Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day....unseen, unheard, but always here; still loved, still missed, and very dear.
  • 68 years old
  • Born on December 21, 1947 in Englewood, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on June 10, 2016 in Piedmont, Oklahoma, United States.

Ronald William Sonheim, 68, of Piedmont, passed away suddenly on June 10, 2016.

He was the son of the late Frances and Henry Sonheim.

 Ron was born December 21, 1947 in Englewood, NJ.

Ron is survived by the love of his life, Victoria, for 39 years;  his children Jeffery and wife, Angela, Kathi and husband, Johnny, Andrea and partner Jeff, Sarah and partner Brian; grandchildren Casey, Kayley, Kelli, Mitchell, Jeffery Jr and Jared; brothers Richard, Robert, Raymond, and sister, Ruth;  numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, and a large number of friends.

His life’s passion included his employment at ACO as Project Manager for 30 years.

A memorial service to celebrate Ron’s life will be Friday, June 17 at 10am at Buchanan’s, 8712 N. Council Rd, OKC

In lieu of flowers, donations made be made to:

Posted by Mandy Romero on 21st December 2018
Happy Birthday Uncle Ron. I'll always remember the day you took me to the Oklahoma City bombing memorial. You had such a respect for the first responders and made a point to take time to remember them. That place took my breath away. You are missed so much.
Posted by Victoria Sonheim on 21st December 2018
Happy heavenly birthday, sweet Ronnie. We have missed being together for your last three birthdays. Hard to comprehend. I think you would be proud of the way I have managed things since you left. Learning to live without you has been so hard, but I feel like you have been with me and guided me, sight unseen. I will always be thankful for your life and your love.
Posted by Sarah Sonheim on 10th June 2017
It's been a year...full of chaos, life changes, and things I never planned on having to deal with so suddenly. Life will never be the same...miss you so much Dad. ❤️
Posted by Victoria Sonheim on 27th June 2016
I don’t even know how to express my profound sadness that you are not here; but somehow I feel your presence guiding me and talking me through the hard nights. I’m sorry I didn’t laugh more at your corny jokes. I actually miss them. I miss how you came to me every morning and every evening and ask “can I do anything for you, dear”. I almost always said no thank you, but you never missed a day. I will miss our Friday night “date night”. It was our one time out of the week where we could sit and talk and relax. We were always so busy. I was so proud of you for the way you always went out of your way to help others. I told you that, but maybe not enough. You were the best husband a girl could have. I tried to be a good wife, but you take the gold medal there. I probably didn’t deserve you. But I will always be grateful for the 39 years of being your wife, and how I was accepted by the Sonheim family. I love them like you did. You took on one of the hardest jobs there is; becoming an instant parent to Jeff, Kathi, and Andi. Then along comes our little unexpected bundle of joy, Sarah. The early years were rough; but look at the fantastic adults they are today. You were so proud of them. You were my best friend. And you were friend to so many others. You may be surprised at the outpouring of affection and sadness that has been expressed at your leaving us. The general theme is how you were always there with a helping hand. That personifies who you were. A wonderful man who always considered the welfare of others before his own. I have been questioning God about why He took you without warning, but have found no answers. I will have to just trust that God saw how hard you have worked your whole life; it was time to lay down your tools and rest. So, rest in peace, my love. We will be together again some sweet day. And don’t try to fix anything in Heaven, Mr. Fix it. I hope God has hidden the hammers.
Posted by Leslie Burris on 14th June 2016
Dearest Vicki, I have just heard the news and will pray for you and your family during this difficult time. None of us are ready for the passing of loved ones, but your faith and encouragement from others can help. With Love, Leslie Burris
Posted by Jerry Schinski on 14th June 2016
Ronnie was my childhood buddy from a toddler through high school. What a flood of memories! Our homes were directly across from each other in Bogota. We played Cowboys & Indians, sledded down West Grove street every snow storm and discovered everything we could within bicycle distance. Ronnie was a childhood engineer building train sets, model planes and then remote controlled ones. I remember a special trip to the Connecticut farm that his family had and first hearing “Fingertips” by little Stevie Wonder in his basement on Suzie’s (Ruth) record player. Wow, we were just kids the other day. Love from the Schinski’s.
Posted by Daniel Sonheim on 13th June 2016
