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It was his Job!

Shared by Duane Roggow on June 5, 2021
Ron was the ultimate work partner; industrious, helpful, enthusiastic and always good for company Morale! While at Sprint our then President started a program called, "It is My Job!" We all were encouraged to wear bright red pins stating, "IT IS MY JOB!" and we were encouraged to go above and beyond helping everyone to excel at our jobs. Ron did! He started his own program and every few days Ron would come in with his own unique Red Pin encouraging us to go above and beyond. I have forgotten all the different pins, but I can guarantee you they lifted our spirits and usually provided a laugh or a grin to ease the pain of the day. 
Shared by j Diane Wuthnow on June 5, 2021
What I remember most about Rod Short was his wishes for a Happy New Year to Rod, my husband, now deceased.  While the greeting/saying is old now it was nonetheless timely and soooo good at the time.  It was "Happy New You."

love you Ron, and Rod, forever, Di Wuthnow

Pictures to come…

Shared by Jessica Hayes on May 25, 2021

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