Greatly loved, forever missed
  • 77 years old
  • Born on December 26, 1937 in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Passed away on July 13, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.

This website was created in memory of our beloved dad, Ronnie. We hope this site allows us all to share many wonderful memories and stories about our father and your amazing friend who has touched so many lives. He leaves us with an enormous legacy of warmth and generosity... let it live on and on.

We'd like to ask you to share your tribute about Ronnie below, or use the stories tab above. You can also add a special photo or video, if you like. 

We hope you all enjoy this opportuinity to share, but also to read about this remarkable man and his life's journey. It wil be deeply cheerished by all the family.

With love  from all his children xxx 

Posted by Molly Scott on 26th December 2018
Sad losing siblings. Leah and and Ronnie waving at us.I remember him.
Posted by Norman Goldberg on 26th December 2018
Dear brother mate buddy and pal miss you more than ever....
Posted by Barbara Schutte on 14th July 2018
Never forgotten
Posted by Esther Lalor on 30th December 2017
Esther and Peter Lalor often reflect on their friendship with Ronnie over many years. An amazing man. It is like a light went out forever. Love Esther and Peter, Janita and Brett xxxx
Posted by Yvonne Moon on 26th December 2017
sadly missed dear friend Ronnie Goldberg OAM think of u often Yvonne Moon OAM
Posted by Alex Starr on 13th July 2017
Janet and Alex Starr still think of Ronnie and miss him .
Posted by Yvonne Moon on 13th July 2017
My dear friend Ronnie 2 years ago you left us I miss you dearly .we have set up a scholarship in your name for research ..your tireless work will never be forgotten ..I am sure you would be pleased your work is still continuing xxmoonie
Posted by John Heitlinger on 20th July 2016
On the anniversary of Ronnie's passing I want to express my sorrow again at the loss of this unique, amazing person who brought so much joy and warmth to me and so many others who knew him. I am reminded repeatedly of the beautiful times we had together and the sadness that remains.
Posted by Diane Katz on 23rd February 2016
I found out just last week that Ronnie passed away. We always looked forward to him coming around twice a year for the Blue Box collection. We laughed and chatted and joked. He spoke lovingly of his grandson. The world will be poorer for his passing. What a mensch! We will miss him. Long life to his family. I'm sure you are all so proud of his achievements.
Posted by Alex Starr on 26th December 2015
Janet and Alex miss Ronnies warmth , beautiful smile , good humour and above all his caring nature We think of him constantly.
Posted by Yvonne Moon on 26th December 2015
Forever missed my dear friend
Posted by Norman Goldberg on 26th September 2015
Today is mums (rooshka,s) birthday it is also the day she died...25 years ago....
Posted by Michael Hinton on 7th August 2015
Greater love has no man than to bring joy to the world What a joy what a man
Posted by Murray Verso on 3rd August 2015
With his outrageous sense of humour, Ronnie made us laugh. With his energy and vision, he inspired us. With his care and compassion, he moved us. Ronnie made the world a happier place, and a better place, for so many people. His legacy is truly great.
Posted by Yvonne Moon on 25th July 2015
May you Rest in Peace my dear friend..miss your sense of humour and friendship Yvonne Moon OAM
Posted by Barbara Schutte on 21st July 2015
I mourn the passing of Ronnie, a benefactor to so many over his lifetime. My deepest sympathies to his family.
Posted by Josh Gelfand on 16th July 2015
Thank you for viewing this site. We need a bit of time to get this up and running so please come back to visit soon, and you'll be able to add your own comments, stories, photos etc. We really appreciate all the love and support our family has received through this difficult time. Love xx

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