Let the memory of Rolf Edward be with us forever
  • 40 years old
  • Born on April 11, 1971 in Anchorage, Alaska, United States.
  • Passed away on November 12, 2011 in Overlake Hospital, Washington, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Rolf Edward Frostad, 40, born on April 11, 1971 and passed away on November 12, 2011. We will remember him forever.

A celebration of life is planned for Saturday, December 17th at 2pm at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, 1700 Edmonds Ave NE, Renton, WA.  We welcome everyone to come remember Rolf.

In lieu of flowers, a scholarship fund has been established for Rolf's son Drake.  The savings account is with Key Bank, Sammamish Highlands, 719 228th Ave NE, Sammamish, Wa 98074 or can be deposited at any Key Bank to account # 472713000694 in the name of Donna Avery (grandmother) for Drake Frostad.

Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on November 12, 2018
So many memories of you especially around Thanksgiving. We dearly miss your jokes and smiling face. You were so much a part of our lives. You will always be with us.
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on April 11, 2018
Happy birthday Son. I wish so much I could give you a big bear hug like you gave to others. Drake has graduated and working in welding. He is so proud of his new car.

Love you and miss you, Mom
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on April 11, 2017
Happy Birthday. How I wish you could join me today to walk around the yard. So many of the plants and trees you helped plant are in bloom. You brought alot to my life.  Love, Mom.
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on November 21, 2016
here we are at another Thanksgiving without your smiling face. I will make a chocolate pie in your honor. You loved chocolate pie. You are dearly missed. Love, Mom
Posted by Kathy Schroeder on November 13, 2016
Hey Rolf,
You must know what a handsome teenager Drake has become. :) He is still the same sweet boy and soon to graduate from High School! He misses you dearly...as we all do. If only we hadn't been so wrapped up in our own problems. So many little things remind me of you. Please know that you are still with us in our hearts and we will love you forever.

Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on April 13, 2016
Happy Birthday, son I am sending a big hug your way. I do miss you.

Love, Mom
Posted by Kathy Schroeder on November 13, 2015
i have missed you so..many things remind me of you. Drake is growing into a fine young man...getting tall and lanky just like you were at that age. Can you hear us, see us? I like to think so. XOXO
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on November 12, 2015
My thoughts have been so much about you. So many memories flood my mind. I feel so fortunate to have had you with us for the short journey of your life. If only I could hug you one more time. I miss you so much. Mom
Posted by Kathy Schroeder on April 11, 2015
Happy 44th birthday Pot Roast. Just yesterday i was telling Baden and Alyse how you were ALWAYS on time for everything and that we needed to be better about time management like Uncle Rolf. :)

We sure miss you...
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on April 11, 2015
Happy Birthday, Rolf. I have been going over my old camping log book and found many entries where we camped together. I will always cherish these memories I feel so fortunate to have shared them with you. Love Mom
Posted by MARYLOU HANSON on November 13, 2014
just remembering what a devoted dad you were.

Gus and Drake are growing into fine young adults.
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on November 13, 2014
For my dear son who I miss so much. My thoughts go to you so often. Drake spent the weekend with us. He has grown so tall and has a girl friend. He is much more talkative. You would be so proud of him. I remember you at this age so well. Love, Mom
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on April 13, 2014
Happy Birthday Son. I do miss you so much. I often sit and remember the fun we had camping together. In particular the eve. you surprised   me at the campground and you brought kabobs to cook over the fire. I will always cherish those memories. Love, Mom
Posted by Kathy Schroeder on April 12, 2014
Happy 43rd Birthday Bro...i miss you terribly and hope you somehow know that. I love you. Kath
Posted by Jill Freeman on April 11, 2014
I still think of Rolf. Great smile, great employee, and great person.
Posted by Kristen Schwarz on November 12, 2013
Thinking of you today Rolf. Remembering all the good times.
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on November 12, 2013
I am remembering the small things today that happen in our lives on a daily basis. When we look back they add up to our memories of our loved ones. Thank you Rolf for the memories you gave me and how you added so much to my life. I love and miss you ,Son
Posted by John York on July 26, 2013

