• 27 years old
  • Born on August 14, 1982 .
  • Passed away on January 2, 2010 in East Palo Alto (The G), California, United States.

Babe was the light of my world. He had the tight and strong hug that I never wanted to let go. I will miss him forever. He loved his family with all his heart. He took care of my kids and never short changed the love he had for his biological family. He loved his job and taking care of us.He was more than a step father to my girls. He was a father to them. He loved them and they loved him. And his new born Yorkie dog, Barbie Minaj, was his heart too. Jr. was saved and started coming to church around 2007. He will now be praiseing God all day long. He will be greatly missed.

Love Tamara Davis

Alexus Simon

Alisha Morris

Posted by Venecia Simms on January 1, 2019
Brother Happy New Year's . I love you things NOT the same with you here. But save a spot for me .
Posted by SHAUNISE JONES on August 14, 2018
Happy birthday JR
Posted by Felecia Greenly on August 14, 2018
Happy Birthday JR ..Hope you and Til-Tap is Partying in Heaven.. We Miss You'll down here..Party in Paradise...PARTYYYYYYYY
Posted by Apryl Davenport on August 14, 2018
Happy birthday j we love and miss you man wish you were here to celebrate this day with us I know you and Moo would have been lit along with myke and tt love you
Posted by Quimani Green on January 2, 2018
8 Years still feels like yesterday......Missing you!
Posted by Quimani Green on January 4, 2017
7 years and a day! It doesn't seem like it's been that long that you've been gone. I think about you often, and some think to myself, I wish that I would have kept my Acura instead of letting you and Goosey have it! You niggas still owe me for it LOL!! I know you would understand where I am coming from. JR you are missed...Rest well folks..
Posted by Tamara Davis on January 4, 2017
Another year with out my husband and still lost for words. So much we have been into if you so much that I never got to say to you and still that anger lies in my heart. From are vacation, family time on Sunday, us getting up every morning asking each other what car each one of us was taking , I truley miss and can never get back makes me even more angry love you babe always in my heart. let this light shine
Posted by Venecia Simms on January 2, 2017
Love u bra..Not a day that goes by I don't miss u ... On this day I lift u up! nothing can tear us apart I'm always be with u ... Davis blood line run deep.. u shining thru us each day ... Peace love n happiness on this new year and with each tear I shed for u I grow stronger bra.. we all out here missing u mom dad your wife n family we love u sending u hugs n kisses ...
Posted by Venecia Simms on August 14, 2016
Happy birthday brother ...Love u always n FOREVER... From Nene kari Cece Mom Wayne Kease Crecia shabriese Mingo.n Family ..Not a day that goes by we don't think bout u big Head... You live thru us each day ...I am coming to visit with you in the morning ....
Posted by Quimani Green on January 3, 2016
It's been 6 years, and I still remember this day like it was yesterday. I remember seeing you the day before, walked into the house like you lived there. We shared a few words, and off you went. Not knowing that it would be the last time that we would see one another on this side... You are missed.... RIP Jr....
Posted by Lakea Williams on January 3, 2016
We haven't forgot about you...still seems so unreal! I with KiKi on that one remeber this day as if was yesterday, the last conversation was bethween the three of us and your last words were to KiKi "You know how she is!" cus i was fussing at you (like always) for not being whete should habe been I always wonder what you'd be doing these days, nevertheless i know you're living the life up there with Mike. You re loved and truly missed!
Posted by Venecia Simms on January 2, 2016
Well bra its been 6 years since you been gone at 4:58pm today. But Glory be to God I stand today in peace. I forgave the shooters whole heartedly my family is at peace knowing that Our father in Heaven has taken care of each individual involved. Hallow be thy Name thy kingdom come.... Hallelujah... Praise God... I stand with my head up high and no tears this year so God is healing us day by day, sometimes second by second... as this day comes around yet again. January 2, 2010 was a day I will never forget man how could they smile in my face n turn around and stab ME IN my back now murdered my blood brother Ronald ray Davis JR. 26 years old so sad... where is the Love? We was raised on that street let alone we actually own a piece of land on Wisteria thanks to my grandparents .To his beloved wife n kids Tamara Davis and Barbie Alexus and Alisha I love you and may God bless you! To my dear Mother Stella Simms and my Father Ronald Ray Davis their eldest son together is gone forever behind jealousy envy lust now most of All GReed n HaTred.... And Da saddest part is that their still FREE.... TODAY I PRAY THAT JUSTICE IS SOUGHT IN MY BROTHERS CASE PLEASE SO I CAN CLOSE THIS CHAPTER... TO MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS STAY STRONG JR IS IN A BETTER PLACE.... HAPPY NEW YEAR -1-2-16
