Love you and Miss you Roger Dodger!
  • 56 years old
  • Born on June 30, 1955 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on October 15, 2011 in Plano, Texas, United States.

Carl "Roger" Jackson was born on June 30th, 1955 in Atlanta, Georgia, to Dorothy Jean Banister Jackson and John Wallace Jackson. He was a graduate of Dallas Baptist University and a 30+ year employee of Hewlett Packard. 

Roger lived every day to the fullest.  He was an active volunteer in YMCA Adventure Guides and Princesses Program and founder of the "Blackhawk" tribe of the Coppell YMCA Adventure Guides.  He also actively volunteered in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of America.  He was a member of the North Texas Camaro Club, TORO (Texas Off-Road Racing Organization) and The Highlands Neighborhood Home Owners Association, as well as the Tradewinds Home Owners Association in Orange Beach, AL.  Roger was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Carrollton, Texas.

Roger loved riding and racing dirt bikes with his children, camping, 4-wheeling with his girlfriend Joanne and his sister Cindy and brother-in-law Chris, and traveling to Colorado every year with his riding buddies, Mike Wallace, Bill Slawson, Mike Vasily, Ron Minor and Bobby Hamilton (not to mention several others) and their sons.  In warmer weather you would always find Roger on Lake Lewisville, relaxing in his boat with Joanne, hanging out with his kids, or tied up with Cindy & Chris at Party Cove.  Roger loved water skiing, trick skiing and enjoyed pulling his children behind his boat skiing, tubing, kneeboarding and wakeboarding.  Roger also loved spending time with his children and friends on the sugar white sands of Orange Beach, Alabama.  He truly loved live.

Roger is survived by his daughter, Amanda Dawn Jackson of Lawrenceville, Georgia; son, Cameron Blake Jackson of Carrollton, Texas; daughter, Elizabeth Claire Jackson of Carrollton, Texas; son, Jonathan Grant Jackson of Carrollton, Texas; grandson Devin Darrell Jackson of Lawrenceville, Georgia; brother John Terry Jackson of Flowery Branch, Georgia; sister Cindy Jackson Black of Carrollton, Texas; and a host of loving in-laws, nieces, nephews, friends and work associates. He is preceded in death by his parents, Jean and Johnny Jackson.

The family suggests that donations be made to the Coppell YMCA, benefitting the Adventure Guides and Princesses Programs.  Please make donations to The Coppell YMCA (Fund 9), 146 Town Center Boulevard, Coppell, TX 75019 (

