Shared by Nancy Carver on April 9, 2012

Robin liked to laugh and enjoy family.  He loved his holidays like christmas and moms thanksgiving dinner.  Mother loved to cook and Robin enjoyed it to and she enjoyed the phone calls when he was cooking cornbeef, or doing his turkey she loved it and i think he did too.  Going into the service to fight in vietnam took a toll on him, he was awarded 2 purple hearts of which we were always so proud of him. He made a home for his wife and family and took care of his loving grandchildren they were the love of his life.  I wish he could have stayed longer to watch them grow up but im sure God has given him a fishing pole and told him to rest and enjoy as he sits on the side of a great lake full of trout and catfish.   I love you Robin, i didnt say it enough.

your sister Nancy

The man i knew

Shared by Michelle Klump on January 21, 2012

Robyn was stern but he liked to laugh, also he loved his family. he was very protective of the little ones. He really loved the grand babies. when my mom was dying he drove all night to get my sister to vegas in time to say good bye before she passed and they made it, as tired as he was from then drive after mom passed he stay for her momorial bbq before driving all the way back to new mexico on not alot of sleep. he always asked about me and mine when we spoke. always asked about my dad and the rest of the family. Robyn will be missed by all those that knew him and loved him. my love and prayers to his loved ones... 

The Robin that I knew

Shared by Chrystal Roe on January 21, 2012

Robin was a Vietnam veteran who loved to camp, fish, hunt,go to Vegas and spend time with his family. He raised two children, Brandon and Jaime. He was Married to his wife Janet for 35 years. He has recently been doing Grandpa duty for four little girls and 1 little boy.  He was very good at this detail and he enjoyed it much more than he would admit. The babies thought he was the best thing since sliced bread and vied for position on his lap and at his side. He was a fan of the Atlanta Braves baseball team and converted myself and one of the girls as well. He also routed for( and often cussed at) the Dallas Cowboys football team. He never met an animal that he didn't like and they all seemed to feel the same way about him. He was well liked and deeply loved by his family and freinds alike and none of us will ever be the same now that he is gone from us. I do believe that maybe we are a little bit better for having known him, I know that I am. 

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