Posted by Michelle Bailey on May 22, 2020
Grandma, my how I miss you. It has been 9 years without you and I still can’t believe you are not here to see me grow as an amazing mom. I work so hard to make you and Mikey proud. I sent another angel there please keep them safe. I wish so many times that I can just see your face again, have a conversation, eat carbs (your favorite), and give you a cup of E&J and coke. I love you sooooo much my ray of sunshine
Posted by Michelle Bailey on March 14, 2015
Happy Birthday Grandma!!! I know your enjoying it. Oh how much I wish you were here. But I know you came for a visit last week. I Wish you could see your second great granddaughter she is a handful. I love and miss you so much. There's so much I Need to talk to you about. Give Mikey a kiss for me
Posted by Michelle Bailey on June 2, 2014
Hello Grandma it has been so long since I have wrote you. I miss you so much. I wish I could see you. Its been so long. Everything is ok down here. I pray your watching over Aunt Crissy. I love you and miss you so much
Posted by Michelle Bailey on January 20, 2014
Hello my sweet angel. Where do I begin. Your great grand baby knows exactly who grandma and Mikey is. I will get to tell her so much about you. I miss seeing your face and hearing your voice. Just thinking about you puts a smile on my face. You are missed. I could talk to you about anything I could ask you anything and you would have the answers to the dumbest questions I asked. Having a child without you I thought waa impossible but shhe gives me every bit of security that you are here in every way. Now you haven't came to visit me yet. I still have some unspoken words with you young lady lol. Most of them is just about how much I love you and how much I just want to hug my grandmother again and be by your side. If I had to do this journey all over again I would except I would have been around a lot more just to bug you with all the silly things I can't bug you with now. Can you believe your fatgirl picking up some weight lol I thought I would be small forever. I went from your truck driver to your fay girl lol. I dont think I ever told you this but you were an awesome woman. You did so much for everyone and you speak life into the world. Your sister charmaine cut her hair and my goodness does she remind me of you lol. I just want to enjoy my grandmother again. See you may be have tea with you. Do something we never done together. You tsught Kayla how to smile lije you and it melts me all the time. I love you grandma I love you so much. Im going to make you proud and be as good of a mother as you were. Guess I have to go to sleep now I love you and miss you!
Posted by Jacquline Gordon on October 18, 2013
Missing you like crazy, staying more to myself. Just go to work, then come home. On my days off the kids beg me to come see them, some time I do. Just need some me time,always tired.Tears keep flowing, don't know why? Love you and miss you sssssoooooo much!!!!!!!
Posted by charlene coleman on July 27, 2013
Hey Ma I miss u like crazy, I really want to get out of Maryland everytime I ride through landover Im hoping to see Mikey or remember different places we lived. I hope u guys r sending angels down to protect our family. Everyone's going through it down here. I know u r taking care of my baby still no understanding. Love u until I see u again.
Posted by charlene coleman on May 21, 2013
I can almost read your mind, look at these big babies acting like a didn't teach them how to take care of themselves always needing mommy and believe me that's just how we feel. We need u help us LOL love u mommy rip and I know I don't have to ask u to keep your grandson out of trouble smh and Lamborghini at the same time
Posted by charlene coleman on May 21, 2013
Hey, Mommy I know u r looking down on us all and seeing that we r not doing good without u so many people need u here maybe you can come down and guide those that need u in the right direction. U r missed so much but of course your not surprise love u wish u were Herr and make sure I make it there to see u
Posted by charlene coleman on March 14, 2013
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Mommy I really miss u and hope that u reach down here and give me a helping hand. I don't know what to do next u always know what to do. Guide me in the right direction. And I know I don't have to ask u this but continue to take care of my baby and hug him for me everyday and tell him I love him. Love U and missing u so very much
Posted by Michelle Bailey on March 14, 2013
could. Continue to watch over us and please cover us. Its been hard without you. But we are making it. Please give your daughter the answers to my stupid questions lol. She didn't get any of that from you lol. I love you Grandma and miss you much much more. I know your enjoying the peace of mind. See you sooner than later!!!!!:*
Posted by Michelle Bailey on March 14, 2013
Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!!! I can't believe it has been two years, too long. My my my how I wish you were here. We had so much time to share so many memories to make. Seems like yesterday we were at your house just talking about any and everything. Making jokes and plans. I cherished the moments we spent together and the moments we don't because they allow me to love you more than I ever
Posted by Michelle Bailey on November 22, 2012
Posted by Michelle Bailey on November 10, 2012
Grandma I miss you soooo much. I wish u werr here to share life with yout great grandbaby. I started reading the bible, trying to get an understanding of god and my purpose in life. If I wouldve been started you would be here and we can go back a year and 51/2 months. Continue to watch over us especially your daughter!!! we love you and miss u. I wish u were here to answer my stupid ques.
Posted by Robin Hall on June 27, 2012
I think about so much all you taught us, from little one's. Now its time for us to seek God to help us continue on into our future. I know you had found and sought God, When you'd share scriptures with me, to be strong and carry on. I know God is fighting for us and we will have the victory, as many has been to my children. Thank you!!! In Jesus' Name, Amen.
