Expect a Miracle
  • 88 years old
  • Born on July 5, 1925 .
  • Passed away on August 10, 2013 .
This website is in honor of Romy Leah. She touched so many of us from so many different places. This is a place we can all come together. A place to share memories... Photos.... Tears and laughter.... A place where feelings can be expressed... A place for alohas and a hui hou... A place to visit now and again when we need a moment with her once more.
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 11th August 2018
Always you are alive in my heart. Misha
Posted by Rosemary Jiron on 6th July 2018
Mom, I can hardly believe its been almost five years since you left this time and space to begin your "next adventure". I've been remembering quite an adventure we had this week in 2013 - your daughters all came to my place - we spent Colleen's birthday at Glen Ivy Spa and Ana spent the day with you. The next day - the 4th of July - we had a fabulous birthday party for your 88th - a very special year. And the next day we all boarded a plane for Texas, where you were able to spend some time with Kelly, Donna and their family, until the angels came for you. I miss you everyday.
Posted by Denise Fager on 6th July 2018
Oh Mama, I am missing you so very much. I feel your presence every day and your deep wisdom always guides me. But yesterday especially, you were so very close to me...all day. Mahalo for your inspiration and spending special time with me yesterday. I am expecting a miracle! And am never disappointed. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for being the most magical Mother ever! I love you deeply Mom. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 5th July 2018
Happy 5th birthday in your place of never ending miracles. Love you so much. Mishi
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 10th August 2017
Darling Romy, where have the 4 years gone? I miss you so keenly in the physical. And.. I continue to be inspired by who you were to me. I try to keep alive all that you shared with me and make each day, each hour a magical one. Love you beyond words my beautiful miracle soul sister.
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 5th July 2017
Happy 4th birthday, dear Romy. May your miracle adventures continue to unfold for you. Trish has come to join you. She left us on the 25 June this year so she is "newbie". Love you today and beyond forever. Mishi
Posted by Rosemary Jiron on 20th December 2016
Wow Mom and Misha - one mind is alive and well !!! Mom, Misha gave me back Katie for a while to comfort me after your transition. Needless to say, Katie loved visiting with me, but has longed to return to NZ. I had her all packed up and ready to go this past summer and then guess what? I broke my wrist and was kind of at a disadvantage for a while - Katie really wanted to be home for Christmas...she is in route as of today - December 19th -when Mish sent this tribute, so, that brings us back to one mind!....Mom, I miss you so and I love you. There is so much I want to share with you but I know you know. I also know you are with Laine and Devin and Dad and Minga and so many others looking over on us.... so much love Mom
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 19th December 2016
Darling Romy, miss you in the physical. Feel your presence around me and am reminded by you to expect a miracle.every day Big gratitude for your presence in my life- the best present anyone could ever wish for. Love you so much. You remain my inspiration and my soul buddy.
Posted by Rosemary Jiron on 17th December 2016
Romy, I most remember a special visit with you when you were house caring on the water as well as a close time at Bob and Ann's when you said you "were ready to go." I hope you are having many more good adventures.
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 10th August 2016
Dearest Miracle Sister, Love knows no bounds. I miss you in this physical plane but feel your miracle self every day. You still guide and inspire me. Love you forever.
Posted by Peggy Maddox on 10th August 2016
Whenever I see an angel or look at a rainbow I think her from me and how she touch my life she lives on in my heart forever
Posted by Rosemary Jiron on 10th August 2016
Mom, I miss you everyday. I am so very grateful I had the fortune to have you as my mom. No need for words, as you know my feelings and I feel your essense every day. I even hear your words. Stay with me; stay with us. And take good care of Devin; give him lots of love and hugs and kisses from all of us and let him know we miss him more than words can express.
Posted by Pia Back-Sanderson on 10th August 2016
I LOVE you and Miss You forever, Dearest, Sweetest Soul-Friend Romy and I feel so Grateful and Blessed we shared so many SOUL-Moments!!!
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 5th July 2016
Happy 3rd birthday in your new adventure place. Miss you and think of you often.