Posted by Venecia Simms on January 2, 2016
First giving honor to God whose the head of my life and to my dear beloved brothers wife Tamara Davis and my beloved mother Stella Sims and my dear father Ronald Ray Davis and our entire family we ask that you please continue to pray for us and strengthen each individual in every way these remember to always pray and let God take control we hope everyone had a blessed and safe New Year's as we are celebrating JR 6th anniversary we ask that you please leave a token of love and remembrance of him....
Posted by Venecia Simms on August 15, 2015
Happy birthday brother. I miss you so much not a day that goes by that your not on my mind. you will forever be in our hearts . I came to see u today and everyone Send their love.
Posted by Tamara Davis on August 14, 2015
Happy Birthday to my husband, best friend . Life havent been the same, but I know you will want me to enjoy this day like if you was here. Happy birthday babe!!!!!! Love you
Posted by Lacrecia Simms on January 2, 2015
It's not a day that goes by that I don't think about something crazy we did and start laughing my ass off. You stayed making everybody laugh. And you played entirely too much but we always had fun. I would give anything to have them days back. Left this earth way to soon for me......RIP
Posted by Briana Reed on January 2, 2015
Posted by Drina Miles-Adams on August 15, 2014
Cousin JR, I miss you soo much! I miss hearing you say DREAMTEAM! Happy Birthday and know that I am always thinking of you. That infectious smile, the love you had for FAMILY. Rest in Peace..see you when I get there.
Posted by Apryl Davenport on August 15, 2014
I am a day late Happy birthday j you have another angel with you I am sad that you and myke are not there to turn up RIP big you will forever be missed
Posted by Lakea Williams on August 15, 2014
Happy belated birthday! I may be late leaving a tribute but know that the kids and I acknowledged you on your day! We miss you much, please continue to watch over us! Love, Goosey, Saunchi & ToTo
Posted by Pritrice Page on August 15, 2014
Dang JR its your birthday today and boy do I wish we was turnt up like the good ole days instead of me writing on your memory page. I miss you so much you was truly one of the ones who left too soon. We miss you down here. Well enjoy your birthday in Heaven with the other homes we lost. Tell them I miss them all and keep smiling down on us. Oh I know your so proud of Lexus she made it to college on her way to the top.
Posted by Lacrecia Simms on August 15, 2014
I love and miss you so much. My world has not been the same since you have been gone. I would give anything to turn up with you for your birthday and be able to blow the roof off the van again with you.. slapping that Messy Marv Center of Attention ;) . And we can't ever forget yall first field trip to the O. Lmao. Sideshows had you hooked. Those was the days. Happy Birthday Big Head. I TRULY MISS YOU.
Posted by Shabriese Davis on August 14, 2014
Happy birthday son! I want to honor you for who you were all all you mean to me and the family. The presence of you will be in our hearts forever. Love in the air and keep your eye on the sparrow. Love you
From Mom
Posted by Keanna Miller on April 10, 2014
Much luv to the family.. I went to school with Jr... Am we use to clown all the time.. Can't believe u gone.. U will be missed...
Posted by Venecia Simms on January 3, 2014
Love you Brother ....missing you like crazy xoxo love Cece n dekari n sis Nene celebrating for you forever in our hearts # kease dollah , bre bre n Jerald
Posted by Pritrice Page on January 2, 2014
Today you've been gone four years dang it doesn't seem that long ago we lost a great person like you! You are truly missed all the fun times we had,the great laughs and wonderful memories of you are still fresh in my heart and on my brain they will never fade away!! Tell Three and Travis I miss them also I know y'all up there still chillin and having a great time with God like we did when u was here. Take care of all the ppl we lost down here but you gained up there like u did always, looking out for them and us making sure everybody good and alright Damn I miss you dude & I know awhole lot of others down here do too
Posted by Apryl Davenport on January 2, 2014
Wow j it's has been 4 years that you're gone not a day goes by without me and j dont think bout you I know you are in a better place but it's still hard to accept that you are not here miss taking trips with you and moomooo I miss your big head self please continue to watch over us rip to someone who always have been family and a friend gone but never never forgotten
Posted by Lacrecia Simms on January 2, 2014
