Let the memory of Roger and his laugh be with us forever
  • 63 years old
  • Born on July 28, 1950 in Webster City, Iowa, United States.
  • Passed away on August 26, 2013 in Mesa, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Roger Williams, 63, born on July 28, 1950 and passed away on August 26, 2013. We will remember him forever.  He was my best friend and life companion.  I will love him forever.

Roger was born in 1950 in Webster City, Iowa. After he completed High School, he enlisted in the US Navy and was stationed in Vietnam and The Philippines.  He enjoyed telling stories, family vacations, loved to travel and looked forward to sand dune season, playing in the Imperial Sand Dunes, CA. He was an active member of Love of Christ Lutheran Church where he both worshiped and had worked as their Facilities Manager until he retired in 2010. He will long be remembered for his larger-than-life personality, kind heart, big smile and infectious laugh.

He is survived by his wife, Ginny of Mesa, AZ; his daughter, Jennifer and four grandchildren of Stafford, VA; his brother, Terry of Sacramento, CA and many good friends and family.

A celebration of Roger's life and a reception to follow will be held on September 14th at 10:30 am at Love of Christ Lutheran Church, 1525 N Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85205. An online memorial can be found at forevermissed.com.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Disabled American Veterans, PO Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 45250; National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 901 E Street, NW, Ste 100, Washington, DC 20004 or Love of Christ Lutheran Church, Roger Williams Memorial Fund.

