Posted by James Nichols on February 4, 2021
Robyn, whatever I come up with to write here isn't gonna be good enough, so, you should know... There's not a day that goes by, that I don't think of you, or see your face. My one wish for you, My hope... is you're at peace... I think you'd be really proud of everybody... We all miss you so much.

Love, Beast.
Posted by Amy Manley on February 4, 2021
I love you so much and it’s crazy it’s been 4 years without you. You would love this snow and playing with the kids. You were always a kid at heart.  They really miss you. We will find a random sketch or drawing sometimes and I love the reminder. I hope to see you in my dreams because I miss you so much.
Posted by Natalie Siebel on February 4, 2021

I miss you so much...

Posted by Renee Nichols on February 4, 2021
Good morning ...making a snow angel in your honor today...miss and love you,Robyn.
Posted by Robert Rauch on February 4, 2021
Robyn, miss you and love you so much
Posted by Robert Rauch on December 25, 2020
Merry Christmas Robyn
Posted by Robert Rauch on September 18, 2020
Happy birthday Robyn, I so miss you. Its going to be Halloween soon, your favorite. Think of you every day, you will live in my heart forever
Posted by Amy Manley on September 18, 2020
Dude, I feel like you should still be here. Fall is coming. Halloween. All the things you love. I hope you are somewhere enjoying things and looking over us. The kids miss you so much. You were always so fun and like a child and they absolutely adored you. We have found some of your drawings and sketches. I hope to find Ian's baby pillow that you wrote on. There are always reminders of you and I love going to the Arboretum to "see" you. You are forever a star baby. I love you
Posted by Renee Nichols on September 18, 2020
Thinking of you today and even more so during these cooler Fall-like days which you loved so much maybe your spirit is enjoying a day at the Arboretum ,I hope so.. Love you and Happy Birthday Robyn!
Posted by Robert Rauch on June 6, 2020
Robyn, you would not believe the nonsense going on now. Covid19 pandemic, started in China now covered the entire planet. Everyone wears a face mask. Now someone was killed and the whole USA is rioting and burning. This is certainly an odd, unique year . So wish you were here I need you and love you so much. I still cry every day

Posted by Robert Rauch on May 18, 2020
Really missing you today. You would be having fun with the virus nonsense going on around the world. Love you so much
Posted by Renee Nichols on February 5, 2020
February 4th will always be Robyn's Day to me...miss you.
Posted by Robert Rauch on February 3, 2020
Robyn, are you my guardian angel watching over me? Remember when you were wheezing and watched me play sega? I have the old sega games again, shining force, on my tablet. I know you are still watching me play.
Posted by Robert Rauch on November 11, 2019
Robbie, Halloween is over, one of your favorite times. It will be cold tonight,bought an electric heater but some assembly required. Remember I could not put the grill together?
The next time that I meet you
Will be at heavens door
you will be there to meet me
And I will cry no more
I will put my arms around you
And kiss your beautiful face
And then this broken heart of mine
Will fall back into place
Posted by James Nichols on September 19, 2019
Hey Beautiful!


I'm writing this at 9:18pm. Didnt plan that, I actually forgot my password to sign on here, lol.... Big surprise, me forget something!? "Inconceivable!"
Anyway, I know your birthday technically kinda just started, so I hope you're partying "till the break a dawn yo!" LOL! I know we talk and hang out everyday, but, I guess this is a little cathartic for me; to do this, feels like a group conversation.(hi everybody ;)
Lately I've been wondering if you're living through me, or I'm honoring what I assume would be your wishes for me? Like you're coaching me or something.... Idk.... I'm sure you're busier than ever now, lol, answering to all of us. (Yeah you're missed babe! You're missed a whooooole lot!)
It's weird, at the start, when you left, everything
seemed dull and watered down, now I swear everything is seeming brighter and full of even more magic! Kinda like you :) well.... Anyway, that's all I got for now.... Until then, I hope you're cruising the cosmos, and absorbing allt eh brilliant colors, sights and sounds we're all missing.... So, Have a Happy Birthday, we all miss you, and think about you everyday, every, every, every, everyday! And just just know, we're all trying to put are best foot forward and make the world as bright as you saw it.... I love you, We all love you, and miss you something terrible.... Safe travels. Talk to you tomorrow....

