Let the memory of Bob be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on February 15, 1942 in Seattle, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on October 13, 2016 in Mt Vernon, Washington, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert "Bob" Hogan, 74, born on February 15, 1942 and passed away on October 13, 2016. We will remember him forever.

The family would appreciate any stories, pictures, or tributes added by visitors to our lifelong memorial website for future generations. 

Posted by Jack Volkel on 2nd May 2017
Bob created a special, indelible place in our memories, and there he will continue to live.
Posted by Sandra Lefevre on 23rd February 2017
It was nice to visit and see the photos of him. Makes me miss him more. Love Sandra
Posted by James Villas on 3rd November 2016
As I recall, it was about 1968 when this tall good-looking young man in his 20s stepped into my office. Bob was seeking an opportunity to advance his career. We introduced ourselves as we shook hands, and began to evaluate each other. I wanted to know if Bob could articulate our story to CEOs of small companies in Southern California. I'm sure Bob wanted to know how wise it would be to join a dozen guys who were crazy enough to take on a monopoly called AT&T in 1968. We were a good match for each other, because two years later, we became part of a fortune 500 company, and Bob spent his next decades in the telecommunications industry. It's been more than 40 years since I've seen Bob, however I have thought of him fondly, from time to time. Probably, because that's what one does when he gets older, and Bob was part of an exciting time in my life when our small group was willing to challenge AT&T's monopoly, and creat a new industry. Many of us are better, because you were a part of our life then, and we got to know you for a little while, Goodbye my friend, RIP Jim Villas
Posted by Earl Nelson on 26th October 2016
I first met Bob over 50 years ago in Los Angeles. Myself, and two others , had started a Telecommunications Company. My friend, Jim Altman, came to me one day and wanted me to meet this guy who worked for Lipton Tea. He said he was sharp, personable and came across very professional. Also said he was really a fun guy. All of those adjectives proved to be correct. I’ll never forget the Business Trip Bob, Jean Stiegemeier & I took to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. In the Orient, especially in those days, a good deal of attention was paid to the “Boss/Leader”. Proper respect MUST be shown to the lead person. At that time, I happen to hold that title and Hogan played it to the hilt. It was Mr Nelson this and Mr Nelson that. He would get my chair at a meeting, always make sure he got the door and would inquire as to my well being constantly. Jean and I thought it was hilarious but I’m sure our hosts thought of him as attentive. Our first home in LA was in Redondo Beach. We lived there for a couple of years then decided to sell. I advertised the home as having an ocean view. We were having a gathering at our home one evening when a prospective buyer shows up. Hogan immediately took charge of the situation and began showing the prospect through the property. The flamboyance he would employ in introducing each room was hilarious. It was so entertaining that there was a line of house guests following them around just so they could hear Bob’s sales pitch. Admittedly, I may have over stated the quality of our Ocean View. Bob took the man to our front porch. He asked him to hold onto the roof drain pipe and lean to his right. “There you have it Mr. Smith, isn’t that a majestic ocean view.” RESULT: No sale but lots of laughs. Fifty years of wonderful memories. I love Bob, I love Linda, I love Brady and I love Heather. I thank Jim Altman for introducing us and I thank the lord for giving us such a close friendship.
Posted by Sandra Lefevre on 20th October 2016
Bob was an incredible man. We have so many fond memories with him, family holidays, birthday celebrations, boating trips to Canada, so much fun, dining, great food and wine. Bobs creamed onions are in our hall of fame family cookbook. We will miss you so much. You gave us a gift by sharing your life with me and my kids. Thank you, RIP will see you again. Love Sandy (Sandra)
Posted by Aly Barger on 19th October 2016
We will miss you grandpa bob. You were an incredible person, dad, father in law, grandpa & husband to linda. You fought a long hard battle!! We are all sad to say goodbye :(

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