Let the memory of Ronald be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on November 12, 1943 .
  • Passed away on November 4, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ronald Kelly 68 years old , born on November 12, 1943 and passed away on November 4, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 24th December 2018
Another Christmas and Holidays without you this 2018...… Still much grief for me...………….I miss how well you took care of me, your great sense of humor, your smile, your sweet touch, but most of all...………… I miss your LOVE. I will never stop loving you and waiting-------impatiently----------to be reunited in Heaven with you for eternity. I am sad...………………………………………………………..
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 12th November 2018
Happy birthday in Heaven my love, on this November 12, 2018. I never stop missing you, every day, every hour, every minute, every second. Looking forward to our reunion in Heaven. Your loving wife.
Posted by Jane And Den Kelly on 12th November 2018
Happy Birthday Ron we miss you but remember you always. I’m proud to be related to you and I still have discussions with you thinking what you might say you’re thoughts have always been much appreciated thank you love always Jane and Dennis Psthank you for your service to our country we love u and miss you xoxo Jane Dennis scott Stephen
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 22nd February 2018
Thinking of you sweetheart, as always; I continue to say how much how miss you and always will and long to be with you again by the grace of God.........................I love cardinals as they represent the spirit of the departed---they say------they are so beautiful, as you were in life and still are----and I love to see pictures of cardinal couples, I think about-----you and me...................Love you, on earth and in Heaven.
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 16th November 2017
Hello my love I miss you so much it’s been five years since I lost you and I am inconsolable I have been lighting candles every morning at the kitchen table while looking at your beautiful Photos. We Will be together again someday and this time forever. I am impatient. All my love forever and ever.
Posted by Sarah Denton on 5th November 2017
Grandpa, I love you dearly- very much felt your spirit yesterday when I visited your grave- I hope you love the flowers. I miss you so much and I can not wait until I see you again. I truly believe that you have been positively influencing my life lately. I so wish you could meet my Fiance... he has so many of the same qualities that you have. I hope you know how much everyone has been thinking of you. I love this page and being able to connect with you as well as seeing other people leaving their own memories of you and reminding other people of their love- as is the whole purpose of this page. Know that I will see you again very soon. <3
Posted by Jane Kelly on 4th November 2017
Dear Ronnie, I do think about u everyday and miss you very much. You are and we're the best brother in law a gal could ask for. We will all be together one day so save us a good seat. Love and thoughts forever Jane
Posted by Jane Kelly on 4th November 2017
Miss you Bro,thank god for all the memories.I couldn't have asked for a better one always there for me and everyone else. I want to say that I've been blessed with a brother and family I love and feel so proud of.love you man mom and dad too. Love Dennis
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 4th November 2017
My sweet love, it is senseless to even begin to tell you how much I miss you; it doesn't matter whether it is five years, ten or more........................My life is so meaningless without you...............I know we will be reunited again some day by the grace of God, but it is a small comfort right now. We will be together again one fine day and feel eternal joy! All my love..............Forever. Your wife.
Posted by MARTINE GIULIANI LAU on 4th November 2017
Aloha Dad can't believe it's been 5 years since your gone - miss talking to you - you were always there for me - so now I pray and ask for guidance and in one way or another I see things through and know it's you guiding me so I want to thank you! We get some good fresh fish here and know how you enjoyed fresh fresh and wonder how the fishing is up there, hope it is abundant one day we will sit and have some together again... Love and miss you!
Posted by MARTINE GIULIANI LAU on 18th June 2017
Wishing my dad a Happy Father's Day in heaven...... Love and miss you. A Hui Ho
Posted by MARTINE GIULIANI LAU on 12th November 2016
Aloha dad, I sealed my birthday wishes for you inside an envelope filled with love and respect so it reaches you in heaven and goes right to your heart. Happy Birthday in heaven! Love from Martine, Neil, Kiana and Manu
Posted by Sarah Denton on 12th November 2016
Dear Grandpa, Happy Birthday from up in Heaven. I love and miss you terribly. I wish I got the chance to just, talk with you more and I wish you were part of my life right now. I wish there was something I could do to bring you back. But know that I am thinking of you today and if all the amazing things you've done. I can't wait to see you again one day. I love you Grandpa.
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 4th November 2016
I can't believe it has been 4 years today that I lost you, and hurtful memories abound, Each year is more painful, and I continue to miss you so very much. You were and still are my whole life. Going to the cemetary today to "see you" and feel your wonderful spirit from Heaven reaching out to me. You are in my heart forever, and the great love you had for me continues to flow in it, Love you so, and miss you so.