Posted by Mark Billingslea on June 30, 2019
Think of you often Roger. I so appreciated you as my boss and friend.
Posted by Cindy Black on June 30, 2019
I miss you everyday brother. It's just not been the same without having you to talk too, lean on and to get advice from. At least now you are joined by your good friend Chris, my husband, and I'm sure you guys are blazing new trails through heaven. Until I see you again, love you brother.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on June 30, 2018
Hey Superman! I wish we were toasting your big day with a shot of Crown and a bud light chaser on your boat on the lake while planning our next crazy adventure. Instead, I m sitting in a Motel 6 in the middle of the desert missing you with all
my heart. I love you forever. GG.
Posted by Cindy Black on June 30, 2018
Happy Birthday brother. I miss the many times that I shared with you....the talks by the pool, the cookouts, volleyball games & camping trips, 4-wheeling & trail riding, hanging out with the kids on our boats, tying our boats up at Party Cove, Sneaky Pete's & Twin Peaks. Most of all I miss your great smile, your infinite wisdom, your love for your children, your faith in your God, and your being the best brother anyone could ever ask for. You gave me the one piece of advice that I cherish and have carried through the years. I love you brother.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on October 15, 2017
Hey Superman,
Can't believe its been 6 years. Seems like a long time, but no amount of time can fill this huge empty space in my heart and my life. You are and will always be the love of my life. MYF. GG
Posted by Joanne Jennings on June 30, 2017
Happy Birthday, Superman. If I could have one wish today....well, we all know what it would be. Think about you everyday, literally, and wonder about all the new memories you should be making. I m just so thankful for all the wonderful memories I hold so dear. I 'll love you always. GG.
Posted by Cindy Black on June 30, 2017
Happy Birthday brother. I think of you and miss you every single day. Life on this earth is just not the same without you, but I know that I will see you again one day in heaven. Love you Brother.
Posted by Amanda Jackson-Fulton on October 25, 2016
This describes my amazing father so well...
A man who is a success is one...
who has lived well, laughed often and loved much;
who has gained the respect of others in his path and the love of
who has filled his life with fun while accomplishing all his tasks;
who leaves the world better than he found it;
who has never lacked appreciation for life he got to live or failed to
  express it.;
who looked for the best in others and gave the best he had. I love you!!
Posted by Bill Slawson on October 17, 2016
Five years and still think about you all the time. Got pictures of us having fun on my desk at work. Just moved and haven't hung pictures on the wall yet, but when I do, I'm sure you'll be in a few of them. Tomorrow is 1 year since my wife ended our marriage, and the Divorce is final effective today. Time to start a new chapter in life. Miss you buddy.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on October 15, 2016
To my Superman,
Went for a walk today...Komen Race for the Cure, actually...and celebrated your life each step of the way. The streets were filled with cancer survivors. How I wish you were one of them:( Miss you every minute. Love you forever. GG
Posted by Cindy Black on October 15, 2016
To my dear brother in heaven, I think about you every day, and still can't believe you've been gone for 5 years now. It is all my wonderful memories of you that helps me through each day. Like the lyrics from one of the songs I wrote...."If you ever left me, it would tear my heart into; a thousand tiny memories, that all lead back to you." Love you Brother!
Posted by Mark Billingslea on July 1, 2016
Roger was such a good friend. I think of him often and always remember how much he talked about his kids. I'm looking forward to seeing him again one day.
Posted by Cindy Black on June 30, 2016
Happy 61st Birthday to my beloved Brother in heaven. You are really in my mind today as we leave for our Colorado trip that you were usually a part of. We will again pay tribute to you at the top of Flag Mountain. I miss you more every day. Everything I see is a reminder of you. I love you Brother. You are always on my mind and in my heart.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on June 30, 2016
To Roger on his 61st birthday: You will forever be the love of my life! Thank you for teaching me how to live in the moment and find rays of sunshine in the darkest hours. I miss you, Superman. Love always. GG
Posted by Amanda Jackson-Fulton on July 1, 2015
Hey Dad, well as with each year since you have been gone Father's Day and your birthday have been especially difficult for me. I suppose each year is a little easier but I wonder if I can ever stop crying over loosing you. I hope and pray you spent your day in heavenly bliss as you so deserve it. I keep thinking about the last birthday before you were sick when I sent you some edible arrangements and you seemed so surprised and happy and I thought it was such a small token of what I wish I could have done for such a special man, but you made ME feel special on YOUR day. Just one of many selfless examples of the kind of man and father you were. Happy Birthday Dad.... I love and miss you something firece and would walk 1000 miles and give up ANYTHING if I could just see you again....all my love...Mandalion
Posted by Cindy Black on June 30, 2015
I am missing you today, just like every other day. We are celebrating what would have been 60th birthday together today at your favorite place, Twin Peaks, with your friends, family, and the love of your life, Joanne.. Love you brother.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on June 30, 2015
Today, on your 60th birthday, I want to celebrate all the wonderful ways you touched my life. Your love, kindness, strength, and faith inspire me still. You make me want to be better, do better, and live each day as if its my last. I know if you were here today, your big day, you'd be on a the water or a mountain top...on a boat or a bike...going full throttle! And I'd be right by your side. Love you forever Superman. GG.