Uncle Ron, I am so at a loss right now. You were always smiling and making everyone's day. We were always excited to see you and enjoyed the wonderful stories you shared. The heaven just gained another awesome soul. I know Grandma and Grandpa are with you now and all the other angels. We look forward to the big reunion with you when we all join you. God bless Aunt Vicki Jeff, Angela, Kathi, Johnny, Andrea, Jeff, Sarah, Brian and all the grand children. My heart goes out to you at this time.
Posted by Andrea Hughes on 13th June 2016
Dad, I am forever grateful to you for taking on an instant family when you married Mom. I have learned so much from you. Yes, we butted heads when I was young, but after the dust settled we were always able to talk and hug things out. Thank you for how you took care of Mom. Please tell all the family who have gone on before you that I said hello. Kelli and Mitch already miss you bunches. LOVE you forever, Andi
Posted by Dave Sonheim on 13th June 2016
In remembering my Uncle Ron, I find myself smiling and recalling how he could always make anyone smile or laugh. He just knew how to spark a smile and I always loved that about him. The other thing about my Uncle Ron that always touched me was how much he loved his family. He loved and honored his parents and siblings and truly loved being a Sonheim. He loved his wife and family passionately and his greatest pride was being close to his grandchildren. He was a wonderful man and a great uncle and will be sorely missed. I will always smile when I think of my uncle Ron. David Sonheim
Posted by Mandy Romero on 13th June 2016
Uncle Ron, Love never fails- your legacy of love for your family and laughter will always be remembered. You always knew how to make us smile with your rescue stories and corny jokes! We will miss you dearly but are looking forward to the day we meet again. Love you!
Posted by Sandi Dettman on 13th June 2016
Uncle Ron, Remembering you is to remember the kindness you showed to us kids when you came to visit. The excitement of watching you & Dad fly your planes together. Knowing how much Dad loved, respected and admired you. His heart is broken. You were always ready with a smile, joking and making others feel good. I am so glad we got to visit in Redmond, I am sorry we didn’t see each other more. But the time I spent with you I could tell how important family was to you and how you and Vicki were best friends and truly loved each other. Mike & I send our love, deepest sympathy and prayers to Vicki, your children, the grand kids and all who love and will miss you.
Posted by Charles Harness on 13th June 2016
Ron, What a Great friend and neighbor you have been for the past 2 years we have known you. I could always count on your watchful eye...Thank you Sir, for your acceptance and friendship. You are already missed, and will continue to be more than you could have ever imagined! Rest in Peace My friend! Charles and Kyle
Posted by Sandi Dettman on 13th June 2016
From Joan & Ray Sonhiem: Ray and I were so sorry to hear about Ron. We will miss his smile, his happy nature and how much fun it was to spend time in his company whenever we were together. We are positive he is with our lord as he was such a good person, a devoted husband and father, a great brother, a good neighbor and always willing to help others. We are glad we have the opportunity to comeand be with you soon. Love Ray & Joan
Posted by Dave Sonheim on 13th June 2016
Uncle Ronnie was the best! He found humor in every situation and made everyone feel at ease, no matter how much time had passed between visits. You will be dearly missed as you were loved by all. Prayers are with your family and friends at this time. We are so thankful for time spent with you and will cherish those memories forever. God Bless your beautiful family!
Posted by Sharon Droege on 13th June 2016
Uncle Ronnie was the best! He found humor in every situation and made everyone feel at ease, no matter how much time had passed between visits. You will be dearly missed as you were loved by all. Prayers are with your family and friends at this time. We are so thankful for time spent with you and will cherish those memories forever. God Bless your beautiful family!
Posted by Nancy Gowen on 13th June 2016
I will always remember Uncle Ron's laugh and funny jokes. He will be missed by his dear family, but they will be comforted by the joy God brings to those who wait on Him. May The Lord bless Vickie, each son and daughter and those beautiful grandchildren with the peace that passes understanding.
Posted by Sarah Sonheim on 13th June 2016
Dad - none of this seems real. I will always hold onto everything you taught me, and know that I will carry your legacy on for so long as God allows me to. Rest peacefully - and tell Grandma and Grandpa I miss them terribly. Love you to the moon and back.
Posted by Sue Burnett on 13th June 2016
Ron, we had our ups and downs and our disagreements over the last 30 years of working together, for the most part it was more up than down. I am so glad we spoke on Thursday and that it was on an up note, please know this, through it all-- good and bad-- you were, are and always will be my friend.

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