the night we danced.

Shared by terri turner on January 23, 2011

The Night We Danced, I will never forget the night we danced, you  looked so handsome,and  you told me that I  looked so pretty.People stopped to watch us dance, and i enjoyed that night like I was in heaven.i WOULD  give anything to do that all over again and again with you. I fell in love with you three years ago ,and everyday with you was an experience. You were funny and sometimes we'd argue but  we knew  just  how much we meant to each other, there wasnt nothing  that i woulndt do for you. When youd wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me to rub your stomach,and then youd fall back asleep, Id lay there and  listen to you snore.We didnt let three hours go by without talking to each other no matter what.  Thats when  I  knew  that something was wrong11 I hadnt heard from you in four hours and you didnt come home for two days.Then I was woke by something on my foot , I woke up long enough to look at my foot and then smile and  then in that same secound i fell  back to sleep. tHAT WAS AT 3;45 am Jan 2, 2011. Now i dont know if that was you  , but  i do know this, thats what yopud always do if you wanted me awake. Robert , losing you , is  the worst most painfullest thing ive ever had to feel. I do know in my heart i will see you again, and we will be togther.AND  Im so sorry that your  mom and brother acted that way at  your funeral, if  i could have changed that i would have. and you know that. AND God works in misterious ways. And there day will come, I  still can hear your voice .And i when i do , i know that im on my way to you.    baby  I love you.  always yours terri lynn turner. say what again,,,,,,,

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