Even after all this time, I still have a hard time believing you are gone. Always know that you are missed, my friend.
Posted by Mark Rico on April 12, 2013
Happy Birthday My Friend~ You are Missed!!
Posted by Kathy Schroeder on April 11, 2013
Happy 42nd Birthday Snookie! I hope you know how much we love and miss you...XOXO Sis
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on April 11, 2013
I am thinking of you so often and missing you is not easier. Another birthday is here for you and what i would give to hold you in my arms one more time. I look at the pictures that have been posted and cherish them for the memories and good times. Camping season is here and I will miss you so much at the camp fire. I love you, Son. Mom
Posted by Brett Talbert on April 11, 2013
Happy Birthday, Rolf. You left us way too soon!
Posted by Kathy Schroeder on November 12, 2012
I miss my brother...it is as simple as that. So many things remind me of him. I wish i could bring him back. Just to have one more day together. We would have so much to talk about. But he could come back for a day -he would spend most of it with Drake, his (our) pride and joy. And i would understand. As a parent, i would understand. I love you Rolf....
Posted by Donna Avery (Frostad) on November 12, 2012
For my "Pot Roast". A year has passed since you left us. I think of you so often in so many circumstances as memories float up. Some are regrets but mostly they are beautiful and often funny. Drake comes to visit often and is growing into a nice young man. The chimes you hung for me often gently ring and I like to think you are sending a hello. I do miss your bear hugs. Love you, Mom
Posted by CC Lucas on April 13, 2012
Dear Drake. On your dad’s birthday I was oddly enough attending a funeral. The day before that a friend of my daughter was giving birth to her son Elijah. There are only 365 days in one year to be born or buried; the cycle of life continues and those we love live in our hearts forever. This week I will plant a spring bulb in memory of your dad, and celebrate his life with you - Blessings!
Posted by Kathy Schroeder on April 12, 2012
I was 5 when they brought you home from the hospital. You were born on Easter day so Mom and Dad just said the Easter Bunny brought you. We certainly thought that was possible because you were small enough to fit in a basket. My Baby Tender Love doll towered over you! Happy Birthday Rolf. I miss you dearly and hope you have found peace and happiness.
Posted by Jodi Crawford on April 12, 2012
Happy birthday Rolf. We miss you so very much. Life isn't the same without you. Love and hugs, Jodi :)
Posted by Darlene Krahner on April 11, 2012
Thinking of Rolf on this special day -- April 11th. We all miss Rolf here at Weyerhaeuser and remember him often, especially on special milestone days, like today! Sending our best wishes to all of Rolf's family, especially to Drake! Love, Dar
Posted by Marsha Heacox on April 11, 2012
Happy Birthday, Rolf!! Still missing you. I look in your office every day as I walk by. Somehow I feel you are still with us. Sending my love to you, Drake and your family.
Love Marsha
Posted by Sally Lofquist on April 11, 2012
Rolf….thinking of you today both because it’s your b’day and BOD day so your presence is doubly missed! You’d be running back & forth between the Board Rm to help with their mtg & the Cafe to ensure set-up for the Shareholders Mtg tomorrow was perfect. You are never far from our thoughts. We miss you! All the best to Drake & your wonderful family. Love, Sally
Posted by Kristen Schwarz on December 18, 2011
I wish I could have been there for your service today Rolf. I will never forget you...you will shine on forever in my memories!
Posted by Jason Plute on December 17, 2011
Rolf, I miss you. When things went sideways at work, your steady hand was so reassuring. Never did we have a problem you couldn't fix. Above all, I loved the talks we had about our boys. Drake, your father was so very, very proud of you. From soccer to dancing to girls and more, his passion was to guide you in the right direction. In that way, he'll always be with you. Farewell my friend.
Posted by Kim Concepcion on December 14, 2011
Rolf, we go way back to life at WWC, you have helped me many times pull off a successful event, you always came through! I will miss your forever smileand willness to help. My son and I enjoyed having you and Drake play wall ball in the fitness center on Take your Child to work day.
Posted by Tina Butler-Carter on December 13, 2011
My dear friend Rolf, I am so sorry you are no longer here for me to run up to and hug tight, you have been my friend since 7th grade. I love you dearly and will always cherish my memories of you, just as I have always cherished our friendship. I miss you buddy. I love you.
Posted by Kristen Schwarz on December 13, 2011
So many memories Rolf when we were younger! I will never forget experiencing my first taste of steak over candlelight with you, Bret and Tina up at your mom's house.  I am glad I got to see you and meet your son Drake, although it is hard to believe it was five years ago and I will never have the chance again :( Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Brett Talbert on December 13, 2011