Posted by Virginia Williams on 14th November 2018
Hey Willy. I thought I would like to get you caught up on what's going on. Mark is almost done with his first semester of college. I'm so proud of him. You would be so proud of him. It hurts that nobody in Virginia has any faith in that young man. He is so very special and has so much to offer the world. I miss you Rog. There are times when I think I've come so far from that horrible day that you passed away from this Earth, but then there are days like this that I feel so lonely. I know it's just that the holidays are coming and I miss Mom and Dad and you so much because all of you loved these holidays.
Posted by Char Goodknight on 26th August 2018
Remembering all the great times and laughs!
Posted by Virginia Williams on 26th August 2018
Hey Willie it's been 5 years, you've missed quite a bit, especially with the kids. Derrick is starting first grade Desi is playing basketball and is amazing student. Shes getting her learners permit soon. Mark started college. He's doing ok, just needs guidance. He will get there, I know it. I am getting ready to finish fixing the house when it gets a bit cooler. I hope to sell it next spring. I love you and think of you all the time. Many of us on earth are missing you. Yours always, Clem xxoo
Posted by Virginia Williams on 28th July 2018
Happy Birthday Willy. Know that you are missed every day. There is so much going on with the kids. You would be so proud of Mark, he is turning into a fine young man. He has your infectious sense of humor. It has been a pleasure having him back in Arizona. I look forward to watch him continue to grow. Talk to you later. Love Clem.
Posted by Char Goodknight on 26th August 2017
So many great memories! We miss you!
Posted by Virginia Williams on 26th August 2017
Willy, I can't believe that it has been 4 years since Amy and Char kept vigil with me as you lay in that hospital bed. I visited with Steve and Jackie yesterday. It was a very nice visit. I miss you every day. Your voice, your laughter, you smiling eyes. Save a place in heaven for me. I love you always. Your Clem.
Posted by Virginia Williams on 28th July 2017
Happy Birthday Willy. 67 today. Now you would be 7 years older than me. I miss you. Hope you are out playing in the ocean, zipping around the dunes, sailing with dad or maybe learning how to play golf. Dante will eat a piece of cake for you. I love you!
Posted by Virginia Williams on 9th July 2017
VBS this week Willy. It should be a good week. The folks at LOC still talk about you and miss you. I love you honey and miss you.
Posted by Virginia Williams on 4th July 2017
Happy Fourth of July .
Posted by Virginia Williams on 20th November 2016
Hey Willy. Well Desi turned 14 yesterday. She is turning into a beautiful young lady. You would be so excited, she actually had her hair cut. It's short and curly. No more straightening, she is going natural. She is still playing soccer and added basketball again this year. I will add a picture on your photo wall. I love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Virginia Williams on 11th November 2016
Hey Willy, Today is Markie's 18th Birthday. I wish you were really here to celebrate with him. He is such a fine young man. You went to heaven just a couple weeks before he started High School. He is a Senior this year and will graduate in June. He misses you sweetheart. You were always his role model. Let him know that you are still with him, no matter that you are in heaven now. I miss you every day and look forward to the day when we will be reunited in heaven. xxoo
Posted by Char Goodknight on 27th August 2016
Three years since we have seen that big smile of yours. So many times we will be somewhere or see something, look at each other, and know we are both thinking the same thing...it reminds us of you! Was it you who sent the penny yesterday? We are so looking forward to the birth of our granddaughter and experiencing the joy of being grandparents that you did.
Posted by Virginia Williams on 26th August 2016
Thank you Roger and God for my gift, my little Lucky Dog. He is 3 years old today.
Posted by Virginia Williams on 26th August 2016
It's hard to believe that it has been three years since you passed from this world into heaven. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like forever ago that I saw that laughing, smiling face. Willy, I miss you every day. I love you. And as Carrie Underwood’s “See you Again”… “Sometimes I feel my heart is breaking. But I stay strong and I hold on 'cause I know, I will see you again, oh. This is not where it ends, I will carry you with me, yeah yeah…”
Posted by Char Goodknight on 27th August 2015
Miss you and think of you so often! Hope you heard our shout out at the dunes last week on our way to San Diego. So happy to be included in the fun at Glow Putt....I'm sure we had you laughing!
Posted by Jennifer Williams on 26th August 2015
Dad it's been 2 yrs since you went to heaven. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Some days are harder than others. I know you are always with me and the children in your own special way! I just want you to know that today and always we love and miss you very much, daddy/papa.
Posted by Virginia Williams on 26th August 2015
It's been 2 years since you joined everyone in heaven. Desi, Markie and I are going to have lunch at Red Robin and then play 18 holes of glow putt miniature golf in Scottsdale. It's indoors and has black lights for the glow affect. It should be fun, I know you would have enjoyed it. We always looked for a mini golf place whenever we went on vacations with Jenn. Maybe if God doesn't have you too busy with other tasks today you can join us. I miss you Willy. Love, Your Clem.
Posted by Virginia Williams on 28th July 2015
Hey Willy! Happy 65th Birthday. Dante is 6 today. Jennifer took him to Kings Dominion for his big day. Seems a great place for the two of them to spend his special day that he shares with you knowing how much you loved working at the park. I wonder if the scrambler was their first ride. I love you Rog. xx00
Posted by Jeff Sutton on 28th July 2015
Happy Birthday Roger!! I still see your face everywhere!! You are missed!! I could sure use a beer and chat with you!!
Posted by Char Goodknight on 28th July 2015
We are thinking of you on your birthday, dear friend. I can just hear you celebrating and laughing with the angels! We all miss you....until we meet again ~
Posted by Virginia Williams on 27th August 2014
Hi Rog. It's hard to believe that you have been gone for a year already. Sometimes it seems like yesterday that we were laughing a goofing around. It's been a pretty tough 12 months. Thank you for sending me my little "Lucky" dog. He is the new love of my life. He makes me laugh and makes me frustrated. Huh... just like you. I put flowers on the alter for you on Sunday, including roses. Since Markie and I were leaving for California, I had Dianne take them home to enjoy their beauty. There are many folks that still miss you. That means a lot to me, you were a man loved by many. Keep my seat warm. I'll see you soon. Yours forever, Clem. xxoo
Posted by Virginia Williams on 29th July 2014
Hey Willy, Markie is embarking on his first solo flight today. He is flying out to spend a month with me. He is going to take care of some of your "honey do" items around the house. It will be great fun having him here. I hope you get the chance to check in on us in Arizona. He sure would be making you proud. Clem
Posted by Virginia Williams on 29th July 2014
Hi Rog - it was a pretty bad day yesterday. It seemed like everything reminded me of you. There aren't enough words for me to express how much I miss you. I hope you and dad got to the causeway. The sky looked like smooth sailing to me. I love you. G
