Shared by Marissa Lee on 17th January 2019

I was living with Rollie in Omaha, Nebraska for the past 6 months. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know him- he talked about his wonderful life. He traveled all over the world, made successful games, and was able to meet all sorts of different yet lovel people. One of my favorite moments with Rollie was when he taught me how to play a new board game and I ended up winning. He had a priceless look of shock, but he was a very good sport. I will miss having conversations with him but I am thankful I was able to meet him. 

Rest In Peace Rollie. I will forever cherish our memories together.

Will greatly miss our mighty Game Maestro

Shared by Kaleb Michaud on 9th January 2019

For the past 6 months I have been in daily contact with Rollie as he worked around the clock in designing new games and helping our Spielmasons playtest group develop their games. Just 2 days before he passed we were playing his latest design and he had three new updates he was working on to show me on Monday. His mind was ever working and he was a delight to play games with - always testing and challenging and often laughing through the experience, even when coming in last.

His official title at Spielbound was Game Maestro and his bio is here.

He came to us at the end and we have all gained from our too-brief time together. He kept his health issues close to his chest, but none of us were ready for this last move. I first was impacted by Rollie by being an avid fan of his CCGs in the 90s and feel incredibly fortunate to have had these last months together - he "chose" us as he liked Spielbound's mission and sense of community around gaming. His creativity, intelligence, positivity, and diligence were remarkable, and I can only hope we can get a few more of his games made to be shared to keep his legacy long-lasting.

Play on, my friend.

Shared by Lisa Tesh on 9th January 2019

My brother was the smartest person I knew.  At times, he had the arrogance to match, which made our relationship difficult at times. Those times are my biggest regret.  But I loved debating with my brother, learning from my brother, and playing games with my brother.  I was so proud of him and his achievements. I loved him and respected him greatly.

My strongest memory of Rollie was his obsession with the pending economic collapse (pending for the past 30 years). He spoke of it constantly and would be upset if you didn’t listen or agree. After 30 years of discussing it, it got harder to participate. Haha.  I am sure that he is still keeping tabs from above.

Rollie, I wish you the peace that you deserve.  If I could talk to you now, I would ask “are you surprised? and did you finally get the apology that you deserved?”  I love you brother.  I will miss you until we meet again.

Shared by Jessica Adkins on 9th January 2019

I have such fond memories of uncle Rollie and most of them involve some kind of game or funny moment. He bought me my first chess set and taught me how to play, something I still love to do and have taught my husband to play and will teach my son in the future Every time I got the pleasure of seeing him he brought some kind of game he was working on. I loved hearing his stories and his perspectives. I truly think my love of games came from him. 

While I was doing some cleaning, just hours before I heard of his passing, I came across a picture of him and thought to my self I need to email him. Sadly, I was too late. Uncle Rollie will always hold a special place in my heart. I will still continue to brag about my game inventing uncle whenever I can. 

Peel the onion for me.

Shared by Lisa Tesh on 9th January 2019

Rollie was a private person, more so as he grew older. My memories of my brother's last few years are rather sketchy.  I have posted my memories and pictures from my photo album.  I welcome everyone to share a story, picture, or video of their memories with Rollie.  

 I look forward to your postings of times shared with Rollie and peeling back the layers that reveal the beautiful person that was my brother.

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