I miss you so much. We had so much fun together. I would give anything to have that back. Miss you bighead. Love always, your big sis
Posted by Lacrecia Simms on January 2, 2014
From your auntie Liffy: Nephew I miss you calling me and asking me how to cook everything. Lol. Him and lil Pete getting in trouble every five minutes by nanny. I miss that smile you kept on your face. We love and miss you.
Posted by Apryl Davenport on August 14, 2013
Happy birthday Jay you are truly missed I know you are shining bright like a diamond until we meet again bruh keep looking over the family
Posted by Shabriese Davis on August 14, 2013
Today we celebrate J.R's 31st birthday. Although he is not here in flesh I know for sure he's here in spirit. I can't say that days like this are the most happy ones- for me it opens up the same wound that has never been healed, but I ask for strength today for my family especially my mom. Your family and friends, wife and mentors miss you bro but we know we have an awesome Angel watching
Posted by Pritrice Page on August 14, 2013
Happy Birthday JR
Posted by Venecia Simms on August 14, 2013
happy birthday brother i miss you so much...on this day i ask for strength i ask for peace and ask for forgiveness for they knew not what they did to us...mom n dad sends her love wayne your niece cniyah harvey ur nephew dekari. n malique me nene cecia and kease dollah n domingo
Posted by Felecia Greenly on January 2, 2013
It's been 3 long years sine this day you left use..Miss you and think about you.You well always be in my thoughts LOVE YOU JR....
Posted by Lacy Turner on January 2, 2013
I remember, seeing Ronald singing during praise and worship....it was a amazing thing to see. You left a great impression on the world and God knew that your spirit would continue to live on through your wife, family and friends.
Gone but never forgotten
Posted by Sabrina Vargas on August 15, 2012
JR...I know you've been up in heaven today living it up! Your happiness always showed! You're missed dearly. Wishing  you were here to celebrate this day with you and the family. HAPPY BIG 30 Cuzz O!!!!
Posted by Apryl Davenport on August 14, 2012
Happy 30th my big homie it is still unreal that you are not here celebrating your big day with us, but i know you are looking down on us with your chuckie cheese smile i miss you and love you always RIP my homie HAPPY BIRTHDAY till we meet again
Posted by Natasha Jackson on August 14, 2012
Happy Birthday JR. Your truly missed but you continue to live through everyone who knew you.
Posted by Lacrecia Simms on January 2, 2012
I miss my brother so much. He had his flaws as a child, but he was such a wonderful human being to be around. He kept you smiling and always was willing to help any and everyone. Im at a loss because I still don't understand why the good ones always have to go so soon. I would give anything to have him back. I truly miss him. Love and miss you Jr.
Posted by Apryl Davenport on January 2, 2012
you are truly missed down here jay we missed hanging out with you and moo moo its not the same no more i know you are lookng down on us as i type saying something crazy in your head like always. We really miss u big head stay easy RIP Jay gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN
Posted by Sabrina Vargas on August 16, 2011
JR..Happy belated birthday cousin! I know you up there shining down on us all! You are missed dearly and will never be forgotten. Love you!!!
Posted by Apryl Davenport on August 15, 2011
i know i am late but happy birthday jay you will be forever missed you always had a smile on your face no matter what. love always your friend and family to the end apryl see when i get there big hommie
Posted by Jolynn Williams on August 15, 2011
Missed but not Forgotten,Happy Belated Birthday JR I know you are all smiles!!!!
Posted by Lacrecia Simms on August 15, 2011
My brother was truly a blessing. He came along way. I hate that he was robbed of the chance to do all the things he wanted to do in life. He was a joy to be around and he was always there for you no matter what! I will always miss him! #Big Sis
Posted by Monique Harmon on June 15, 2010
Posted by Helen Martn on February 10, 2010
Posted by Shreem Kepney on January 17, 2010
Posted by Jamesica Sanders on January 14, 2010
"Life is usually taken for granted until you lose someone so close,and in that moment you realize all what life has to offer, friendship, happiness, courage, and of course love."
We will miss U.
Posted by Jonay Holland on January 12, 2010
I don't know how it feels to lose a husbband,a step father,or a son.But I do now know how it feels to lose a BROTHER.Ronald was a brother through Christ to me.He was a faithful member of BACC!
Posted by Joseph Smith on January 12, 2010
was up unkk..... imma always stay wit the fresh recs n the bottles for ya ... love ya eppies

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