Rolf, you left us way too soon. You were my best friend in high school, we were inseparable and I will carry the memories of those fun times with me forever. You had an infectious passion for life, you were a great friend and although we hadn't talked for years I assumed we'd pick up where we left off some day. Sorry we didn't get that chance. I'll see you on the other side my friend.
Posted by Vee VanderSanden on December 1, 2011
Rolf, I remember first working with you over 20 years ago. I've watched you "grow up" and "grew up" with you. You've been there for me in a pinch and I guess I always thought there'd be time enough to let you know how much you are appreciated. Suddenly, that time is gone. You leave behind many people who remember you well and your memory continues to live on ... With love...
Posted by Beth Baum on November 30, 2011
Rolf, I can't tell you how much I will miss your smile and your talents. Everything you touched ran smoothly, calmly and with no fuss. You thought of everything, and your magic touch made all of our lives easier. Everyone in this building knew and loved you, and we will all miss you tremendously...
Posted by Stephanie Williams on November 30, 2011
Rolf, thank you for blessing our lives. Your compassionate and dependable nature was a given; your gentle grin and twinkle in your eyes was so precious–and I’m not surprised–after all, you shared the same month & day of my Grandma’s birthday. I always new you were special. Drake, your dad was a phenomenal person who touched our hearts and will be so dearly missed. Take care & God Bless.
Posted by Jill Freeman on November 29, 2011
Rolf, you were one of my all-time favorite people that I have ever worked with. You were always available to help anyone with anything, and always with a smile. I'm proud to have worked with you since our WWC days. Rolf, you taught me so much. Drake, just as you loved him, please know how much everyone else also loved your Dad. May God carry you and your family during this time.
Posted by Kevin Shearer on November 29, 2011
For the last three years Rolf, you and I sat next to each other & had daily long talks about the value of family & friends. You encouraged us with optimism, positive attitude and the sparkle in your eyes. Your love for Drake was never more evident than when you had the chance to bring him to work. He is your gift to those of us who remain behind. Thank you for being part of our lives.
Posted by Denise Merle on November 29, 2011
I will greatly miss Rolf's smiling face, sense of humor and willingness to always help others. A great loss for all.....
Posted by Shannon Hughes on November 28, 2011
We've now been without Rolf's help at work for over a month now and nothing seems to operate as well as when he was around to anticipate needs and find creative solutions. He will continue to be missed here, but it's insignificant compared to the loss felt by his family. May his loved ones find comfort in memories of this great man.
Posted by MARYLOU HANSON on November 28, 2011
To the greatest dad. My grandson will always cherish his visits with
Rolf and Drake.
Posted by Susan Finn on November 27, 2011
Rolf, what an INCREDIBLE man. I remember when you arrived at Weyerhaeuser, all of the girls swooned & wondered who the new guy was. You always had a smile on your face & a twinkle in your eye. Thanks for being a friend & helping me move from my apt & for all of your incredible AV help over the years. There is no one like you & I know your son will follow your footsteps, Love You Dude!!
Posted by Sherry Nelson on November 27, 2011
Rolf…. I still imagine you in the hallway at work – smiling, joking, and taking care of us. Thanks for bringing me CD’s for an event and giving me a copy of one CD I liked – I will treasure. Conversations about your #1 priority – your son Drake. You have left us too soon so I pray your son and family find comfort in memories and know how special you are and will be so missed.
Posted by Debbie West on November 27, 2011
Even though Rolf was my cousin, we never had the opportunity to meet. After reading these tributes and memories, I feel that I got to know my cousin and his passing is so very sad. This makes you realize how important and swift life is. I am so sad for your loss.
Posted by Alicia Hadley-Hanson on November 23, 2011
I was shocked and saddened to hear of Rolf's passing. His laid back demeanor made him all the more easy to like. He was a great and passionate person who will be missed by many.
Posted by CC Lucas on November 18, 2011
Yes dear, your tie is OK.
Posted by Greg French on November 18, 2011
Rolf, you were the guy who rode into town in a white hat and saved the day, the good guy who smiled confidently and said you’d take care of it. You stood by your word. When you were around, we were never worried about a glitch or problem. You got it done. You made us smile. You were the person who everyone trusted and everybody liked. You are missed already, more than we can ever describe.

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