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Shared by Alan Van Heest on April 23, 2019

I would have loved to have gotten together with Robert just one more time.  I will always shed a tear from this point forward every time he comes to mind.  I am deeply saddened by this sudden loss and of all the people I left behind when I relocated to Alpharetta Ga in 1996, Robert Miller was and is at the TOP of that list.  My heart cries....Alan

Shared by Jimi Bonaro on April 19, 2019

Although I have not seen Robert in many many years I have many fond memories of Robert from my youth growing up next door to the Miller family on Holy Drive.  One memory I have is when I was being bullied by the guy down the street, (Eric D) Robert offered to teach me how to Box to protect myself. What actually happened was I was invited down to the Miller's basement where Robert had his punching bags and all his boxing equipment. He then proceeded to use me as a punching bag! I quickly decided that boxing was not for me! I also remember Robert buying all my Beatles albums from me for $25 which he told me was a great deal!  

I always looked up to Robert as he treated me better than my own brothers did while I was growing up and talk to me like a friend although there was a 5 year age gap. 

I wish him a smooth journey on the other side of this life. Peace to all who loved him. JB

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