Posted by Jennifer Lofgren on 4th November 2016
4 years have come so fast. =( Uncle Ron, my godfather and Uncle. My fathers best friend. You were a good friend to my mom. Aunt H misses you every second. I tell her that you want her to enjoy her life here still and that you are always with her. I always regret how much this life gets in the way and how everyone is so busy and we didn't spend so much time together. I remember you coming here to visit and meeting the girls. Wish there were more days like that. LOVE YOU ALWAYS. <3
Posted by MARTINE GIULIANI LAU on 4th November 2016
Aloha Dad, As I look back over time I find myself wondering if I remember to thank you enough for all you have done for me, for all the times you were by my side to help and support me, to celebrate my successes and understand some wierd problems I had as well as accept my defeats. You taught me by your example the value of hard work and good judgment courage and integrity, I wonder if I ever thanked you enough or shown my gratitude for all you did. Thank you for taking care of mom the way you did and all the love you showed her. I do miss just the simple things like laughter, smiles and times we all shared together. Well I am thanking you now and hope you knew all along how much you meant to me. miss you and love you much - see you when I get there one day! p.s keep watching over mom I know you do! love, Martine
Posted by Neil Lau on 4th November 2016
A passing is inevitable, but memories are forever. All I have are great ones for the short time we spent together. Till we meet again.......Aloha
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 17th February 2016
Another year, another Valentine's Day without you, another everything without you, but never another DAY without missing you, and weeping looking at your photos, remembering all that you were, all that you still are to me and always will be, and painfully waiting to be reunited with you in Heaven. I love you so much.
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 12th November 2015
Happy third birthday in Heaven, my sweet love.........I miss you more, and more, and more, but I am always comforted to know that you are at peace, no longer suffering, and with the Lord. I continue to believe with all my heart that someday we will be reunited, happy again as we always were in life on earth, and this time,it will NEVER end, as it will be for ETERNITY. I left at your grave this morning beautiful red roses, so reminiscent of the ones you always gave me for my birthday and Valentine's Day, or to celebrate a special occasion. They always signified LOVE to me, and I gave them to you today with great LOVE, just for you. I love you so, so much.
Posted by Sarah Michelle on 12th November 2015
Hey grandpa, happy birthday. I love you. 72 years young right? :) I wish you the best in Heaven. I hope you look down and are proud of me and what I've done, the good things that I've done that is. I hope you were doing great things in Heaven today. I miss you. I'm working on remaking the song grandma sings at your grave..... I wanted to have it done by today but I ended up working a lot. So I'm sorry. It should be done by Sunday. I will see you soon. Much love, Your granddaughter.
Posted by Eleanor Lech on 12th November 2015
Ron Kelly still miss you and have great memories that will never be forgotten
Posted by MARTINE GIULIANI LAU on 12th November 2015
Dear Dad, Happy Birthday memories fill my heart today with all your warmth I've missed so much since you went away. I knew that I could turn to you whenever things went wrong and you were always there with logical answers and guided me to be strong no matter what the circumstances were in your gentle and kind way. I think about the great times we had playing cards or chess and just sitting down to meals those memories I hold dear in my heart forever. You are missed and yes gone too soon - Now I feel you guide me and bring me strength and courage from your resting place above (need some more help with the stocks lol). I think sometimes what is Heaven like is he up there repairing something or building something incredibly fabulous for the Lord's kingdom..humm things I ponder....until we meet again Dad love you hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating your birthday with the Lord and all the angles! aloha :0)
Posted by Jane And Den Kelly on 11th November 2015
My brother my true friend. I will never forget you Ron. I think about you often, fond memories that will never pass. Ron I did appreciate your thoughtfulness and help when ever needed. Knowledge of so many things, truly mind blowing. I miss you Ron very much, you made a lasting impression, and loving you will be forever my brother. Thank you, Love your brother
Posted by Jane And Den Kelly on 11th November 2015
Dear Ron, to know you is to LOVE you, when ever you, Den, Henrietta and myself got together we always had many many laughs together, always fun and always lots of laughing.love you and miss u a lot, Jane
Posted by Sarah Denton on 4th November 2015
Grandpa, this really doesn't get any easier. I think of you so much. I want you to know that I finally know, I finally know what your eyes always tried to tell me. I also want you to know that I'm okay. Through my ups and downs, my bratty behavior, my bipolar moods, grandma still helps me out. It means more to me than I can even put into words. I finally got my permit, I'm getting my license soon and I also have enough saved up for a car. I'm an official manager where I work now too. I think I'm finally starting to grow up. I woke up with such a pain in my chest and it didn't register to me at first the day, when I looked at the calander, I started crying. I so badly wish you could guide me. I wish you were here. I wish we could talk. I wish I got a chance to hug you one last time, it hurts me that I can't. I wish I could always here your words of wisdom. I guess I will just have to wait. I'm getting a tattoo in your memory in two weeks. I've been thinking about it for two years so I'm finally going to do it. I love you. Please give grandma many hugs and signs that you are with her today, I know she loves and misses you with a love that was more than love. Your gentle spirit will help to calm her. Until eternity, Your granddaughter.
