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This tribute was added by Kevin Spratt on January 22, 2020
A tribute to the amazing life of
Roger Lynn Spratt

Free at Last

Because you can not see me
You think I’m really gone but
I’m still right here beside you
As you Gather to see me on

It hurts to see so many cry after
All that we’ve been through
For me the pain I felt is gone
Except for missing you

I hope that it will ease your mind
To know my life’s not through
Instead I’m back to being me doing all I used to do

I walked last night with Jesus
Right here by my side
All around the Mogollon Rim
As we reflected on my life

I’m here to say he does exist just like the good book always said
He was holding hands with Mom and Dad when he freed me from my bed

They welcomed me with open arms we laughed and danced and sang then the angels gathered round you too for comfort and to ease your pain

So today when you lay what once was me beneath this beautiful
Arizona ground
Don’t cry but celebrate my life for I am still around

I’ll be there for all your holidays Birthdays and barbecue’s
And whenever you think of me
Just know I’m already there
Watching over you

So from now on when I cross your mind don’t cry
Just smile and laugh because now I’m with Jesus being me
I’m free I’m free at last ...

          Written with love for the
           Spratt family by
                  Ronnie Dye
                   Jan 3rd 2020

This tribute was added by Karla And Bill Smith on January 6, 2020
   Karla and I have thoroughly enjoyed and loved having Roger as our brother-in-law.
   As I reflect back on the 52 years I have had him as a brother-in-law, I fondly think about all of the wonderful trips Karla and I have had with Karen and Roger. All the trips were great fun.
   Roger and I had a lot in common in that we were both educators with a love of science. Also we both enjoyed sports but kept them in perspective, although he got a little side tracked rooting for Iowa State (just kidding!)
   On our trips, Roger and I would read every sign and our loving wives let us. Most of the time it would take a long time to go through an exhibit, because we read so many signs.
   Also, the GURU of AGGRAVATION taught Karla and I the game. As soon as Karla and I got to Mesa and walked in the door, the board came out. It was always Roger and I against the ladies. We had some great games. On our trip out West, the couples played 133 games with the guys coming out on top by 4 games. But, almost every game came down to the last couple of pegs.
   But most importantly, Roger taught the 3 brother-in-laws how to be a great brother-in-law, a great great-grandfather, a great grandfather, a great father, and a great husband. He set a high standard for all 3 of us.
   But I never looked at Roger as a brother-in-law after having knowing him, but as a great friend and brother.
   God is welcoming him with open arms. Heaven is richer now for having received Roger.
This tribute was added by Susan Morelli on January 1, 2020
I was invited to join a Small Group bible study that met not far from our home by Jo Butler. I'd recently been baptized at Central Christian Church.
I found Roger and Karen to be warm and welcoming and as a Jewish follower of Christ, this was key for me. Roger had patience enough to deal with my overwhelming energy. Through my husband, Ray's eventual relationship with this group, especially his friendship with Roger, he also became born again. Roger was so easy to talk to and we could see his faith as a light in him and through him. We had many "socials," as Roger called them and are still a Life Group led by Lee Daniel. We will always be that "small band of 'brothers'" as Roger referred to us, always connected to him through the Lord. We loved you then and we love you still, Roger and we can hardly wait to be together again. Love to Karen and our adopted family-in-Spratt.
This tribute was added by Karen Spratt on December 31, 2019
Our Muscatine Iowa family arrived this afternoon. We will all be together tomorrow evening to celebrate Christmas as a family together. Roger would love it so I can see him just sitting there smiling as he listens to their stories. It is good to have them all in AZ. Happy New Year everyone. Kiki and I are going to sleep even before the ball drops in New York. Busy wonderful days ahead. Love, Karen
This tribute was added by Michelle Morelli on December 31, 2019
I have fond memories of my fearless leader Roger but before I share those, Roger was always quick with a hug and kind words to me. I know that he is and was a very strong in his faith and relationship with our Lord. I know that he’ll put in a good word for me as I wonder along still seeking my purpose. Playing aggravation games and him fondly calling me “dragon lady “cause like him, I played the game to win. He will always be in my heart forever. ❤️
This tribute was added by Sharon Scott on December 30, 2019
Karen you and Roger were among our first friends when we moved to AZ back in the heyday of St Peter. It was fun planning "garbage can" dinners and other events for the 'Couples/SPARKS" group.  Always admired Rogers faith reflection in his life. Also have fond memories of "Aggravation" games and his shear enjoyment of playing and completing. But perhaps the best are just conversation between friends. Even when we'd taken different paths in life, to get together again was like we'd never been apart. Loved those times and love you.
