Let the memory of Ron be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on July 21, 1941 in Lexington, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on May 15, 2011 in Longmont, Colorado, United States.

This memorial is created in my memory of Ron Nickell; my gentle music man; embodied in these words. He was born on July 21, 1941,and  gently left the terrestrial bondage of our tiny planet Earth, one year ago today, May 15th. 2012; on a sublime Sunday morning! He always believed I was his life's sweetest creation. And He mine. Between ourselves we lived as if God and our soul's were one. We float free of time now with delicate grace untouched by the storms of terrestrial life today and forevermore.The sacred vows we share of eternal reflection transcends all time and space as the highest and most divine seasons in   this first divine and now uncontaminated world life; in truth and in process, lives on. We are united in the beauty mirrored outward that surrounds all the mysterious world spheres of creation, revealed yet invisible to me until that state of substance reunites us as we begin again; sealed in all directions thru Heavens domain. We as two became the substance of the spiritual and invisible wind that gently whispers of our God, who arranged this thing reflected and purely manifested, while themselves within itself, ourselves, in covenant with the voice world, is understood now. As a model of softness and strength; Ron is telling me to Understand and be wise, without limit, until the time the two come with reconciling breath, to once again ponder the words of this love song turned forward towards the home of this loving body sealed, Darlin'. 

Posted by Jean Williams on July 22, 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday Ron. You and your soul mate Ginni have been reunited in your heavenly home to celebrate a great love that was rekindled before you left your earthly home. What a beautiful reunion you must have had. The angles were singing! ❤️
Posted by Jean Williams on July 21, 2016
Ron, May the lights shine brightly for you in heaven today as we remember the day of your earthly birthday.
Posted by Ginni Nickell on July 21, 2012
On July 21, 1941, Ron Nickell was born; gracing this earth as an individual who brought sequential stages of divine enlightment and wisdom as a learned gentleman until the end of this world. There were no limitations of His kind and generous workings, as a man of decency and spirit. He understood the true nature of love. His eternal soul is pure indeed; appointed by the will of God.
Posted by Jean Williams on May 20, 2012
Ron! what an interesting brother-in- law you were! Rest in Peace, my friend.
Posted by Ginni Nickell on May 16, 2012
I will quietly carry on his research and study his gentle pen of invisible worlds as a means of preserving His historical compass.

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