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 4th November 2015
My love, Your 3d anniversary in Heaven, and you are missed more than EVER; my love for you is endless, and my joy will ONLY return when we are together again. Your loving wife...............................
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 22nd December 2014
Your third Christmas in Heaven, sweetheart, you are missed more than ever, and the memories of our so many happy Christmases together are flooding my mind; I love you so much, and will be with you someday, my love.
Posted by Adrianne Girolami on 12th November 2014
Dear cousin, remembering you with love on this special day. Happy Birthday in Heaven!
Posted by Sarah Denton on 4th November 2014
Grandpa, I feel your spirit watching over me. Every single day. Whenever I visit your grave, I get to know more about you, who you were and what you want me to do. I have fond memories of me always bringing you riddles. I miss you more than words can explain and I can't wait to be reunited with you someday. I love you so much. <3 thank you for being my grandfather. Love, Sarah <3
Posted by Henriette Kelly on 4th November 2014
My sweet love, Today Nov.4, 2014 is the second anniversary of your departure for Heaven; I miss you more than ever, and will never get over being apart from you, but I continue to believe that our separation, painful as it is, is temporary; I am crying as I am writing this, as I realize how broken I feel without you, my love. How does one repair a glass that has shattered into a thousand pieces? I am that glass. PS: It will fix itself, when I am with you, in Heaven.
Posted by Adrianne Girolami on 15th June 2014
"Dear Ron you will always be my dear cousin, and although we spent little time together there was always that special family feeling between us. I admired your grace and courage during difficult times, and the amazing power of love that was in your heart and kept you going. You are free now, and there is one more special angel in heaven. Pray for us dear cousin since you are so close to God, and ask for the blessings of peace for all those you loved, in your brief but so eventful life.""
Posted by Kiana Lau on 14th June 2014
I love and miss you gramps, I'll never forget the time we all played cards in the kitchen and you would joke around and look in the oven at someone else's cards haha. Heaven has received another angel
Posted by Neil Lau on 9th June 2014
You welcomed me into the family with open arms, for that I am forever grateful. You will be missed dearly by the ones closest to you. May your light shine bright in heaven. Aloha Oe Ron
Posted by MARTINE GIULIANI LAU on 8th June 2014
Dear Dad, God saw you getting tired, when a cure was not to be So He wrapped his arms around you and whispered, "come to me." You didn't deserve what you went through, so He gave you rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best - Yes He took the best of the best..even though we lived miles apart I know in my heart that our respect and love for one another was a strong bond. I will never forget your great smile and hearty laugh and silly conversations we had and some very funny wonderful memories. You were my dad and my rock whenever I needed guidance in any area of my crazy life you were always there to listen and advise and lend a hand without hesitation - you are dearly missed here on earth - however I know one day we will see each other again in heaven. Love you and miss you dad!
Posted by Jennifer Lofgren on 21st April 2014
So many wonderful memories of Uncle Ron. He was so funny and kind. This world is temporary and just the start of the everlasting paradise that we will all have one day together in the world where there will be no more loss of such great angels like Uncle Ron. I do believe that there is a special place in heaven where the good people are that were taken too soon. I love you Auntie!
Posted by Eleanor Lech on 25th March 2014
Ron was a kind and gentle man. Ron and my husband John were childhood friends. He was like family, and I loved him dearly. I miss him much and think of him daily. People say God takes the best, and I know this is true.
Posted by Sarah Michelle on 24th March 2014
You are my grandfather. And though it saddens me...I really didn't get the opportunity to get to know you as well as I would have liked, I know that I will get that chance in Heaven. I miss you more than words can explain. I will never ever forget you. Much love. Stay there you beautiful angel.
Posted by Janet Levine on 23rd March 2014
I love you and will miss you forever and ever....... You were my world, my joy, my passion and reason for living...... Each day that passes brings me closer to you, where you are in Heaven.

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