Posted by Cindy Black on May 19, 2015
Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind. I miss you so much and I just wish I had my brother back. I miss your smile, your kindness, your laugh, your "Jackson" blue eyes, and your selflessness. I so miss the great times we spend together. Love you Brother!
Posted by Michael Vasily on March 30, 2015
Did 1200 mile ride down the full Baha Peninsula. Thought about how you when I was out there a lot. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on February 14, 2015
Superman - You will always be the greatest love of my life. Love you forever. GG
Posted by Joanne Jennings on October 15, 2014
My Superman- you are forever on my mind and in my heart. I will love you always and I miss you everyday. You were the man of my dreams and I dream about the day we'll meet again :) - Love, GG
Posted by Amanda Jackson-Fulton on October 15, 2014
On this day 3 years ago, the world lost a phenomenal human being that I called DAD. Life hasn't been the same and I don't know if it ever will be again.
Dad, I know you are reading this telling me to "suck it up" so ill try for you. I want you to know I love and miss you so much and I know I speak for all your family and friends. Rest In Peace
Posted by Cindy Black on October 15, 2014
Brother, today is no different from the rest as far as how much I think about you, but today I celebrate your third year in heaven, in perfect health and preparing a place for us to be with you someday. My heart still grieves for you and I miss you with every bit of my being. I am lucky to have been blessed with you in my life. Love you brother.
Posted by Amanda Jackson-Fulton on October 1, 2014
As we approach the 3rd year Im filled with sadness still...I wish i could have just a little piece of you to talk to...I miss you so much dad...I wonder if life will ever return to normal for me...But dont worry...Ill be ok I still have the heart of a lion just like you used to say.....Mandalion!!!
Posted by Cindy Black on September 9, 2014
Roger, I never dreamed that I would miss you this much. You weren't just a big brother to me, you were my mentor, my best friend and my confidant.It still doesn't make sense, so I just sit right here,at the edge of our pier,watch the sunset disappear.....and drink a beer.I love you Big Brother and I miss you. I know I will be with you again someday.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on July 29, 2014
Hey Superman. Exactly 4 years and 26 hours ago we first met...July 28, 2010, Agave Azul in downtown Carrollton. You emailed me at 12:15 A.M. on July 29 to ask me out on a 2nd date. I m so glad you did :). Thanks for the sign you sent me today. I thought my heart was going to break all over again for minute, but you let me know I was going to be just fine. I am so grateful for you. Love you always. GG.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on June 30, 2014
Hey Superman. It's your Gypsy Girl. Just got back from a great adventure to see your beautiful niece, Christy, marry the man of her dreams. Her wedding day and your birthday remind me how I was lucky enough to find the man of my dreams in you. This quote says it all: To the world you may have been one person, but to one person you were the world." Love you always. GG
Posted by Cindy Black on April 15, 2014
2 1/2 years ago today, I lost my brother, my best friend, and the one person that I looked up to more than anyone. It's been a tough time, and I miss you terribly. I still think about you everyday and am thankful for the 55 years that I had with you. You are forever in my heart and in my mind. Love you brother.
Posted by Cindy Black on March 30, 2014
Just left the lake brother. It always reminds me so much of you, and I miss you even more when I'm there. We have both always enjoyed boating and the lake so much, it will never be them same without you there, but you will always be there with me in my memories. Love you Brother, and think about you every day.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on February 14, 2014
Superman, you'll always be my Valentine. Love you forever. GG
Posted by Joanne Jennings on January 1, 2014
A few days ago, Jake and I were driving through Ouaray, CO. The mountain views were stunning...blankets of snow covered everything, the sunshine glistened off the peaks, and cabins were brightly decorated for the season. And smack dab in the middle of town was a great big hot springs filled with half naked people livin' the dream! How I wish, how I wish one of those people was you : (. I miss you so much Superman - I know you never stopped livin' the dream...I hope I never will either. Love you always.GG.
Posted by Cindy Black on December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas Brother. Our 3rd Christmas without you and we all love you and miss you just the same. I have posted a photo from your last Christmas on earth with your beautiful twins, Grant & Claire.
Love you Brother.
Posted by Cindy Black on November 4, 2013
Just got back from Pine Mountain ATV Park, the 1st time we've been since you and Joanne went with us. It brought back a lot of wonderful memories and a lot of laughs (Joanne still face planted by the fire trying to do a push-up), but it also reminded me of just how much I miss you brother. I'll see you in heaven some day, but until then....Love You Brother!
Posted by Claire Jackson on October 16, 2013
Two years... that's such a long time, Dad I miss you so much its crazy. I've been super busy with school and I'm sorry I haven't wrote to you in a while... just know you're always on my mind.
I miss you so much,
but I love you so much more.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on October 15, 2013
Two years ago today, Cindy, Mike, and I sat with you while you took your last breath. It was both tragic and beautiful at the same time. Tragic because you would never physically be here to care for your family and friends, encourage us, make us laugh, and create more amazing experiences together. Beautiful because I knew your spirit would grace our lives forever. Love you Superman. GG.
Posted by Cindy Black on October 15, 2013
It's been two years since you left us, but not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You are loved, and you are missed. 

