Posted by Denise Stefani on January 9, 2021
Dear Mark and family,
Thank you for sharing your wife's beauty with the world. Sending you and your family many hugs and prayers of peace during your times of grief.
Warmest Regards,
Denise Stefani
Posted by Lea Wolf on January 8, 2021
Hello Mark and Family, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. While, I do not personally know you I am a member of forever missed and have a lifetime page for my late partner Quin. I work on a site for Quinn consistently most days, and I saw your beautiful wife's photo pop up on the main page for forever missed. I think a person can tell a lot about a person's vibe and nature from a photo and something about her photo drew me in and I got the sense she was a really sweet and positive person, so my curiosity drew me in to check out her memorial page further. I too, am a widow now and this is not an easy journey you are all in my prayers. It is evident to me that you two had true love as you have done such a nice job honoring your wife on this page. The page is looking great, I've been on forever missed a while now and many people will make a page and not follow through on it, that is not the case with this site. I wish you and your family peace and healing during these hard times.
Posted by Jeffrey Carruthers on January 5, 2021
I am very sorry to hear about your loss Mark. I hope you and your daughter are doing ok. You are in my prayers!!
Posted by Chemical Free Gal on January 3, 2021
I never met your beautiful wife but a friend shared a post you wrote on FB about her and it touched my heart. She was very beautiful and from your posts she seems like a person I would have wanted to meet.

There is so much need within the Chronic Illness community. I'm so very sorry that your wife didn't have the support and love she needed from the body of Christ. Sadly I see this time and time again.

I hope that God will guide and comfort you and your daughter during this painful season.
May you both find rest in his presence.

Chemical Free Gal
Posted by Kim Greco on January 2, 2021
Mark, I was somehow added to your FB page before I ever met Roopa. I remember one day, you asking for prayer for your sweet wife. I really knew nothing about her at the time and had never spoke with her. Many people responded including myself to your cry, though, lifting her up in prayer as you had so humbly asked for. Not long after, I noticed a reply from Roopa back to you....basically wondering why you would come on FB and ask for prayer, when many of us were strangers and knew nothing about her life or struggles. You could tell she was a bit perplexed by your request on an Internet forum such as FB. It was at that very moment, that the Holy Spirit prompted me, I had this sense of feeling that Roopa had been shut out from what appeared to be fellowship among other believers. So I went to her FB and requested her as a friend. I really thought she might delete the request, after all, she had never laid eyes on me or had any clue who I was. I thought to myself, “Lord, you will have to open that door”, and He did. I than asked, “ok, now what?” Not knowing how I should go about befriending her. We lived a billion miles away from one another, how was I supposed to serve her? The answer I received... “start first by praying for her daily.” Once again I thought to myself... “but how, I know very little about her, what do I pray for?” My answer...”I know the details, you don’t need to know them, just pray, and the Holy Spirit will lead you.” So that’s what I began to do. There were times, where I was woken up in the middle of the night, and urged to pray for her. I would make simple comments on her FB page here and there, and she would sometimes respond by a thumbs up/like. At one point, I finally got the nerve to tell her that the Lord had put her on my heart, and that I was praying for her daily. And that’s where our friendship began. Needless to say, as it so often happens in the scripts the Lord writes, I’m the one who ended up being blessed by her friendship. She taught me so many things about what true faith looks like, how to suffer well, how to glorify His name in the midst of pain, how to give thanks during trials & tribulations, and the list goes on. I honestly never heard her question in our chats...”why me, Lord, why must I suffer, where is my healing?” What I did hear her say..... “I’m ready to meet my Maker.” So beautiful! So sweet, Roopa...sweet sister of mine... dance away on the streets of gold, I will be there one day to join in with you. Thank you for blessing me, thank you for your friendship, you are not forgotten, just dearly loved. ♥️
Posted by Gordon Sylvester on January 2, 2021
I never met Roopa in person, but interacted on Facebook. Roopa's love of of the Lord was apparent as was her live for families my and people in general. While she endured many hardships her posts posts always glorified our Savior.

While she no longer has to endure those hardships and pain any longer we know that Roopa's absence leaves a hole in the hearts of her family. But we followers of Christ are not without hope, and though we are separated for a time the day is coming when we shall all meet around the Throne of God and sing his praises for evermore. What joyful and glorious day that will be.
Posted by Mark Judy on January 1, 2021
I can only describe my meeting Roopa in March of 2001, as the moment when Heaven and my life intersected in the most Profoundly Indescribable way.....It was like Heaven opened a window, and the most breathtakingly magical breeze blew into my life.....and She changed Everything she touched, Forever.....
Posted by Mark Judy on December 31, 2020
Roopa and I were married for over 19 years, and she was the Perfect wife for me, and the most loving & devoted mother to our daughter Asha. She had a Faith that had been tested in fire, a faith that was deeper & more steadfast than anyone I had ever known. She also had a spirituality that was simple, a hope that was pure, and a love that was sincere. She was absolutely Unforgettable to me, and to everyone whose lives she touched....Her fragrant presence in our lives with be forever missed, but forever cherished & held close in our Hearts......

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