Posted by Michael Blake on May 23, 2021
As I attended the memorial I realize how many lives Ronnie touched and I was so proud to see that his love have been shared by so many Patty you and Ron have been my friends for as long as I've been here in Waxahachie and I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to reach out to you but you know I love you and will be there in any way that I can He is special and so are you and so I hope that we all are able to be there for you in many ways in the days and weeks to come you are as special to us as Ronnie is!
Posted by Gary Goddard on May 22, 2021
It's been many years since I have seen Ron, but as I attended his Memorial Service today, I was moved by the memories shared. In fact, those memories recalled many of my memories of the way he was. The love he displayed in his daily life was very powerful. It was a pleasure to be able to serve Jehovah with him. I agree with the speaker that Ron was a Prince among men. There is certainly no doubt that he will be remembered by Jehovah when it comes time to call back from the grave those whom He loves. My love and condolences to you Patti, and all your family.
Posted by Traci Walker-Cameron on May 19, 2021
Your family is so special to me and always will be. Patti, you and Ronny helped get us through the worst time in our lives. I wish I could give you even a portion of the encouragement and love you two have shown us. Anna, you have always been special to me since the moment I met you. I know that you all have a big ole hole in your hearts right now. Fill those holes with love and memories and before you know it you’ll be waking your sweet guy up. Can you imagine how excited he’ll be to wake up in Paradise with a whole, perfect body amid beautiful gardens and bountiful fruitage and surrounded by his WHOLE family and tons of friends? I can see his big smile. I love you all and can’t wait to introduce you to my little temper tail after resurrection. ❤️❣️
Posted by Josh Lenamond on May 19, 2021
Ronny was a good man and a great father. I have known his family for many years now and it was a privilege to get to share some moments with him. Ronny was a caring and kind person with a strong work ethic. He passed too soon and will be sorely missed…
Posted by Michael Blake on May 18, 2021
Your dad was such a beautiful man and a dear friend we just always have connected and I will miss him terribly I still remember conversations we had and laugh all the time !!!
I know that he wouldn't want us to be sad about this but want us to look forward to when we can laugh in that new world that we all are waiting for...he is one of the strongest and bravest men I've ever known in my life and his example will shine bright for me to walk ahead , to imitate his dedication his hard-working ethic and his love for his family he truly was a man's man I have been so blessed to have known him and couldn't imagine my life without his shining example and a brilliant smile he always had I thank you and Jehovah that I have known him!!!!
Posted by Jennifer Chilson on May 18, 2021
The whole family will forever be in my heart. Ronny's story of how he met Patti is still my favorite of all time. A true love story. Just like you I look forward to seeing his and Justen's smiling faces in the new world. Love, hugs, and prayers for your comfort!
Posted by Alexis Holton on May 18, 2021
Ronny is one of the sweetest and kindest people anyone could ever hope to meet. He never missed an opportunity to make someone smile.

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