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Shared by Karen Spratt on December 23, 2019
When I was searching for something else I came across these notes Roger shared with me when we were discussing obituaries. "I was born in Osage, Iowa 10-15-1037 at home so I could be close to my mother. We moved to Greene when I was 6.
I wore bib overalls and always worried that I would drop the strap into the toilet. I went all 12 years with 10 of my classmates graduating in 1956. My brother John and I were the first to go to college.
I worked one year for Judge Henry Graven as bailiff and court crier though I never saw the inside of a courtroom. I drove the judge places, ran errands and worked with boy scouts for him. This was his way of giving back to the community and helping someone who never could have afforded college. I graduated from State College of Iowa (now UNI) in 1962, taught one semester in Plattsmouth, NB then moved to Algona, IA to teach 2 years. That got me back in my Mother-in-law's good graces by moving closer with her first grandchild, Brad. I remember how much Leona loved those orange doughnuts from the bakery.
We moved to Ames the fall of 1964 after Kevin was born. I wanted to be able to pursue my Master's degree at ISU. I was really nervous because the teacher I replaced had her PHD. I taught geometry that year along with biology. I had not had geometry since high school so you'd better  believe I was one step ahead of the students all year and really learned geometry. I earned my Master's degree in 1970 from Iowa State. In August ,1986 I moved to Mesa, returned to the classroom for 2 years to be sure I understood the students and what teachers were having to do. I was always blessed in my career, worked with many wonderful people"  This is where the notes stopped.  Love, Karen


Shared by Kevin Spratt on December 11, 2019
How in a few sentences or even paragraphs do you summarize the life of someone who was larger than life, you can't but i am going to try - my Dad Roger Spratt wore so many hats in my life, I couldn' t have picked a better father if God let me choose for myself. He will always be MY HERO. He was my mentor, my role model, my friend. I always knew how much he loved me,  I already 
miss the sound of his voice, his jokes , his love of OUR LORD, he taught and prepared us well for the time we now face life on earth without him. His love of all kids was evident by one of his favorite sayings was "If it is for the kids I will do it ." His greatest wish is for all those he knew and loved to walk TOWARDS CHRIST, not away from HIM
Dad this is not goodbye just so long until we meet again at the feet of Jesus, I LOVE YOU 

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