This tribute was added by Robin Ralls on December 29, 2019
I have so many wonderful memories of my Uncle Roger. It is hard to summarize them into one small paragraph. But here we go! Playing games at Mom’s kitchen table (he loved teaching us the games, but was not going to LET you win, you had to earn it), Catching up with him at the river to sit on the bench. Just talking about life, my kids and getting special advice. Watching his eyes light up when my nieces and nephews would enter Mom’s kitchen. Him and Aunt Karen always had hugs for everyone. We were all blessed with a very special family. Uncle Roger is missed by each of us. We all are praying for peace and comfort for Aunt Karen, Brad, Kim, Kevin and their families. They couldn’t of had a better Husband, father or grandfather. RIP Uncle Rog. We all wish we could be there for your Memorial, but know we will be thinking of you that day and every day.
This tribute was added by Casie Stroberg on December 29, 2019
My favorite memories are of uncle Rodger and aunt Karen coming to Greene and staying at grandma's house . Also uncle Rodger chasing the kids around being a monster!  Hearing Jett and Izzy just laughing away.  I am sadden I didn't get my chocolate cake companion against uncle buck and having uncle Rodger be the taste tester!  One of these days we will have it when I see them both again. I am so going to miss you!! Rest easy !  Tell grandpa Jim hi from all of us! 
This tribute was added by Karen Spratt on December 22, 2019
This tribute was added by Lois Berkshire on December 20, 2019
I first met Roger and Karen a few years ago when I joined their life group. They were both so friendly and welcoming. I never felt out of place. I enjoyed Rogers teaching and his knowledge. I will miss his smiling face every Monday night. I admired how brave he faced his health challenges with such courage. I can see him setting with the Lord discussing the Bible. Life group will not be the same without him. It was a private to know such a man who loved the Lord.
This tribute was added by Paul Forsythe on December 18, 2019
I have served in several capacities as a pastor at Central Christian Church over the last 12 years. I got to know Roger and Karen the most when I was one of the life group pastors at our Mesa Campus. I had the privilege of attending Roger and Karen's group several times and always was welcomed so warmly and treated royally. Roger loved to lead in Bible discussions and was loved by his group and all who knew him. I will remember Roger for his gentle and caring nature, his generosity, and the spiritual strength he showed in facing his death. He talked confidently of his home in heaven and gave all credit to the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a tremendous honor for me to be called his friend and pastor.
This tribute was added by LEE DANIEL on December 16, 2019
I met Roger when my wife and I joined his bible study small group 12 years ago. Roger was always an inspiration to me to lead my life as a Christian. I have never met anyone who strived so hard and successfully to lead his life as Jesus wants. His greatest testimony to his faith was his actions. I will carry Roger's inspiration and example with me for the rest of my life.
This tribute was added by Jim Butler on December 16, 2019
Just sitting here thinking about all the games of Aggravation that Jo and I played with Roger and Karen. Roger and I were partners against the women. When we won it was because I had such a good partner in Roger. When we lost it was because Roger needed a better partner. I miss him so much, especially when I think about all the good times we shared. I am counting on you showing me around, when I finally get there. Love you.
This tribute was added by Debbie Blanton on December 15, 2019
As one of those nieces, I can attest to being loved by Uncle Roger...and I loved him dearly. He was always ready with a hug, a joke, song parody with my name and a nickname. Uncle Roger always encouraged us and he and was not afraid to challenge us if we could be doing better. He valued family and took time to develop special relationships with all of us. There are no words to share how much I am going to miss him. I am blessed to have been placed in the Hallberg clan and am so very thankful for all of them and the relationships we have.
This tribute was added by Eulalie Chilson on December 15, 2019
I saw but did not know Roger and Karen at Central Christian church about 12 years ago. They sat near enough for Roger to pass me a note one Sunday. (did he learn that from his pupils) It was an invitation to join their Monday night Life Group. They didn't live that far from where I do so I went not knowing a soul there.  I had been in other life groups but this one was special, made so by Roger's teachings and Karen's warm friendliness. Our group is still meeting on Monday evenings. Roger has gone to his reward leaving us to carry on what he started. We will miss him and am so thankful for knowing him.
This tribute was added by David H Hatch on December 12, 2019
Greetings Mrs. Spratt and family,

A special man has walked among us.