Love you Brother
Posted by Cindy Black on July 15, 2013
Beautiful video by Regan Wallace on Roger's last trip to Colorado before he left us.

Love you and miss you brother.
Posted by Cindy Black on June 30, 2013
Happy 58th Brithday Brother. I miss you more and more every day and hope to see you again someday on the trails of heaven. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. Not much of a place around to memorialize you, so I spend a lot of time at the lake where we spent so much time together. Cheers Brother and Happy Birthday. I love you Brother.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on June 30, 2013
Roger Jackson, I miss you so much. Its your 58 th birthday and you should be here-celebrating with your family and friends...and me. Just hope you know that I celebrate you everyday in my heart and in my thoughts. You changed my life and I m grateful for every second we had together. I love you Superman. GG.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on June 17, 2013
Cindy and I went to see the new superman movie. So he was tall, dark, handsome, - he couldn't hold a candle to you! On this Father's Day, I want everyone to know that your real super power was being the best father any kid could ask for. Mandy, Blake, Grant, and Claire must miss you so, but I can see how your love, strength, and devotion continues to guide them each toward a better place.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on June 17, 2013
Another good man and great father joined you in heaven a few weeks ago. Hope you and Big Mike are tearin' it up out there on the trails, just like when you were young, strong, and healthy. Cheers to you both -great fathers, great friends, great men. Love you always, Superman. GG
Posted by Cindy Black on May 14, 2013
As the Carrie Underwood song goes "Said goodbye, turned around and you were gone, gone, gone, faded into the setting sun, slipped away, but I won’t cry, cause I know I’ll never be lonely, for you are the stars to me, you are the light I follow…I’ll See you again, this is not where it ends, I will carry you with me, till I see you again." Miss you Brother!
Posted by Amanda Jackson-Fulton on April 22, 2013
"dad as i wake up today, my thoughts are of you, though i think of you daily, today you are weighing heavy on my mind. Your passing will forever leave questions nobody has answers to, so i try to only answer the ones in my mind that i can. With that knowledge i know you are happy and at peace. Knowing this is all that gets me through these rough days. I love you and miss you....mandalion
Posted by Joanne Jennings on March 24, 2013
I miss you everyday, Roger Dodger. We had the best time together - I was always smiling when I was with you. I still smile every time I think of you, even though my heart keeps breaking. I know everyone who loved you feels the same way - your memory keeps us smiling through the tears. They'll never be another man like you, Superman. Love you always and forever.
Posted by Cindy Black on March 9, 2013
It seems like just yesterday we were sitting by your pool sharing a beer. I miss you so much. There isn't a day goes by that I don't think about you. I see you in the stars, on the trails, at the lake, at the hockey rink, every time I drive down Marsh Lane, everywhere. I look foward to seeing you again some day. Love you Brother.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on January 27, 2013
Can't stop thinking about you today. I miss you so much. Feel like my heart is breaking all over again. I just hope you're smiling down on all of us, Superman. I love you.
Posted by Joanne Jennings on January 1, 2013
Starting a New Year is usually a hopeful time when you leave the negative behind you and look forward to better times ahead. Tonight I wish I could turn the clock back to 12/31/2010. I was so happy and hopeful starting a New Year by your side. I m so grateful for that night and all the others we had Superman, and I m thankful for all the goodness you brought to my life. Love you always. GG
Posted by Cindy Black on December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas Brother. I miss you more & more every day, especially during the holidays (and the non-holidays, and the weekends, the weekdays, EVERY day). You'd be so proud of your kids now, I know you are watching over them. Love you brother.
Posted by Cindy Black on December 15, 2012
Brother, you are joined today by a very special angel, Clare Blase. She is the 14 year old sister of Tornado hockey forward Nick Blase, who lost her battle to cancer this morning. Ironically enough, her nickname is Clare Bear. Take her under your wing and know that we all miss you both and love you very much. Love you brother.
Posted by Cindy Black on December 14, 2012
Roger, you can't imagine how much I miss my big brother. I do take comfort in knowing that you are at peace and no longer suffering and I look forward to the day that I can see you again and we can hang out. I'm excited to be taking Blake, Grant & Claire out for Christmas. Love you Brother!

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