Happy Birthday!
Star Beast.

P. S. I think it's safe to say we're all saving waaaaay more spiders because of you. Which is why I think there's been an Uptick in sightings. ALSO are you opposed to ouija boards!? LMAO! Is that fake!?
Posted by Renee Nichols on September 19, 2019
Hi Robyn,,,a beautiful day that would've been made better if you could've been here to share it with us...but your spirit was here urging us to enjoy all.. changing trees,noisy birds,warm air,the soon-to-be-gone flowers,our veggie garden,and even the bugs(which didn't really creep you out). I hope you're having wonderful times and maybe you're busy being someone's guardian'd be so good at it. Happy Birthday!
Posted by James Nichols on May 13, 2019
Robyn, remember the time you asked me if there were any songs I listened to that made me think of you? And I gave you two, remember!? Wait, who are we kidding, of course you do.... What I should have said, what I really wish I could have gone back in time, and told you, is that, there is no music without you. AND THEN slow danced....
Thinking of you always. Haloed in sun. Dressed in starlight.
Love, Jimmy.
Posted by Robert Rauch on February 5, 2019
Was a very emotional day Robbie, went to work but No one saw me crying , I don't think so. Nightmare seems like yesterday. Did you see my poem? I wrote it for you guess was not very good. Just two years ago today my world my life ended. I know you want me to go on, not to grieve, but I am not that strong.. Now the crying overwhelms me. Oh Robbie come back, come back come back, I love you so much
Posted by Renee Nichols on February 5, 2019
A typical dreary February day but you would've found a way to brighten it
with a comment,observation or kind gesture..just one of the many things I
miss about you.You're thought of and talked about often,each of us with our own stories...thank you Robyn..
Posted by James Nichols on February 4, 2019
  there's never a day that goes by that, I don't think about you, (I'm hoping you know that) or that your memory graces me during my stay here. A lot of the time I'm startled back to reality after having found I've drifted off thinking about you, haha. Mom thinks about you alot as well, we talk about you from time to time which is good. Sometimes fighting back tears sometimes laughing. Haha.
I still look up to to see if Betelgeuse has gone supernova yet, but it hasn't ( but I'm sure you know that too, you have a waaaay better view than me, what a sight that'll be! haha.) Well, anyways....
Always looking up, Always missing you, Always thinking about you.
love you tonses.
Posted by Robert Rauch on January 31, 2019
I thought about you today
but that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday
and days before that too
I think of you in silence
I often speak your name
All I have are memories
And your picture frames
Your memory is a keepsake
From which I will never part
God has you in his arms
I have you in my heart
Posted by Robert Rauch on September 18, 2018
Happy birthday Robyn, 37 years old, I think about you, cry, every day, is so unfair that you are taken away
Posted by Natalie Siebel on September 18, 2018
Happy 37th Birthday Robyn. The arboretum was beautiful today. Never seen so many butterflies at a time. And all these crazy squirrels flying around. Then the little bits of rain that came through.  Had your bisque too that we always got. Can't wait for your memorial brick to be set in. Miss you - Gir
Posted by Renee Nichols on September 18, 2018
I'm celebrating you in my heart today(and it was a beautiful almost Fall day).
Our family conversations often include you(happy,sad,crazy and bittersweet) so you see,you're spirit remains.Happy Birthday...miss you much.
Posted by James Nichols on September 18, 2018
Happy Birthday Robyn!
I just want you to know that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. You made me feel so much in life, and you still continue to do so. I was greatful then, and I'm greatful now. So very greatful.
(so many emotions right now, I'm sorry)
In life I'll carry those thoughts and things you held dear, close to my heart, mind and soul; So that it might make it easier for you to find me and we can share a moment in stillness.
Today, I'm going to be with nature. I love you, miss you always.
(star beast)
Posted by Amy Manley on September 18, 2018
I miss your face. I'm mad you're gone. It feels like yesterday. Alayna still asks for you. We've saved a box that has your drawings on it of Pikachu. Happy 37th up above or where you are ;) I love you so damn much and I try to make you proud every day. You are always with me
Posted by Renee Nichols on February 4, 2018
Hard to believe 1 year has passed...although this is a sad date it also brings to mind past conversations,memories and happier times.You have a space in my heart always.Missing you.
Posted by Robert Rauch on October 29, 2017
Robyn, it's October, we are going to Boston for Halloween. I miss you so much, have cried so much. We were so close,as close as a dad and daughter can be, and so alike. We both were fascinated by insects and spiders, unique ability in physics. The pain of your loss is excruciating, there is a void in my heart.remember, you said you would take care of me for all of my life.
Posted by Amy Manley on September 19, 2017
God, I miss you so much. Yesterday was hard but beautiful at the same time. It was great to meet up with Natalie and Karl at Berto's. Anna subs! Walking in Lyman woods with fizzy pop and Jinxy 2.0 was cathartic and beautiful. I see so much of you in the crazy babies and I'm grateful for that. I'll always miss my little sister. Happy Birthday
Posted by Renee Nichols on September 19, 2017