Oddly, I was thinking of both of you just four days ago, wondering how you were.

He was taller than most, both in stature and in character. We were so very honored walk next to him, to be influenced and shaped by his compassion and faith.

We still carry his humor with us, often saying to someone, "It won't be long now!" They reply, "What's that?" And we deliver Mr. Spratt's line, "That's what the dog said when he got his tail cut off by the lawnmower, it won't be long now."

Thank-you Mr. Spratt, for to this day, you still bring humor, wisdom, the love for learning and the joy of observing Creation into our lives.

Back at Ames High [Iowa], what fun we had with Project Eco in the early 1970's and trips to the State Park called, "Bloody Run" in NE Iowa [3-4 hours from home].

On one of these adventures, I recall, Mr. Spratt was driving our school bus, filled with teenagers. I was sitting just behind him. We were crossing the Mighty Mississippi at, Prairie du Chien.

The bridge over the Big Muddy was as narrow as a 2 x 4 and it swayed like a kite in the wind. The traffic was heavy but moving. It seemed the bus was just brushing the steel guard rails of the bridge on the right side, while the oncoming traffic was just inches away on the left side. Yikes! What a narrow old bridge!

And then . . . here comes a semi toward us. There is no turning around or waiting your turn, we are going to meet!

Driving that bus must have been like threading a needle in a windstorm. There were not many choices for our beloved driver, or for the truck. I can still remember the sound of steel on steel, there was glass flying as the bus' left mirror and the truck's left mirror met each other at 40 mph, taking the hit for our safety.

Thanks, Mr. Spratt, for your care, courage and endurance on our behalf. You got us across! And so did someone else for us, at the Old Rugged Cross!

And thank-you, Mrs. Spratt, for being his behind the scene helpmate! God bless you children. I remember your parent's love for you. Take care of mom now!

From, "It's a Wonderful Life" - "

     Clarence: [to George] Strange, isn't it?
     Each man's life touches so many other lives.
     When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"

When you see the empty chair this Christmas, Christ fills that emptiness for us!

David H. Hatch
Ames High [Aims High], Class of 1973

This tribute was added by Chuck And Jackie Fischer on December 12, 2019
Our deepest sympathy to Karen and the whole family of Roger and Karen's.
Chuck and I first met this beautiful couple while living in Forest Lakes, AZ. They were great neighbors and always ready to visit with great spirits and big smiles. When we all were back in the Valley and Chuck was hospitalized and had 3 amputations on leg, well you sure could count on Roger to come to the hospital very frequently for a cheerful visit and a pray. You are always in our hearts and so happy for you and your journey home to heaven for a well deserved rest.
This tribute was added by Carole Taylor on December 11, 2019
Karen I am so sorry to hear of Roger's passing. He was such a good friend to me when we worked together in Mesa at the science department. He was actually the first person that I shared the information of Cornell's Alzheimer's. He was so loving and understanding and I will never forget the Halloween party that we had at your home. As I remember it he cooked the food in a garbage can. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time and please know that you are in my prayers.
This tribute was added by Jim Butler on December 11, 2019
I met Roger at Central Christian Church while volunteering for cleanup duty. My wife, Joanne, and I quickly became close friends with the Spratts. We had lunch with Roger and Karen at least once a week for many years. Roger knew how to make things grow, and he helped me a lot with plantings and trimmings. Roger drove me to the dump many times to get rid of unwanted stuff. As the years passed, I came to love Roger like a brother, and that was what he was - a brother in Christ. My heart aches in his loss, but I take comfort in knowing that I will see Roger again, and he will have a smile on his face as he stands next to Jesus, happy to see me. He used to describe himself as the man, the myth, the legend. My eyes are filled with tears, as I think about his dear friendship. See you soon, my dear friend.

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