were patient and determined.

You loved me unconditionally. You’d rather be together than apart. You let me be me. You encouraged me, respected me, and supported me. You gave me a family, a gift I cherish and couldn’t live without. You loved my family happily joining with us. You introduced me to sailing sparking a love for boating and the water that will never leave me. You shared your friends making them mine too. You made me laugh and smile and cry.

I have so many memories of our time together. My first race on Trump, thank you Kerry, and all the craziness that followed. Sailboat races too numerous to count. Cruising Florida and the Abacos, how I miss the pretty water right now. Vintage car races in Sebring. Fourth of July with the kids. Caring for you. The list is long but not as long as I wanted.

This is not goodbye. You are a part of me and everyone who loves you. You truly live on in your family. Now you touch us through our hearts and memories.

Love you Baby
Posted by Paul Alfano on November 5, 2020
I fondly remember both Zebe and Marc’s and Kaitlyn and Corey’s weddings when we led a long conga line to the Macho Man tune! Great times. Always enjoyed our golf games in St Augustine with Marc and Tristan. You are a great dad and grandfather that will leave great memories with everyone. I will think of you often. RIP.
Posted by Dolores Judd on November 5, 2020
To a wonderful ex-son in law who was a wonderful father to my two granddaughters. May you rest in peace. Dee
Posted by Nanci Schreier Donhoff on November 5, 2020
Brother Bob, my Idol, I have loved you all of our lives! You have always been a kind and generous man! You’ve lived your dreams, have 2 wonderful daughters, and a wonderful, loving wife! You’ve always opened your heart to family and friends! I can’t think of a more loving person! Your sense of humor is above reproach! Lol I will miss you more than you can ever
Imagine. You are a rock among men! Love you! , Nanci
Posted by Zebe Sowden Alfano on November 4, 2020
I miss you so much Daddy Lou!! You left sooner then I was ready for, and my heart is completely broken. There would never have been enough time with you, and I am grateful for the time we had. You will be forever missed and I will keep your memory alive with stories about you, your dad jokes, blueberry pancakes, boat rides, baseball games, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, Eagles, and all the oldies I used to sit and listen to with you that gave me an appreciation for great music. I will love you forever and I miss you more then I even thought was possible. Love your,Zebe Lou
Posted by Karen Sowden on November 4, 2020
Love you Baby

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