Posted by charlene coleman on June 14, 2012
Hey Mom, hope u are taking care of my baby and keeping him out of trouble. During these days I really need your strength, your advice, your shoulder and your incouragement. If you can do me a big favor halla at the big guy above for me lol he listens to u and let him know we need him down here. I know u r getting a big laugh out of that love jossie wish u where here.
Posted by charlene coleman on June 10, 2012
Hey Jossie, I am trying to get ready for Michelle's babyshower and thinking of u and Mikey missing this moment please come by to check on us. It's really hard being here without u guys and I hope u r not having too much fun without us. Love U
Posted by charlene coleman on June 9, 2012
time Nina and Neya is really going through something too. Nina soul is so unhappy can u please go see her and make her feel better. I know u thought that we would be okay without u but guess what we really wasn't ready for u to go we needed u still okay!!!! okay!!!! I said I was leaving like three times this time I really going love u again peace
Posted by charlene coleman on June 9, 2012
her I think that she will feel so much better. So come holla at her lol love u and when u get this kick me some knowledge too. love u again and again wishing u where here. PS Chrissy and Chink is really going through some difficult times talk to the angels assigned to them and see if they can rescue them from all there pain. Oh yeah see I haven't talk to u in so long I want alot at one
Posted by charlene coleman on June 9, 2012
u. I dont know how it happened that two of my favorite people left me within a year but I still have old Chelley Bailey hanging in there with me every step of the way. She so sad and I just try to be strong for her hoping that I can take some of her pain away and I pray that god would relieve all of her pain and just give it to me cause she has been through too much. If you and Mikey visit
Posted by charlene coleman on June 9, 2012
Hey Jossie I really miss u so much, I miss all your words of incouragement and how you always know exactly what to do no matter what the situation is. I am facing the people and don't really know how to deal with them, I really need u here. They took my baby away from me as u know and I hope u r taking care of him as always. I love u guys so much I don't really know how to continue without
Posted by Michelle Bailey on June 4, 2012
Granny, I miss you so much. I have so many questions to ask and no one to answer them. I don't understand why Mikey had to go but I'm happy you and god stepped in when ya did... You always said the devil interfered with our family n that he did. I love you gma and wish you were here with us. I always wonder how life would be.... Until we meet again.... I love and miss you
Posted by Michelle Bailey on June 1, 2012
Listening to storys about you. But how come you haven't came back to see us. You told me that you would come see me.... I'm no longer afraid grandma....I don't know why this family go through so much. What are we doing wrong. Watch over mommy she's not doing too good and I hate to see her hurting. Please help us get justice for Mikey. I love you Gma and missss u sooo much
Posted by Michelle Bailey on June 1, 2012
Grandma, there is so much we need to talk about. I miss asking you dumb questions and you giving me the right answer. I don't know how I manage to stay sane these days. I think about all that time spent the last two years of your life and wish I had done sooo much more. You were the strength of our small family. Granny you changed lives. You gave so many courage. You were fearless. I love
Posted by Michelle Bailey on May 22, 2012
Life itself has yet to be the same. You and Mikey watch over us now. I had named the baby after you first. But now she's names after you and Mikey and I never knew Mikey name meant like god. What a powerful name for an even more powerful person. You are both loved. I have plenty more years to finish here and so do mommy. So please dnt take her away from me any time soon
Posted by Michelle Bailey on May 22, 2012
I know you came back and got your baby. He had a hard time after ypu left but gma I still needed him. You told me when I finally catches him and got him to air down for a while hold him and never let go. I tried but on that day I didn't hold on enough. Our conversation was different O always told u about my gut feelings but this time I ignored it.
Posted by Michelle Bailey on May 22, 2012
Grandma it has been a whole year without you physically here. Sometimes I sit in my room and talk to you and I just be waiting for you to answer. I want to share so much with you especially this pregnancy. But I know your looking down telling me you can handle it. I miss you sooo much. Words couldn't even describe . No one knows how I'm feeling but yet they say they understand n they don't
Posted by Marquette Harper on May 22, 2012
Hey Auntie missing u soooo much its alot on going on heart heavy nobody to talk to love when we would sit & talk Love u
Posted by Michelle Bailey on March 20, 2012
hello grandma... how is life up there? I know its beautiful. Just wanted to take time out my day to thank you for everything that you have done for me. And to let you know your second great granddaughter will be here soon and shes already showing her tail. On your birthday she was full of energy. I pray she was playing with you. Everyone misses you so much. I love you my dear!!!♥♥♥♥
Posted by Michelle Bailey on January 28, 2012
theres not a day that goes by that i dont think about you and wish you were here. its extremely hard. im left to fill some big shoes for our little side of the family. Ive turned into the backbone and only you could have allowed me and prepared me for this. Grandma I miss you sooo much, you were ny best friend, better yet my only friend. I missed the time we shared… I love you Granny

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