Posted by Regina Burke on July 18, 2021
I've been thinking about you past few days. And I was looking someone up on Google and your name came up. I was shocked to know you passed and I've had you on my mind. Remember when we met. It was a crowded Duke's maybe couple hundred people. I walked in and went right over to say hello to you. I didn't know you and you didn't know me. It didn't matter. ELECTRIC! I was so young. Marion and Blanche said she's too young. 
I would have came to your memorial service had I known sooner. 
Posted by Cathy Ott on July 1, 2021
I can't even remember a time without Uncle Bobby, "Big Bobby," being there. His loss is very hard to accept, and I especially hurt for his children because I too have lost a beloved parent this year. My heart goes out to all who loved him; so many did.
Posted by Richard Damerau on July 1, 2021
To the Family and Friends of Bob Ott.
Deep condolences and sorrow for your loss. Rick Damerau
Posted by Ann Damerau on July 1, 2021
We met when I was 15 and you were 16, 55 years ago. As your first wife and mother to our Loving and Wonderful Son, Bobby...and co-Grandparent for our Amazing Savannah and Bobby...I have so many memories. For those who don't really know you, a piece of your puzzle, I that throughout your life, you were underestimated in your abilities, by far too many people. I know how smart you truly were, how your kindness helped many and how deeply you Loved. I know that you had an abundance of inner strength and courage. Early on. it was clear that you and I needed to travel different paths. Through many years,
and many challenges, our true Friendship continued and we were never too busy to back each other up and share goodness and Family. Always wishing you well, my Friend and knowing you will continue to watch over and care for Our Loved Ones.
Posted by Ann Damerau on July 1, 2021
The Following is written by Robert James Ott to His Father, Robert Matthew Ott, upon his Death...

Dear Dad,

It has taken more of my energy, thoughts and strength to share this with you, than I realized it would be. Seems like yesterday, but it was truly long ago, since I became Blind. For the truth is, that I still do see, in my mind, all of what life was and is for me. In seeing this way, I can see all of what you and I were about, through our years together. It is here, in my room,, looking down at me.

Our times together may have seemed to many, as just good old fun, but the truth is that I learned so much from you. I learned one thing or another each time I was with you. Every place we went, the people knew you. Today where I live on the other side of the country, Dad...people know me. This comes from what you have shared and given to me.

When I became blind, I began to understand that many words we use are not realistic. It is clear to me that words such as "fair" or "forever" or maybe even "permanent" are just words without true meaning. There is nothing that is Fair or Forever and we all know there is nothing that is truly Permanent. With that being said, Dad, while I am alive, what you shared with me and gave me from your character in life, will be a part of me and will stay with me, until I join you in death. I thank you from my heart and cry from my soul, Dad. I am hurting and miss you terribly, Dad.

As I end this time in sharing my feelings, I want you to know, Dad, that each of the beautiful children that you have helped come into this world and each of the children you guided and shared your Life and Love with, are true warriors with Lust, Passion and a Drive that will never let them be stopped. This comes from you, Dad, for you never let a wall you came to face, stop you.

As the tears are coming down my face, I can only end this by letting you know, that everything I shared with you in this letter, I have been able to see. Your Spirit is my Light and it is clear that my missing you, will not overpower my Love for you.

Your Son,

Posted by Jim Ott on July 1, 2021
Its taken me time to come to terms with my brothers passing. The last 5 years + were not the best for my brother. I visited him at several different hospitals, different rehabilitation centers, and lastly the Deptford Center. Through it all he never stopped dreaming and talking about his plans. He never gave up. I enjoyed my weekly visits with him and now realize how important they were to me. It was bad enough missing them because of being in FL part of the year, then COVID came and there were no visits. Finally they started allowing 15 minute visits. I got there every week I was in NJ and looked forward to him calling me with his list of stuff to bring. I would have been visiting him and bringing stuff last week. Now I am faced with no more visits, it doesn't feel good and has left a big void in my life.
My brother was limited in what he could do but he was still larger than life at the Deptford Center. I could sense it during our phone calls and see it when I was visiting him at the Deptford Center. Most times the visits would start out by checking in at the front desk with Desiree and it was obvious to me I was there to visit a celebrity (my brother).
Him and I lived quite different lives over these many decades but I am so grateful for the past 10 years we got to share.
I love my brother Big Bob, he was an amazing person who loved life, never gave up and dreamed big. I want to make him proud I was his brother.
Posted by Paige Sands-McMenamin on July 1, 2021
Ahhhh my heart hurts that I won’t see you smiling and saying hi! You always had a plan to help w activities ie: dance classes and you wanted to run for council president this year. And I know you would have won and OWNED it ❤️ I will miss you and our talks about your cars and life. But my favorite conversations were about your girls and grandchildren… you loved them so very much and they loved you just as much back ! Rest easy my friend !
Posted by Kristina Higgins on June 30, 2021
Papa Ott. You truly were one of a kind. Between your humor and smart Alec remarks their was never a frown in your presence. Between your stories from growing up or talking about a new girlfriend you always kept the room engaged. Your kids loved you dearly and you’ve made anyone feel like family around you if you truly saw the real meaning of their soul. Between the ups and downs you never gave up. So papa Ott I truly will miss you and had wished this crazy world was a little different so you could of had more visitors and don’t worry I won’t let anyone speak ill will cause you know I got your babies back through it all. Don’t cause to much havoc up there, we still need an entry when our time is up. Much love papa ott and may your soul rest easy.
Posted by reggie sears on June 30, 2021
I didn't know him but I knew his brother Jim and I met his Dad several times. Jim and I had several talks about him and his struggle with his life because my youngest has similar problems . I know Jim loved his brother very much and I also know Jim knew he wasn't the brother he grew up with so please do not judge him for his addictions . I think God has a special place for people with addictions they hate there life but are not strong enough to get control of there life's. He's in place where he belongs free from pain . I pray he is finally at peace !
Posted by Angela Okeefe on June 30, 2021
Hey dad!! So here we are. The moment that I have dreaded my whole life. I’m kinda lost right now. I wish you could give me a sign that you are ok and happy. I want you to know that this was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. I know in my brain in was the right one but my heart, is broken. “ look at the big picture, Ang”,
You use to say that all the time to me. I guess thats what I had to do to make this decision.

I hope you are finally enjoying your life. Living in that big house in the sky made of all windows. Dancing and singing….seeing grandma and grandpa. Causing ruckus with Big Mike and hopefully getting along with Ronnie. Behave you!

This isn’t a good bye because I know I will see you again but for now it’s a see you later.
I love you forever until my last breath. Until we meet again. Love you always , Angela

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