Posted by Jessica Fager on 5th July 2016
Just like you always said to me "how lucky we all are that you were born today"
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 10th August 2015
Loving thoughts with you dearest Romy. We had my Dad's funeral today. He passed on the 8th- just one day short of Mum's 23rd Anniversary on the 9th. I called on your loving heart and miracles today to sustain me. I love you and miss you.
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 5th July 2015
Happy Birthday, MIracle Lady. Am sure you are having fun in whatever form that is now for you. Miss you lots.
Posted by Wendy Park on 24th June 2015
Just found out about your passing Romy. So sad for those of us left in your wake, but I know you're happy so I'm happy for you. Thank you for all the memories and fun we had. Say hi to Kea from me. I'll never forget you, my sweet friend. RIP until our paths cross again. Love, love all-ways!
Posted by Susan Grinsell on 14th August 2014
Love and Light, dear Romy. Thank you for all you gave of yourself to so many of us. What wonderful, peaceful, fun-loving memories we have because of you. Your welcoming open smile, lovely intense eyes, accepting nature and authenticity inspires us everyday. "Thus am I a feather on the breath of God." - Hildegard of Bingen
Posted by Misha Crosbie on 10th August 2014
Beloved Romy,on this your first anniversary I still miss your physical presence in my life as keenly as I did 1 year ago. Deep gratitude for all the miracles you brought into my life.
Posted by Shirley Orlich on 2nd November 2013
Romy, my precious "Minister of Miracles" friend... I treasure each of our 35 years of earthly, heartfelt adventures... sunsets, hiking, spiritual gatherings, tree houses and sacred beaches. Sending you hugs and ever so much love until we meet again! - I know your beautiful smiling face will be one of the first I see when I too "Journey to High Places"! - Shirley "Christara"
Posted by LiLi Townsend on 26th August 2013
O dear Romy .... Now joined in your Wholeness with the Mystery. .... What a marvelous impact you made on our island... Creating Miracles Bookstore as a hub for tools of magic, inspiration, delightful must-haves, and meeting others who were magnetized there... You were always a magic magnetizer!! In our hearts forever.... Loving you, LiLi
Posted by Darrienne Heller on 25th August 2013
Romy is now with her beloved 8 angels. i feel her presence with us always and her smile lighting the way to join her someday.
Posted by Donna FitzPatrick on 25th August 2013
All through my married life I have had the awesome privilege of being able to change the grimacing look, that occurs during M-I-L conversations, to looks of surprise & envy. Because I always got to say, "My M-I-L is the most loving person I know. She has a beautiful spirit & is a joy to be around." I love you Romy & will miss your smile especially the one from your eyes.
Posted by Bob & Ann Babson on 24th August 2013
Romy lived two years with us on Maui, and she taught by her beautiful presence, love and acceptance the essence of A Course in Miracles teaching........."I am not a body, I am free, for I am still as God created me." You are indeed, lovely Romy, and your guidance from the other side will be with us at every sunset, in the peace garden, and in the ocean.... Love always....
Posted by Naomihillinger@mac.com Hi... on 24th August 2013
dearest romy you are a shinning light in our angel ohana and a true miracle. much love naomi
Posted by John Korpi on 23rd August 2013
Aloha Romy- I will carry you in my heart on next hike as I have recently on others. You have been my great friend since '84 and will be forever. Namaste' John
Posted by Paula Brock on 23rd August 2013
Blessings to you dear Romy. Thank you for all the wonderful years and great memories. We will meet again in your world of angels. Fly high, dear friend, you inspired us all.
Posted by Peggy Maddox on 22nd August 2013
Romy makes my heart and face smile! I know she is happy in her new home with her love light shining. I m grateful that she touched my life during Goddess Camps, with her stories, hikes,love and just her presence. She has been an inspiration to me and my life is blessed Her love lives on in all of us.
Posted by Donna Yorke on 22nd August 2013
I'm a friend of Romy's daughter Rosemary and only had the opportunity to meet Romy a couple of times but I was inspired by hearing stories of her and how she lived her life. I wished I had known her all my life - I think I would have learned a lot. I can only imagine the adventures that await her in her new home!

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