A day with Rodger - A lifetime of fun

Shared by Jason Osburn on April 30, 2019

When I was about 8, as many who read this may know, I was in the throes of traveling on my family's yacht, Decision, with my Mom, Dad, and Uncle (for a time a family friend joined us).  We were sailing the world. I had been on the boat since I was 3. 

During my eighth year, we were in Tel Aviv, Israel.  As usual, I was eager to get off of the boat and explore the new country we had landed on. Often, Rodger would take me on-shore and we'd cruise around together checking out the scene with all the rich sights and sounds of a new culture.  

In Tel-Aviv we did just that.  We set out on the city with the mission of finding some waffles (back in these days, we did not come across them easily in restaurants, and I loved them).  After a bit we found some and tI remember them as the best waffles of my life! haha I was a happy boy! 

After that, walking around, we found a place that sold toys.  Rodger asked me if I knew what a Frisbee was or if I'd ever thrown one.  I had not! He bought one and we went strolling to find a place to play.  We found a gorgeous park and Rodger proceeded to teach me how to throw a Frisbee.  

He was a very good instructor (and very patient ), and within a while I was able to do a basic throw.  Of course in between teaching me, he was showing off all his various throws he could do (under the leg, backhand, tomahawk,)...he was quite good!  I was dumbfounded and decided I wanted to learn to be as good as Rodger.  That start a long love affair with playing Frisbee!  I have played ever since, and taught myself (with more help on Rodgers part) to do all the throws he could, and more! I have many more great memories of playing Frisbee with Rodger over the span of my life...it was always so much fun.  I then learned to play Ultimate Frisbee, and even Frisbee Golf.  

Rodger imparted the gift of this fun sport to me, and it has brought me a lifetime of fun!  I doubt at the time he bought that Frisbee in Israel, he had any idea what he would start! :) 

Thanks, Rodger!! 

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