Posted by Carol Gerds on April 2, 2015
Hi Roger. I'm sorry this is late. I miss you so much, I really wish you were here. Please tell mom and Charlotte that I love them, and miss them. Tell Charlotte I'm not mad. I love all of you. This is so difficult.
Posted by Lavander Rocking on April 15, 2013
losing a great friend, sucks more than u know!, not only that i lost my gram and my mom within a yr a paart of eachother, Kathy if ur reading this plz contact me and Caity t/y
Posted by kathy bickham on December 5, 2012
Son I miss u so much hun.....I still cant beleive u are gone from me Love Ya Roger forever
Posted by Carol Gerds on March 28, 2012
It's been a year since you left us, Rog. I miss you more and more each day, and I will never stop loving you. The hole left in my heart, will never be filled. There is a song, and I mean every word of it to you. I can't wait to see you again!!
Posted by kathy bickham on September 28, 2011
It has been 6 months since you went away And I Miss you so much hun.....Mom Love You and I Wish you where here with me.....
Posted by Carol Gerds on September 28, 2011
Hey Roger. It's been 6 mons since you left us, and I miss you like it was yesterday. I love you, and I will never forget you.
Posted by kathy bickham on July 26, 2011
I Miss you so much son mom will see u soon hun Love You
Posted by kathy bickham on May 26, 2011
Happy Birthday Son !!! I Miss you so much hun...I Will Love You for ever and i think about you every day son.
Posted by Carol Gerds on May 23, 2011
I miss you, Roger. I really did love you, and in 3 days it is your birthday... Not sure how I will get through it..
Posted by kathy bickham on May 13, 2011
Love you hun and Miss u more than u know !!!!!
Posted by kathy bickham on April 30, 2011
Son i will love you for ever and ever I miss u so much in peace hun
Posted by Christine Selbi on April 1, 2011
i remember meeting roger,the one new year's eve party at lisa and william's house,it was a very nice person,my thoughts and prayers are with his family
Posted by Jonathan Dayton on April 1, 2011
I don't think mine went through. Roger, You were a great father, brother, son, FRIEND. You took me in when you didn't have to, surely God's graces are upon you. I miss you Roger, Miss having my friend. Surely we will meet again one day!
Posted by Malea Morris on March 31, 2011
May you Rest In Peace Roger, you will be forever missed and in your loved ones hearts for eternity.
Posted by Missy Damron on March 31, 2011
He was my husband, the father of my children and my best friend. We had a rough 8 and a half years together married for only 14 months but we got threw it all. The kids and I love and miss you so much right now baby. We will be together again someday
Posted by Sharon Colburn on March 31, 2011
aunt sharon i will always think about you roger and i miss you very much i love you very much god bless
Posted by Carol Gerds on March 30, 2011
I dedicated this site to my brother. "A grieving person is almost like you're in a completely different world.When you lose someone so close,you become a different person, part of you dies with them."
Posted by kathy bickham on March 30, 2011
in loving memory to my son i miss u so much hun
Posted by Drake Bowan on March 29, 2011
"Those that go on before us, are not really long as we keep them in our hearts..." -Digger, The Land Before Time. Roger was a loving father, brother, and Gamer. He will be sorely missed.
Posted by Jason Colburn on March 29, 2011
Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy. R.I.P. Cuz love and miss you already .

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