Posted by Jeff Sutton on 28th July 2014
Happy Birthday Roger!! I miss you!! I know you are going to have an amazing day!! I can hear you laughing!! Jefg
Posted by Virginia Williams on 28th September 2013
AZ Central Tribute: September 02, 2013 Ginny, I am so sorry about Roger's passing. I always enjoyed talking to Roger. He always made me feel so welcome. He was a very good person. Take Care Ginny. Craig W.
Posted by Virginia Williams on 28th September 2013
AZ Central tribute: September 02, 2013 To one of the best cousins. ~ Cindy Ewing, Sac City, Iowa
Posted by Virginia Williams on 14th September 2013
Hello my love. Well the Celebration service of your life was a huge success. I know you were there with us to enjoy every minute. I am so proud to have been able to share your life for over 28 years. You meant so much to everyone you met. You were an amazing man, a gift from God himself to me and all those you touched. Ginny
Posted by Lori Hughes on 13th September 2013
That luau was so much fun- he was so proud driving that pig into the CoC. Michael- talking about the golden chair reminded me of how we gave him a golden plunger-he got such a kick out of it. He was always so much fun to be around. Even when things were not good, we would find something to laugh about. I've been thinking a lot about those days, they were good times. Such a good man.
Posted by Bill Phillips on 13th September 2013
Roger was a dear friend who always will be remembered for his hearty laugh, his ability to love people and his great love for his family, his church and his Lord. I remember the first Luau we did at Love of Christ. Roger helped dig the pit for the pig and had even greater joy driving the golf cart to present our Luau main course. Roger was a blessing to all of us!
Posted by Char Goodknight on 13th September 2013
Roger, You were a shining example to me of how to take the journey with faith, strength, courage, and yes, even humor! Thank you for that gift and for your friendship.
Posted by Michael Tully on 11th September 2013
Roger, I just remembered something else.... You are finally getting your reward! Remember?...."The golden chair!" How we used to laugh and talk about this in the midst of your never-ending "chair setup days" at LOC.... We said that you'd be rewarded in heaven for setting up those 700 chairs every single week with a Golden Chair from God. :) Enjoy it! You've earned it!
Posted by Jeff Sutton on 10th September 2013
Hey Roger! I soon as I heard you passed I could hear your laugh! You and Ginny were always to so good to me! You gotta help me out with something.. my memory is not the best these days, but I remember going to the dunes and something happened to you, and we laughed our asses off, you gotta help me remember! You are missed! Laughter is the best medicine!! Lots of laughter!!
Posted by Jason Krall on 6th September 2013
You know that Beth and I loved Roger, and are very sorry that you must go through this. Yes, Roger will be sorely missed by a lot of people. I know he has an express ticket through the gates and a celebration of his arrival is happening….. Our best wishes and prayers go to you and Jennifer.
Posted by Wendy Bell on 5th September 2013
I remember when I met Roger & Ginny at LOC years ago. I always thought he was a great guy, who always made you feel welcome. Roger loved to have fun & laugh no matter what he was doing. I remember when Frank & I went bowling with he & Ginny, we had a blast & I never laughted so hard. To know Roger was to love him!! Rog you will be missed & I will remember you always <3
Posted by Pekitta Tynes on 5th September 2013
With my sincere condolences, my prayers go out to the family and Roger's dear wife Ginny. I know Roger was truly loved. Words cannot express the loss a wife feels over the passing of her husband. May you find peace in the midst of these trying times. Always with Love, Pekitta
Posted by Michael Tully on 3rd September 2013
What a great guy. I will always remember Roger as a jolly guy who had a love of people and a love for life in general. The years we worked together at Love of Christ will be remembered fondly. Roger--you will be missed and I thank you for the friendship and laughter we shared all those years!
Posted by Mark Roulley on 2nd September 2013
I knew Roger from KD and I remember him as being that “cool” “older” guy who was calm at all times and just fit well in an “odd gang” of characters..I guess that Keith Richards deep laugh is the one thing I recall to this day..I love reading his back story, Vietnam and other things I didn’t know about Roger..Rest in Piece Dear sir..
Posted by Celeste O'Reilly on 2nd September 2013
Roger was one of the most honest and down to Earth people I have ever known. Always quick to laugh, lend a hand, or commiserate when it got tough. He will be remembered by many, and I will personally always be grateful for the generosity he and Ginny extended to John and I when we first landed in Phoenix. Roger...you were a great friend and you will be missed!!
Posted by Lyla Park on 2nd September 2013
I have so many memories of our days as kids. You were the brother I did not have and we spent so much time together. We did not stay in touch like we should have, but I have the memories that I will cherish forever. Especially when you lived with us for a while and went to North High School in Des Moines. I thought it was great to have you drop me off at school. Till later, love always.
Posted by Jennifer Williams on 2nd September 2013
Words can not express the way I am feeling right! Daddy I just want you to know how much I miss and love you! You never turned your back on me, even when my decisions caused you pain or you did not understand why i was doing what i was doing! You showed me what true unconditional love really means! I am more than honored to be your daughter and also your friend! I love you so much!! XXXOOO
Posted by Jaime Philippi on 1st September 2013
always a loved man i remember the candy and good times going to church and times with jennifer in your basement and kings dominion you were great man <3
Posted by Lori Hughes on 1st September 2013
One of the dearest men I've ever known. Been thinking about all the good times we had. How he never could say no to us-once we asked if we could borrow his Jeep and paint it camouflage for VBS-he drove it into the CoC for us and told us to go for it. He was so kind, always went out of his way to help anyone-whether he knew them or not. I will miss that smile and laugh most of all.
Posted by Cindy Ewing on 1st September 2013
I know we have not seen much of each other over the years. But I do have a lot of memories of when we were younger.I remember going snow sledding on hospital hill, in Webster City, with the whole clan. It was such a big hill then. Then Terry and you came back and laughed as it was not as big as you remembered.So many memories to hold on to.Love you cuz. Say hi to all you join.
Posted by Amy Jacobs Smyth on 1st September 2013
Roger was the extra dad I never expected to have when I moved away from my family into the unknown of Arizona. I didn't expect to find more family in the desert but that's exactly what I found. Not only did he adopt my husband and I he fully adopted our two children and was a wonderful grandfather to them... and the best Hagrid every. I will miss him everyday. Love you Willy!!
Posted by Virginia Williams on 1st September 2013
It all began with a black pair of wingtips and an evening on the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor. Thank you Willy for 27 plus wonderful years of happy memories. I hope you and dad have made it to the causeway. I love you and miss you, your Clem.

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