I think of you often and miss the updates that were happening in your life,I'd like to think you've met Jaquie and are sharing family stories(you were so much a part of ours).Happy Birthday!
Posted by Natalie Siebel on September 18, 2017
Happy 36th Birthday Robbie.. tried to celebrate like we always did. We watched the Futurama episode with Nibbler's birthday, had Anna Sub without onion, hot tea, listened to Katatonia and Pain etc. Visited Lyman Woods and the Arboretum. Lobster bisque for dinner. Some of the best memories I've had with/of her :) Miss you Robyn!!
Posted by Jenn Nichols on September 18, 2017
Robyn, I wonder if you have any idea what a big impression you made on this earth, even though you always walked on it so lightly. I think of you often and am glad all of us Nichols had the chance to know you. Happy birthday. Hope you're spending it with the spirits of trees and animals.
Posted by James Nichols on September 18, 2017
We can't be where you are today

And we can't feel, what you feel today

And we can't see, what you see from there

And we can't feel the love, you feel there

But we know....
It was hard for you....

Just like its hard for us....
To be with out you.
Posted by Robert Rauch on September 17, 2017
Robyn, happy birthday tomorrow, had a candle and ice cream for you today,miss you so much. Still cry every day.Robyn i need your strength to carry on, will you help me, please?
Posted by Laurie Crozier on June 5, 2017
Just got done looking at it..... She sure was Special. I liked the photo gallery. I could watch her grow up. From the little sweety I remember babysitting into the lovely lady she grew into. ❤❤❤❤❤ You are missed Robyn.
Posted by Robert Rauch on April 11, 2017
The saddest time of my life. Robyn was so sweet,loving, gentle,yet she faced more than her share of storms.One particular storm was finally ending and the future looked sunny and bright, but life was taken from her. I always got a hug every day before going to work,every day. I will continue to get a hug every day.....forever
Posted by Richard Jarman on March 10, 2017
I am sorry for writing this note so long after but I needed to write something. Robyn was a student in my chemistry class one year ago. When the term began she was shy and maybe a little awkward. After a bit she summoned the nerve to visit me in my office and there began a tradition of conversations. For whatever reason, Robyn was very excited by chemistry (thrilling for me!) and spoke often of her desire to get into my honors chemistry class this coming fall semester. I know she would have done well as she did really well in the class last year.

We also talked a lot about beer, and Robyn often surprised me with a bottle or two. I was so touched. I will miss her so much. Robyn was the kind of student that makes one come to class.

I am left with a folder of emails that she had sent me over the past year. At least I have those.
Posted by April Manley-Brady on February 6, 2017

You will forever be missed. Your beautiful soul will live on in our hearts. Fly high our beautiful Angel. You have touched so many people in your short time here. We will reminisce and keep your memory alive forever. We love you Beautiful!
Posted by Natalie Siebel on February 6, 2017
Robyn, I still want to see Lego batman with you. Hopefully you can join in spirit when I'm ready. I wish I can hug and hold you right now. I miss playing video games and eating baked clams. You sure loved your seafood. You will always be my best friend. Thank you for being there. Thank you for helping me constantly in school or when I had a problem. I wish I could of saved you this time. I always saved you before. Wish i was there to protect you again. Til we meet again my rocking robyn bird.

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